Integral Ad Science Enhances Context Control for Advertisers and Publishers Globally

Integral Ad Science | December 03, 2021

Integral Ad Science (Nasdaq: IAS), a global leader in digital media quality, today announced the expansion of its Context Control solution for advertisers and publishers globally, giving customers more control over the context of digital ad placements.

We first launched Context Control to help our customers transform their targeting strategies, and it's already prepared them to successfully navigate a cookieless future. Advertisers need these critical tools to customize their campaigns, while publishers need to drive greater monetization. With strong response from both buyers and sellers, we've continued to build on the success of Context Control, delivering even more value and technology that helps solve for the future growth of contextual targeting."

Lisa Utzschneider, CEO, IAS.

Brand risk continues to be a global challenge, according to the latest IAS Media Quality Report, and more programmatic buyers are activating Context Control within top DSPs to navigate these issues. Advertisers can now leverage more than 300 contextual segments from IAS on a pre-bid basis to avoid undesirable content or target towards content that is suitable for their campaigns. Major DSPs including Adelphic, Adform, Amobee, MediaMath, Xandr, Yahoo, and others have integrated Context Control, making these tools readily available for advertisers wherever they choose to buy. By activating Context Control, advertisers can see a significant decrease in block rate, a 36% decrease in cost per click, and a 19% decrease in cost per acquisition in a recent campaign.

Now available globally, IAS also offers Context Control Optimization for publishers. Working with IAS, publishers can now maximize their revenue potential by matching contextual settings with an advertiser's brand suitability needs. Publishers can now activate Context Control segments directly in their ad servers to avoid or target towards contextually relevant content. This builds on existing smart inventory classification and packaging capabilities available for publishers. With IAS's Context Control Optimization, publishers can generate a greater return on inventory, delivering a 20% lift in CPMs and a 120% lift in clickthrough rates in a recent activation.

"Context Control Optimization has proven to be an incredibly effective tool to classify our inventory and deliver better contextual targeting options for brands," said Leigh Horton, Head of Ad Operations at Insider. "Working with IAS, we now provide our advertisers with even greater control over content suitability across their campaigns so that we can deliver on their KPIs."

About Integral Ad Science
Integral Ad Science (IAS) is a global leader in digital media quality. IAS makes every impression count, ensuring that ads are viewable by real people, in safe and suitable environments, activating contextual targeting, and driving supply path optimization. Our mission is to be the global benchmark for trust and transparency in digital media quality for the world's leading brands, publishers, and platforms. We do this through data-driven technologies with actionable real-time signals and insight. Founded in 2009 and headquartered in New York, IAS works with thousands of top advertisers and premium publishers worldwide.


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Meta Relies on Automation for its Ad Platform

Meta | March 23, 2022

On March 22, Goksu Nebol-Perlman, Meta’s VP of Product Marketing, Ads and Business Products, announced that Facebook’s ads platform had new automation and machine learning tools. This new ad service called Meta Advantage brings together automated ad products. Through automation, advertisers can set app-install ad campaigns and create ‘lookalike’ audiences using Meta’s artificial intelligence. These lookalike audiences are based on the internet behavior and other factors of existing customers of brands. “This move is in line with the industry’s desire for a more fully integrated tech stack that gathers all actionable data on one platform for more automated and efficient mobile growth," said Simon “Bobby” Dussart, CEO of Adjust “This move is in line with the industry’s desire for a more fully integrated tech stack that gathers all actionable data on one platform for more automated and efficient mobile growth," said Simon “Bobby” Dussart, CEO of Adjust, a mobile marketing analytics platform, referring to Meta’s new automation. More than 10 million advertisers run ad campaigns through Meta. Privacy regulations make it harder to collect data online so advertisers need to lean on machine learning models and aggregated data sources that do not do much to identify individual users. Nebol-Perlman said that the automated upgrades would assist in ad targeting and lower the costs on ads. “If Advantage Detailed Targeting finds better performance opportunities outside your defined audience,” Nebol-Perlman wrote in a blog post, “the product makes dynamic updates to attempt to optimize those performance opportunities by expanding your audience.” Meta’s platform looks for audiences beyond the defined targets that marketers have already brought to the platform. The automated targeting has led to “37% lower median cost per incremental conversion than when not used,” Nebol-Perlman said. Meta was already using automation to power their app campaigns and decide where the ads needed to be placed, both on Facebook and Instagram. There are cosmetic changes in Meta’s platform, which already was offering automation. They fall under the Meta Advantage and Advantage+.

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Frameplay and Kochava Launch First-to-Market Impression to Conversion Attribution Campaign in Mobile Video Game Environment

Frameplay | November 18, 2021

Frameplay, the global leader in enabling intrinsic in-game advertising, and Kochava, the leading real-time data solutions company for omni-channel attribution and measurement, today announced the launch of a first-to-market impression to conversion attribution campaign in a mobile video game environment for a leading powersports company. The results of the first-ever impression to conversion campaign proved to be extremely successful, with a 2% view-through attribution rate. For context, Google Ads Industry Benchmark reports an average conversion rate for display networks at 0.57%. Gamers that were new to the powersports brand were averaging 2.5 brand site conversions from Frameplay’s intrinsic in-game ads, with an audience consisting of 80% new users and 20% returning users. We are constantly pushing the boundaries of what Frameplay’s industry-leading technology can do, especially when it comes to the valuable metrics performance marketers know and have come to expect with their digital campaigns. One of the most frequently asked questions we receive is how to measure conversion of intrinsic in-game ads. Our innovative partnership with Kochava allows us to provide advertisers with the same type of conversion metrics they would expect from other digital advertising performance options yet within a video game environment.” Jonathon Troughton, CEO of Frameplay. The Frameplay and Kochava partnership gives brands and performance marketers trusted measurement while supporting a non-clickable intrinsic in-game advertising experience that keeps players playing the game. “Online gaming is one of the fastest growing sectors,” said Charles Manning, Founder and CEO, Kochava. “Our partnership with Frameplay takes it to the next level for growth marketers to capitalize on the opportunities to continue to fuel this growth and drive brand awareness.” About Frameplay Frameplay is the global intrinsic in-game advertising leader headquartered in San Francisco, California with worldwide offices and teams supporting NA, EMEA, LATAM, and APAC. Frameplay enables game developers to easily place impactful advertising intrinsically within video game environments without disrupting the gameplay performance or experience. The result is amplified brand exposure for advertisers, additional revenue for developers, and an enjoyable, uninterrupted experience for gamers. About Kochava Kochava Inc. is a real-time data solutions company offering the leading omni-channel measurement and attribution solutions for data-driven marketers. The Marketers Operating System™ (m/OS) from Kochava empowers advertisers and publishers with a platform that seamlessly integrates and manages customer identity, measurement and data controls. Unlike the complicated, siloed tech stacks employed today, the m/OS takes the next step: unifying all of your data and critical omni-channel solutions into a cohesive, operational system that goes beyond data aggregation and reporting. The m/OS provides the foundation for limitless advertiser and publisher tools, including the option to build third-party solutions onto the platform. By design, m/OS facilitates success by making data accessible and actionable to maximize ROI. With a culture of customer-driven innovation, dedication to data security, and the most powerful tools in the ecosystem, Kochava is trusted by top brands to harness their data for growth. Kochava also hosts the largest independent mobile data marketplace, the Kochava Collective. Headquartered in Sandpoint, Idaho, the company has offices globally.

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OutPoint Raises USD$1.2M to Help High-Growth Brands Improve Paid Marketing Effectiveness Through Automated Media Mix Modeling

OutPoint | November 23, 2021

OutPoint, an automated media mix modeling (MMM) platform, announced it raised USD$1.2M in pre-seed funding to transform how high-growth consumer brands measure paid media effectiveness and diversify marketing investments. The funding enables the company's growth and hiring efforts, especially in its Research and Engineering functions. San Francisco-based venture capital firms Tuesday Capital and MGV led the pre-seed round, with further backing from Entrepreneur First and Mistral Venture Partners. Additional angel investors include Andrew Macdonald (SVP, Uber), Soso Sazesh (Founder, Growth Pilots), Charlie Feng (Co-Founder, Clearco), and Farhan Thawar (VP Engineering, Shopify). OutPoint uses advances in machine learning and media mix modeling to help consumer growth teams map ad spend to revenue based on incremental lift and predicted performance. We help answer the two hardest questions marketers face: are you spending effectively, and where should you allocate your dollars to get more revenue?" Rob Palumbo, CEO at OutPoint. In the wake of Apple's restrictions on user tracking in iOS14+, pixel-based attribution methods no longer provide the same quality of data that marketers require to understand performance. At the same time, customer acquisition costs (CAC) are rising as well-funded brands continue to compete on the same channels, sparking a need for better tooling to measure effectiveness and get insight on marketing investment decisions. "Tools for optimizing ad spend have never been more important to the success of DTC brands with Apple taking measures to restrict pixel and cookie-based tracking," said David Jee, Associate at Tuesday Capital. "We're proud to support Rob, Sean, and the team as they build the growth data science tools of tomorrow." OutPoint has experienced strong demand from high-growth brands for its media mix modeling tools. "OutPoint is our preferred marketing data science partner for modeling cross-channel performance and understanding revenue lift. Their platform helps us decide how to scale ad spend in a way that drives rapid growth," said Will Bradley, Head of Growth at PolicyMe. "The cost of acquiring customers has increased over 60% in the last 5 years. OutPoint's data science tools help consumer brands improve the efficiency and effectiveness of ad spend, thereby levelling the playing field," said Pablo Srugo, Principal at Mistral Venture Partners OutPoint's platform helps marketers make reliable next dollar ad spend decisions through media mix models that reveal insight on the incremental value of paid marketing investments. "As a growth marketer, I've seen numerous companies struggle with media mix modeling and measuring incrementality. I was very impressed by OutPoint's approach, and I'm excited to invest," said Soso Sazesh, angel investor and Founder of Growth Pilots. OutPoint was founded in January 2021 in Toronto, Canada, and serves high-growth consumer brands globally. OutPoint's founding team is Sean Billings (CTO), a senior engineer who built econometric machine learning models at Amazon, and Rob Palumbo (CEO), who led marketing at high-growth consumer companies like Properly and Borrowell. The company's sales and partnerships efforts are led by Erika Fabian, a sales leader with 10+ years of media industry experience in content development and advertising. "The pandemic has fueled a new wave of entrepreneurship as employees left their jobs to pursue their passions, resulting in a flourishing of DTC e-commerce startups," said Kevin Lynch, Investor at MGV. "OutPoint is a powerful enabler of these growing businesses, and we're excited to see the platform evolve with this latest round of funding." About OutPoint OutPoint is a data science and media mix modeling (MMM) platform that empowers high-growth B2C brands to improve marketing budget allocation and maximize growth efficiency. OutPoint's predictive models recommend how much to dial-up or dial-down ad spend across channels and offer a roadmap for unlocking future growth.

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