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AdAmp is Revolutionizing Access to TV Advertising for Small to Mid-sized Businesses and Agencies

AdAmp, the company revolutionizing access to TV advertising for small to mid-sized organizations and agencies, has officially come online and is carrying its full suite of capacities to a portion of the market that has generally been avoided with regards to the chance to experience the force of TV advertising. AdAmp was made recognizing the challenge and the chance neighborhood organizations have in the upcoming recovery period.

There are almost 30 million SMB businesses in the U.S. also, the vast majority of those don't approach, nor the capacity to explore the intricate market of TV and video advertising. The current measure of TV advertising inventory isn't accessible to SMBs and whenever there is a chance for them to exploit, it is fragmented, provides restricted reach and accompanies high friction and poor production quality. AdAmp will help these local businesses secure brand quality situations inside their neighborhood markets across traditional TV, digital and streaming platforms.

"All of us have witnessed the struggle local businesses experienced over the last year as a result of the pandemic and I am excited about the opportunity AdAmp has to help the local businesses accelerate recovery by leveraging the power of TV advertising. 90% of US adults watch television at least once per week. This is more than all of digital combined" said Stephen Saper, founder and CEO of AdAmp. "SMBs spend today an average of 1.5 days per week managing their marketing activities. AdAmp's ability to consolidate and simplify TV media buying at scale for SMBs will be an important arsenal in SMBs marketing tool chest."

AdAmp is revolutionizing access to TV advertising. Businesses of all sizes can now run their own ads on TV, regardless of budget and size that provides increased reach within the communities that matter to them. AdAmp provides access to more than 200 leading TV services including cable, streaming TV, and local broadcast outlets.



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