Admixer will be the title partner of Conference for Marketing & Media Buying Specialists

Admixer | September 02, 2021

One of the main aims of Admixer is to support projects and initiatives that educate the digital advertising community by delivering accessible high-end field expertise.

During Adsider LIVE / Programmatic Spend fifteen experts from the leading industry companies, Admixer, PubMatic, Algorix, Adtarget, Awarion, and Unruly will explain how their clients managed to succeed in crisis and explain the upcoming changes in the advertising industry.

Speakers and lecturers of will give their take on the most pressing issues on the programmatic market:
  • How to return advertising investments?
  • How to succeed with new user acquisition channels?
  • How to target users in the latest data privacy reality?

On the 25th of May 2021, IAB Europe published its annual AdEx Benchmark report, covering 28 countries in the region. The results showed 10–35% growth in the markets of Turkey, Ukraine, Serbia, Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Romania, and Germany during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The rapid growth in advertising budgets stimulates competition for impressions. Brands must find a more balanced strategic and tactical approach to allocate their funds.

The conference also will cover:
  • Programmatic trends of the rapidly growing ad markets in Europe.
  • Programmatic tools for increasing user acquisition and boosting the efficiency of the ad campaigns in 2022.
  • Programmatic-advertising 2.0: AUDIO, CTV, OTT, and DOOH.

The conference will be followed by a panel discussion on Fraud, Brand Measurement, and b(Ad) spendings.

Adsider LIVE / Programmatic Spend in partnership with Admixer will benefit medium/large business owners, media and advertising agencies, publishers, and everyone who wants to find new channels for growing their business through digital advertising.


Are you an ecommerce small business looking to increase traffic to your site? With AI-powered Tailwind Ads, you can achieve unbelievable results. Our AI-driven marketing technology will help you get the most out of your advertising budget – and it’s easy to use. In just a month, one of our users achieved a 525% increase in traffic by using Tailwind’s Ads AI technology.


Are you an ecommerce small business looking to increase traffic to your site? With AI-powered Tailwind Ads, you can achieve unbelievable results. Our AI-driven marketing technology will help you get the most out of your advertising budget – and it’s easy to use. In just a month, one of our users achieved a 525% increase in traffic by using Tailwind’s Ads AI technology.

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AdTech Leader Bidease Welcomes Ross Barasch as VP of Innovation

EIN News | May 23, 2023

Bidease, a leading mobile AdTech company, has announced that Ross Barasch is joining it as Vice President of Innovation. In his new role, Ross Barasch will be responsible for leading company innovation projects, including developing new revenue streams, supporting M&A activities, and working with partners to optimize demand and improve performance. Ross Barasch brings over 15 years of experience leading teams in performance marketing, business development, account management, and strategic partnerships. Prior to joining Bidease, he advised several AdTech companies at various stages and was VP, Demand and strategic partnerships at Fyber. “I’m thrilled to join the incredible team at Bidease to build new revenue streams and support existing operations. The company has such a compelling story, from its experienced leadership team to its deep investments in its tech stack and machine learning models. I’m excited to grab a seat on this rocketship to help propel its growth,” said Barasch. Founded in the USA in 2016 and named one of America’s most innovative companies by Fortune in 2023, Bidease is well-positioned to capitalize on the tremendous growth opportunities in the market and provide exceptional service to its clients and partners. About Bidease Bidease is a fully transparent demand-side platform for mobile marketers. Its risk-free programmatic performance solutions help the world’s biggest brands achieve their performance advertising goals. Using a combination of proprietary programmatic advertising technology, machine learning, and first-party data, they optimize campaigns across all major mobile formats for desired post-install behaviours at no risk to their clients' bottom line. The company is on a mission to bring fully transparent, value-driven advertising to the mobile world.

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Creator Guided Shopping Platform LTK Launches Social Media Advertising for Brands

Business Wire | April 03, 2023

LTK, the global creator marketing platform, today launched social media advertising for brands to further leverage LTK Creator content to drive business outcomes. The new LTK Boost™ advertising solution allows brands to amplify creator collaboration content directly from the creator’s social media handles – leading to higher engagement and conversion. Brand investment in LTK Creators continued to increase last year with brand campaigns growing nearly 50% in the second half of the year. In a recent study, LTK found that Gen Z and Millennials rank influencer content over brand and even user-generated content when making a purchase decision. With LTK Boost, LTK can now run social media ads directly from creator profiles on behalf of brands -which creates a more authentic message, reduces the cost of content production and drives higher engagement and conversion versus traditional social media advertising. In an initial offering, LTK worked with several brands across multiple categories to run LTK Boost ads from creator profiles, which led to an increase in traffic to the brands’ sites, as well as a significant lift in sales with some brands seeing nearly 4X sales growth. All brand results outpaced social media ad industry click through averages by 80%. In addition, creators that participated in the trial saw significant impact with increases in audience reach, outsized gains in new followers and incremental sales and commissions for each creator. Participating creators saw nearly 200K new audience views per post and reached a near 30% increase in retail sales. “Creators are undoubtedly having an impact on consumer shopping behaviors. 92% of Gen Z – a group that will make up the largest consumer segment in a few years - rely on creators to inform their purchases across virtually every category. And, creators are the number one most trusted source to help with purchase decisions for Gen Z and Millennials – beating social media ads and celebrities. That’s why we continue to introduce solutions like LTK Media Boosting to help brands to fully harness the power of creators and reach their customers efficiently and effectively,” said Kristi O’Brien, General Manager of the LTK Brand Platform. LTK Boost is available now in the LTK Brand Platform. For more information, please visit About LTK As the founder of creator guided shopping, LTK is the trusted and effective platform for creators and their businesses by powering the connection between content and commerce. Founded in 2011 by Amber and Baxter Box, the LTK mission is to empower creators to be as economically successful as possible. World premium lifestyle creators in 150+ countries drive more than $3.6 billion in annual retail sales through their LTK Creator Shop profiles. Today, more than 18 million consumers turn to LTK Creator Shops in the LTK shopping platform each month to find inspiration and instantly shop the styles recommended by their favorite creators. And, more than 6,000 brands partner with LTK to gain access to its global creator network for content that converts against performance-driven, cross-channel KPIs. A three-time honoree on Fast Company’s list of Most Innovative Retail Companies, LTK is headquartered in Dallas, TX and currently operates on five continents. To download the LTK shopping app, search for LTK in the App Store or Google Play. For the latest shopping trends and updates from LTK, follow Shop.LTK on Instagram and TikTok.

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Hightouch Launches Match Booster to Revolutionize Audience Targeting Across Advertising Networks

PR Newswire | May 03, 2023

Hightouch, a leader in Data Activation and Customer Data Platform (CDP) solutions, has announced the launch of Match Booster, a breakthrough in how performance marketing teams can use data to increase the effectiveness of advertising campaigns. With Match Booster, for the first time marketers can seamlessly and securely combine the power of their first-party customer data with data from the world's leading enrichment providers to boost audience match rates across advertising platforms like Facebook, Snapchat, TikTok, and more. The secret to Match Booster is the extensive identity enrichment data set Hightouch has built through partnerships with a number of the world's leading data providers. This identity store securely houses billions of hashed user identifiers such as email addresses, phone numbers, or device IDs. When Match Booster is toggled on, Hightouch matches identifiers from your first-party audience data with the identity enrichment data. As audiences are sent to destinations like Facebook, Hightouch references the identity store and enriches the audiences with the hashed identifiers before final upload to the various ad destinations. With enriched identity data, advertising platforms can better match desired user profiles, providing larger, more precise audiences. Enabled with larger audiences, marketing teams are able to target or suppress more customers across channels; optimizing segmentation, driving personalization, and maximizing their overall return on ad spend. For the first time, data onboarding doesn't mean storing your sensitive customer data with a third party. Now, enrichment can be done in real-time as your audiences get pushed into the advertising platforms, providing the security, flexibility and peace of mind desired by modern organizations. "We're excited to launch Match Booster, one of our most powerful products yet," said Tejas Manohar, Co-CEO of Hightouch. "With Match Booster, we're helping marketing teams fill in customer data gaps and maximize their return on advertising spend. It's a game-changer for growth and performance marketing teams looking to get the most out of their campaigns." Match Booster is designed to work with the many ad platforms that Hightouch already integrates with. It is available as an add-on to both Hightouch's core Reverse ETL offering as well as Customer Studio, Hightouch's suite of no-code audience tools. With just a few clicks, Hightouch customers can unlock secure data onboarding without the hassle of building manual pipelines, setting up data clean rooms, or paying for expensive Liveramp contracts. The new feature has already delivered impressive results for Hightouch customers. A leading publisher, for example, was able to boost their match rates an average of +35% across Facebook, and TikTok, allowing the team to drastically reduce wasted ad spend on existing customers. A mid-stage SaaS company was able to enrich their customer data with additional identifiers, resulting in a 68% boost to their audience match rates on Meta platforms. Match Booster is available today as a product for Business Tier customers. To learn more, read the blog post or schedule a demo with the Hightouch team. About Hightouch Hightouch is a leading provider of Data Activation and Customer Data Platform (CDP) solutions, enabling marketing and data teams to activate customer data directly from their data warehouse to over 150+ destinations like ad platforms and CRMs. Hightouch is used by leading organizations like, Spotify, TripAdvisor and GameStop to unlock a fast, flexible, and scalable CDP alternative by enabling them to activate audiences and other customer data points directly from their organization's single source of truth - the data warehouse out to the many business tools it is needed in.

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