ADVERTISER CAMPAIGN MANAGEMENT web3 protocol disrupts digital advertising market

Adshares | October 18, 2021

Adshares is a web3 decentralized marketplace for advertising, also being the most advanced blockchain-based projects in the advertising market. Adshares offers CPM, CPA, popup and pop-under campaigns.

In 2017, the Adshares Blockchain ($ADS) launched as the first technology to connect Publishers and Advertisers directly, cutting out the middleman in advertising contracts. With continuing efforts within the Adshares ecosystem since the Adshares Blockchain’s launch, it comes as no surprise that the Adshares name has gained strength as one of the top performing decentralized Ad Networks in the world, with over 200M ad impressions per month.

“Adshares network currently has more than 500 publishers. The platform uses blockchain technology to connect publishers and advertisers in one ecosystem allowing them to make direct contracts within the network. Using Adshares open source software, anyone can join the ecosystem and start their ad-related services in a just, transparent and egalitarian marketplace. “ 

said Krzysztof Bochenek, CEO of Adshares Network.

Have you ever hosted banner ads on your website or used web banners to promote your business, product or service online? If you have, it is very likely that you have wondered if digital advertising couldn’t be cheaper, more transparent and more effective? Over the past years the market has been monopolised, which resulted in high and hidden fees, lack of transparency and censorship. What’s even worse is that these are only some of the issues that both the advertisers and the publishers are struggling with. Adshares is here to change the status quo. Our ecosystem is the answer to negative trends in programmatic advertising, and the AdServer Release Candidate is another important step in our quest to fix what is wrong in this market.

Adshares is decentralizing digital ads
Adshares is the first 100% decentralized marketplace for programmable advertising, also being one of the most advanced blockchain-based projects in the advertising market. The network uses a unique tailor-made blockchain developed by the Founders. Adshares offers CPM, CPA, popup and pop-under campaigns that allows advertisers to reach more clients and publishers to earn more.

Combined with some unique features, Adshares offers a very interesting set of advantages over many mainstream and crypto ad networks.
  • Significantly lower fees compared to mainstream advertising networks
  • Transparency and increased freedom — no middlemen who can censor or block content. The publisher is the one who decides what content can be displayed on their website
  • Availability for small advertisers — no minimum budget required to join the network
  • Only email is required to start advertising (instant approval ad network)
  • One of the best pop ads network
  • Instant payouts for advertisers (every hour) and no minimum payout

Beyond conventional ad networks, adshares is now extending the network's capabilities to promotional campaign services through social media (e.g. twitter), press releases with publishers across the network and other media. Supporting the creators, artists, writers and influencers who will also be able to join the ecosystem and offer their services can make a huge impact later this year. The project has a lot on the roadmap with a 3-year lookahead plus many other implementations that are made ad hoc based on the current waves. The team is also working on connecting the advertising market with NFTs which could really make a blast.

As with many decentralised web3 solutions Adshares wants to give power to the people. Meaning that all the participants of the ecosystem are able to own their share of the Ad Network, just by holding shares in a native token used for settlements, which is the $ADS. Adshares oversees the blockchain ecosystem, the operators oversee their ad networks, the publishers monetize traffic and the advertisers reach new customers. ADS connects them.

Being open source from the beginning, Adshares count on a much greater adoption as well as the interest of developers from around the world to expand this ecosystem together. The team has already done a gigantic job delivering a fully operational and secure network. But many challenges still lie ahead.

Web3 revolution will also change digital marketing sector

Adshares isn’t only an interesting alternative for Google advertising network. Adshares technology is likely to become GoogleAds successor. Web3 revolution is already taking place, and no one ever approached the decentralization of the advertising sector like this project. With such a high throughput (1 million transactions per second) and such early adoption you might as well say they are a sleeping giant. RTB is old-fashioned, web3 blockchain solutions are the future.

There’s no need to wait, because with Adshares web3 protocol the future is today. Join the revolution!
We encourage Advertisers, Publishers, Creators, Artists, Writers and Influencers from all over the world to help us recreate reality in a decentralized and transparent manner.

About the Adshares:
Adshares is a 100% decentralized advertisement marketplace, and the first major real time bidding (RTB) successor. It is a Web3 protocol for programmable advertisement with more than 200M ad impressions per month and 500+ publishers.


From using ad mediation platforms to using different ad placements, here we provide 6 tips to get you started in increasing your eCPM.


From using ad mediation platforms to using different ad placements, here we provide 6 tips to get you started in increasing your eCPM.

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