Adsonica Audio Display Ads Available on Envisionwise Platform

Adsonica | September 30, 2021

Adsonica Audio Display Ads Available on Envisionwise Platform
Adsonica, the leading audio display advertising solution, announced the availability of self-service audio display ads for small- to medium-sized radio stations using the Envisionwise station marketing platform. Adsonica ads are created using the Adsonica Studio web application that combines audio and image in a single image file, without video, coding, or multiple file management.

"I'm very excited to be working with Envisionwise to bring the storytelling power of audio display ads to radio stations across the country. These new ad units increase engagement by 50% or more giving Envisionwise's stations a premium ad product to sell with only minimal production overhead. Advertisers can utilize existing display ad creative and audio content so stations can begin selling immediately."

said William Agush, Founder & CEO of Adsonica.

Subscribers to Envisionwise's LinkedUpRadio website platform will have the option to access a basic version of Adsonica, enabling them to create single-image audio ads and serve them using Envisionwise's ad management software. The service, priced at $50 per month, provides up to 15,000 digital ad impressions, with additional impressions available as required.

"The alliance between Adsonica's groundbreaking audio display ad unit and our Envisionwise integrated ad software will advance the digital presence in radio and bring new opportunities to stations across the nation. Providing this unique and effective solution with combined audio and visual concepts will amplify brand awareness and engagement for our clients."

said Jackie Parks, President & CEO, Envisionwise.

When Dave 'Chachi' Denes, CEO of Benztown, introduced us to William Agush, Founder & CEO of Adsonica, we knew this was an opportunity that would work seamlessly with our existing products. We look forward to embracing the power of audio with Adsonica.

About Adsonica
Adsonica developed and patented technology that combines image and non-image data into a single file for advertising and web development. Founded in 2012, the company originally deployed the technology in its Shuttersong® consumer photo application. The company's investors and advisors include veterans of ad-tech, e-commerce, enterprise software and new media.

About Envisionwise
Envisionwise is a web design and development company established in 2001. Envisionwise specializes in custom websites and distinctive digital product solutions for the radio industry. The company creates user-friendly websites that are easy to navigate, empowering clients to edit their own content, using a very simple, yet sophisticated, admin panel interface. Envisionwise takes pride in high quality products, flexible pricing, offering excellent support for all digital products and services providing the best user experience.


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Goodway Group explains programmatic advertising. Learn the basics and why you will benefit from buying programmatic media.