Advertisers Triple their Upfront Commitment with Snap

Snapchat | April 26, 2021

Advertisers are increasing their spending on Snap as the world reopens.

Snap reported US$770 million in Q1 revenue on Thursday, a 66% growth year on year, as the number of advertisers it deals with nearly doubled.

Snap's ad business is expanding in all ways. Direct response ads currently account for more than half of the platform's revenue. Snap, on the other hand, tripled the number of upfront commitments it got from brands this year compared to 2020.

Over the same time frame, Snaps' user base rose by 22% to 280 million, while average revenue per user increased by 36% to $2.74 year over year.

Since the majority of Snap's users use Android smartphones, insulating it somewhat from upcoming tracking changes on Apple’s iOS 14.5.

Ad rebound

Advertisers are increasing their spending on Snap as the world recovers from the pandemic and the ad economy heats up again.

Snap, which has been beefing up its direct response and e-commerce capability, is seeing travel and leisure advertisers, which have been hard hit by the pandemic, rebound “with a fury,” according to chief business officer Jeremi Gorman, highlighting the company's March acquisition of AR e-commerce platform Fit Analytics.

Ecommerce, CPG, technology, streaming, online education, and telco brands are all showing interest in the platform.

“We are seeing the return of some previously powerful categories, such as theatrical and movies,”she said.

Snap is prioritizing augmented reality, partnering with brands such as Sweat, Gucci, The North Face, and American Eagle on branded lenses this quarter. In Q1, almost half (40%) of Snap users used filters regularly, with more than half of them being branded.

“Augmented reality is one of our most exciting challenges as we look forward, and we are investing heavily in both core technology and community-facing AR apps on our service,” Evan Spiegel, co-founder and CEO of Snap, said during the earnings call.

Snap also introduced a TikTok-rival update, Spotlight, in Q4, which was used by more than 125 million people in Q1. India, Mexico, and Brazil are now among the countries that have access to this feature.

The IDFA to drop

Snap is still unsure how Apple's App Tracking Transparency changes, which are set to take place on Monday, would affect its business. However, the company expects to grow by 80% in the second quarter.

“It is not yet clear what the longer-term effect of the iOS platform updates might be on the topline momentum of the business,” said chief financial officer Derek Anderson.

According to Spiegel, Apple's decision to delay the updates until April has given Snap time to implement SKAdNetwork, Apple's solution for measuring user activity across its applications, which it is testing with partners along with other "privacy-centric" solutions.


It’s statistically safe to assume you are a Facebook user and you don't buy every single item advertised on the social media platform. In fact, you may not have ever purchased something advertised on Facebook. This is largely because, although it presents an incredible opportunity for targeted marketing, many companies fail to use Facebook effectively by correctly tailoring their ads to an ideal audience.


It’s statistically safe to assume you are a Facebook user and you don't buy every single item advertised on the social media platform. In fact, you may not have ever purchased something advertised on Facebook. This is largely because, although it presents an incredible opportunity for targeted marketing, many companies fail to use Facebook effectively by correctly tailoring their ads to an ideal audience.

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Adform FLOW, the only global, independent, and fully integrated advertising platform built for modern marketing, has won the prestigious Red Dot Design Award for outstanding Communication Design in the Interface and User Experience category. True to the competition’s guiding principle, ‘in search of good design and creativity’, the international judging panel of 24 members assessed Adform FLOW for excellence in idea, form, and impact. Factors evaluated included originality and creativity, design quality and innovation, as well as comprehensibility and emotional significance. This latest accolade is testament to Adform’s client-focused approach to technology, and central mission to reduce complexity in the ad tech ecosystem. By designing an intuitive platform that guides users along campaign workflows with AI-driven recommendations, Adform provides clients with a holistic overview of the campaign life cycle, helping them to easily drive optimisation in the most effective way. Jochen Schlosser, chief technology officer at Adform comments: “At Adform, our ongoing mission is to achieve a state of ‘Augmented Intelligence’, where the UX becomes so fluent, that human guidance and machine automation feels like a left and right hand, smoothly interoperating and simplifying all workflows within our ecosystem. While the journey is far from over, this is a moment to applaud the various teams and departments at Adform for successfully executing the vision for Adform FLOW from conception to materialisation”. Prof. Dr. Peter Zec, founder and CEO of Red Dot: “In today’s world, digital solutions are essential to the success of brands and companies – especially under the current circumstances. For the Red Dot Award: Brands and Communication Design 2021, our jury has selected only the very best projects in this area to receive a distinction. As an award-winner, Adform has proven themselves to be a company that thinks outside the box. They know how to react with agility in times of crisis and utilise upheaval as an impetus for new design approaches. They have thereby mastered important challenges while also making a valuable contribution to the evolution of society”. Adform is the only global, independent and fully integrated advertising platform built for modern marketing. Its unique enterprise technology – Adform FLOW – harnesses superior user experience and a scalable, modular and open architecture.

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Nextech AR Launches 3D SaaS Solutions ARitize Swirl for Ecommerce and ARitize Social Swirl for Social Media Ads

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Nextech AR Solutions Corp. (“Nextech” or the “Company”) (OTCQB: NEXCF) (NEO: NTAR) (CSE: NTAR) (FSE: N29), a Metaverse Company and leading provider of augmented reality (“AR”) experience technologies and services is excited to announce the launch of two new Saas solutions, ARitize Swirl and ARitize Social Swirl. ARitize Swirl is a self-serve platform that allows for the creation and management of clickable 3D and AR banners for ecommerce websites and is supported by Shopify, WooCommerce, BigCommerce and Magento. ARitize Social Swirl is a SaaS solution which creates social media ads using AR filters designed to work with client’s existing 3D models. This new offering paves the way for another revenue stream tied to ecommerce advertising by offering a simple no code required integrated way for the company’s 3D models to be used for immersive ads on Instagram, Snap and Meta. These two SaaS offerings complement Nextech’s existing ARitize 3D studio of products, where clients manage their 3D models for ecommerce, and then take those same 3D models and put them in 3D banner ads, and run 3D AR social ads. As demand for 3D models continues to grow, Nextech is becoming a one-stop shop for ecommerce site owners. With this launch the company further solidifies its position as the premier provider of 3D modeling solutions for ecommerce and the metaverse. ARitize Swirl An ARitize Swirl is a swirling (rotating) 3D asset on the header or page of an ecommerce website. In a few simple steps, any customer can create a fully interactive ARitize Swirl 3D/AR banner using their existing 3D models, and embed them into their ecommerce website to create 6X higher purchase intent, increase conversions and click-through rates. The ARitize Swirl self-serve creator tool is an upsell opportunity for existing ARitize 3D clients, and allows for the creation and management of 3D and AR banners for their ecommerce websites, highlighting the products that clients wish to promote. All of the client’s ARitize 3D models are accessible through this platform. Existing 3D models, generated through ARitize 3D, are made available to be searched by title or SKU. Custom dimensions can be entered, or set dimensions can be selected from a list of presets. Unique backgrounds can be uploaded by users, or premade template backgrounds can be selected from an image library. ARitize Swirls can be previewed and reviewed before publishing, and embed codes are automatically generated once an ARitize Swirl is published, and can be copied and pasted onto the user’s ecommerce site. ​​Banners can also be managed, edited, and archived on the self-serve platform, giving users ultimately flexibility when it comes to their Swirls. ARitize Social Swirl ARitize Social Swirl is a social media AR filter designed to promote and visualize ecommerce products in an interactive and shareable way. Available for Instagram, Meta, and Snapchat, ARitize Social Swirls are designed to create new engagement opportunities for customers. ARitize Social Swirls is a managed service where Nextech creates ads for clients with their existing 3D models, or from Nextech’s existing list of AR templates, to be advertised on the client’s Instagram, Facebook and Snapchat. Nextech also creates custom filters to match client’s branding. When users click on the ad, they have the ability to see the product in 3D in their space, giving the user the ability to experience and interact with the product, before sending them to the client’s website to purchase the product.

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Pinterest has seen a significant rise in use over the last year since e-commerce growth has increased during the pandemic. There is an opportunity in Pins for the right brands, with 478 million monthly active users whom all come to the platform with a buying and discovery mindset. And, today, Pinterest released a new guide about how to use Promoted Pins to maximize your Pin marketing efforts. The new directory, to which you will have access, is a fairly basic rundown of all the main elements of Pin Promotion, as well as useful campaign tips. It also gives you a comprehensive rundown of your promotional choices, including Promoted Pin campaign targets. It also has information about how to target the campaign and how to get the most out of it by working with the right people. Each segment also includes ‘Pro Tips,' which include insider advice about the best ways to use pin ads. Pinterest reiterates the last point, noting that marketers: “Take a look at the possibility of using automated bidding. Advertisers who used automated bidding got 35% more clicks for the same budget in tests.” Automated bidding tools become much better at allocating advertisement spend based on established targets, and it might be worthwhile to play with Pinterest's automated bidding tools to boost your Promoted Pin results. There are some useful notes and tips, particularly for those new to pen marketing, and they are all presented in a simple, straightforward, and practical way.

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