Advertisers Triple their Upfront Commitment with Snap

Snapchat | April 26, 2021

Advertisers are increasing their spending on Snap as the world reopens.

Snap reported US$770 million in Q1 revenue on Thursday, a 66% growth year on year, as the number of advertisers it deals with nearly doubled.

Snap's ad business is expanding in all ways. Direct response ads currently account for more than half of the platform's revenue. Snap, on the other hand, tripled the number of upfront commitments it got from brands this year compared to 2020.

Over the same time frame, Snaps' user base rose by 22% to 280 million, while average revenue per user increased by 36% to $2.74 year over year.

Since the majority of Snap's users use Android smartphones, insulating it somewhat from upcoming tracking changes on Apple’s iOS 14.5.

Ad rebound

Advertisers are increasing their spending on Snap as the world recovers from the pandemic and the ad economy heats up again.

Snap, which has been beefing up its direct response and e-commerce capability, is seeing travel and leisure advertisers, which have been hard hit by the pandemic, rebound “with a fury,” according to chief business officer Jeremi Gorman, highlighting the company's March acquisition of AR e-commerce platform Fit Analytics.

Ecommerce, CPG, technology, streaming, online education, and telco brands are all showing interest in the platform.

��We are seeing the return of some previously powerful categories, such as theatrical and movies,”she said.

Snap is prioritizing augmented reality, partnering with brands such as Sweat, Gucci, The North Face, and American Eagle on branded lenses this quarter. In Q1, almost half (40%) of Snap users used filters regularly, with more than half of them being branded.

“Augmented reality is one of our most exciting challenges as we look forward, and we are investing heavily in both core technology and community-facing AR apps on our service,” Evan Spiegel, co-founder and CEO of Snap, said during the earnings call.

Snap also introduced a TikTok-rival update, Spotlight, in Q4, which was used by more than 125 million people in Q1. India, Mexico, and Brazil are now among the countries that have access to this feature.

The IDFA to drop

Snap is still unsure how Apple's App Tracking Transparency changes, which are set to take place on Monday, would affect its business. However, the company expects to grow by 80% in the second quarter.

“It is not yet clear what the longer-term effect of the iOS platform updates might be on the topline momentum of the business,” said chief financial officer Derek Anderson.

According to Spiegel, Apple's decision to delay the updates until April has given Snap time to implement SKAdNetwork, Apple's solution for measuring user activity across its applications, which it is testing with partners along with other "privacy-centric" solutions.


Since Playwire’s inception 15+ years ago, our data collection and targeting capabilities have been at the core of our ability to deliver high-performing, revenue-amplifying ad tech strategies for both publishers and advertisers.

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Since Playwire’s inception 15+ years ago, our data collection and targeting capabilities have been at the core of our ability to deliver high-performing, revenue-amplifying ad tech strategies for both publishers and advertisers.

Now, using all we have learned over the years, we are proud to offer direct access to our exclusive data and custom segmentation as a standalone solution for audience targeting.

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KERV Interactive (KERV), an AI-powered digital advertising platform, has recently released Dynamic Destination, an expansion to KERV TV. Audi of America (Audi) used its Dynamic Destination for OTT ad campaign in partnership with PHD Media and both attracted enormous viewers' attention. KERV’s Dynamic Destination connects advertisers to direct users from different places based on the demographics like location or time of the day when the users scan the QR code of the CTV/OTT ads. Both the companies directed consumers to the relevant landing pages with KERV’s solution. It added value to each QR scan or snap to increase possibility of customer’s consideration and conversion. Leveraging KERV’s technology, they converted a single video into personalized user experiences based on their locations. CRO of KERV Interactive, Jay Wolff said, “Brands like Audi understand the importance of removing friction for users, especially in video.” He added, “We are thrilled to partner with the teams at Audi and PHD Media to streamline, automate, and measure the way they connect with audiences through OTT to make an impact for both the brand and consumer.” (Source – Business Wire) Media Manager at Audi of America, Kayleen Oblack said, “We are always looking for innovative solutions that elevate the consumer experience.” She added, “Working with KERV and PHD Media allowed us to quickly and efficiently localize our interactive OTT experiences and guarantee consumers have a more personalized, relevant experience with the Audi brand.” (Source – Business Wire) About KERV Interactive Headquartered in Austin, Texas, KERV Interactive, an advertising services provider, offers solutions for video advertising, interactive video, ad-tech, marketing, online media, video marketing, and interactive technology. It has been utilizing artificial intelligence and machine learning techniques for its patented interactive video platform since 2017. These techniques convert any video content into interactive and trackable ad experience. It identifies individual objects in any video stream through their pixel edges. It recognizes the video's depth, dimension and things as natural eyes can perceive. As a result, it can convert every frame in the video scene to an immersive consumer experience.

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Hightouch Launches Match Booster to Revolutionize Audience Targeting Across Advertising Networks

PR Newswire | May 03, 2023

Hightouch, a leader in Data Activation and Customer Data Platform (CDP) solutions, has announced the launch of Match Booster, a breakthrough in how performance marketing teams can use data to increase the effectiveness of advertising campaigns. With Match Booster, for the first time marketers can seamlessly and securely combine the power of their first-party customer data with data from the world's leading enrichment providers to boost audience match rates across advertising platforms like Facebook, Snapchat, TikTok, and more. The secret to Match Booster is the extensive identity enrichment data set Hightouch has built through partnerships with a number of the world's leading data providers. This identity store securely houses billions of hashed user identifiers such as email addresses, phone numbers, or device IDs. When Match Booster is toggled on, Hightouch matches identifiers from your first-party audience data with the identity enrichment data. As audiences are sent to destinations like Facebook, Hightouch references the identity store and enriches the audiences with the hashed identifiers before final upload to the various ad destinations. With enriched identity data, advertising platforms can better match desired user profiles, providing larger, more precise audiences. Enabled with larger audiences, marketing teams are able to target or suppress more customers across channels; optimizing segmentation, driving personalization, and maximizing their overall return on ad spend. For the first time, data onboarding doesn't mean storing your sensitive customer data with a third party. Now, enrichment can be done in real-time as your audiences get pushed into the advertising platforms, providing the security, flexibility and peace of mind desired by modern organizations. "We're excited to launch Match Booster, one of our most powerful products yet," said Tejas Manohar, Co-CEO of Hightouch. "With Match Booster, we're helping marketing teams fill in customer data gaps and maximize their return on advertising spend. It's a game-changer for growth and performance marketing teams looking to get the most out of their campaigns." Match Booster is designed to work with the many ad platforms that Hightouch already integrates with. It is available as an add-on to both Hightouch's core Reverse ETL offering as well as Customer Studio, Hightouch's suite of no-code audience tools. With just a few clicks, Hightouch customers can unlock secure data onboarding without the hassle of building manual pipelines, setting up data clean rooms, or paying for expensive Liveramp contracts. The new feature has already delivered impressive results for Hightouch customers. A leading publisher, for example, was able to boost their match rates an average of +35% across Facebook, and TikTok, allowing the team to drastically reduce wasted ad spend on existing customers. A mid-stage SaaS company was able to enrich their customer data with additional identifiers, resulting in a 68% boost to their audience match rates on Meta platforms. Match Booster is available today as a product for Business Tier customers. To learn more, read the blog post or schedule a demo with the Hightouch team. About Hightouch Hightouch is a leading provider of Data Activation and Customer Data Platform (CDP) solutions, enabling marketing and data teams to activate customer data directly from their data warehouse to over 150+ destinations like ad platforms and CRMs. Hightouch is used by leading organizations like, Spotify, TripAdvisor and GameStop to unlock a fast, flexible, and scalable CDP alternative by enabling them to activate audiences and other customer data points directly from their organization's single source of truth - the data warehouse out to the many business tools it is needed in.

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MAGNA Study Explores Listening Rituals and How Audio Advertisers Can Improve Engagement and Purchase Intent by Complementing Daily Routines

Business Wire | April 18, 2023

Rituals, as routine as running errands and doing chores, are also key audio-consumption moments in people’s lives and create positive environments for advertisers, according to new research conducted by MAGNA’s Media Trials unit and leading multi-platform audio content and entertainment company, Audacy. The study found that advertisers who aligned with listeners’ rituals saw a greater lift in brand excitement (+10%) and brand relevance (+8%). The study, Aligning with Rituals: The Contextual Foundation of Audio, also noted that consumers experience greater “feelings of connection” with brands that synchronize with their audio rituals, by +12%, compared to +3% for non-aligned ads. MAGNA and Audacy tested both genre-based ads—such as a telecom brand advertising during an entertainment broadcast—and ritual-based ads—such as destination advertising during a “me-time” ritual--to examine the spectrum of contextual-alignment opportunities. “We’ve studied contextual in video before, but this is our first time to study it in audio, so we wanted to explore how consumers reacted to all types of audio advertising, from contextually aligned to non-aligned, across every daypart and layers of the funnel,” said Kara Manatt, EVP, Managing Director, Intelligence Solutions, MAGNA. “We were especially intrigued to note how daily rituals imply moments of calm and continuity in listeners’ lives and that brands that tap into these touchstones benefit tremendously.” Contextually aligned ads have the propensity to both excite (+10%) and create relevance (+8%) for brands, especially among those who are in-market. Further, contextual alignment boosts brand metrics that matter most, such as brand favorability (+8%), search intent (+12%), and purchase intent (+9%). Just what are consumers doing as they stream podcasts and listen to music? A ranking of typical listening rituals featured in a previous Audacy study, Audio Rituals was topped by running general errands (85%) and doing home maintenance (84%). Consumer engagement levels, though, were most heightened during me-time moments (73%), putting my child to bed (70%) and exercising outdoors (68%). Audacy’s Audio Rituals study also determined that 74% of listeners incorporated audio into their daily rituals and 40% planned their day/activities around audio content. “Audio advertisers can amplify the effectiveness of their buys through ritual moments,” said Idil Cakim, SVP, Head of Research and Insights, Audacy. “Study participants agreed that the stronger the match between advertisement and content, the better the outcome for KPIs like brand favorability and purchase intent.” Seventy-eight percent of participants agreed that strong content/ad matches mattered in brand favorability and 80% for purchase intent. Other key findings include: Mood Boosters: Participants who felt “energized or excited” by their audio content also were 24% more likely to state the test ads “caught my attention” (+24% lift) and were more likely to be open to the ads at the time of listening (+16% lift). These engaged and excited listeners also were more likely to search for the brand (+10%). Contextual Enhancement: Contextually aligning ads amplifies the information shared in audio ads – this is especially true among in-market audiences, who agree that these contextually-aligned ads “taught them something new” (73%). Dialed-In Dispatches: Regardless of the type of contextual alignment (ritual or genre-based), each approach has the propensity to drive search intent (+15% and +16%, respectively). Aligning with Rituals: The Contextual Foundation of Audio ran controlled testing among 1,920 weekly audio listeners who listened to 30-minute content blocks, ranging from podcasts to news, sports and music, interspersed with ads from three brands, covering the retail, telecom and travel industries. The participants answered a range of questions to determine advertising effectiveness and establish their mood and receptivity. The full study can be found here. About MAGNA MAGNA is the leading global media investment and intelligence company. Our trusted insights, proprietary trial offerings, industry-leading negotiation and unparalleled consultative solutions deliver an actionable marketplace advantage for our clients and subscribers. We are a team of experts driven by results, integrity and inquisitiveness. We operate across five key competencies, supporting clients and cross-functional teams through partnership, education, accountability, connectivity and enablement. For more information, please visit our website: and follow us on LinkedIn. About Audacy Audacy, Inc. (NYSE: AUD) is a leading multi-platform audio content and entertainment company with the country’s best collection of local music, news and sports brands, a premium podcast creator, major event producer, and digital innovator. Audacy engages 200 million consumers each month, bringing people together around content that matters to them. Learn more at, Facebook (Audacy Corp), Twitter (@AudacyCorp) and LinkedIn (@Audacy-Inc).

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