Amazon PPC Ads Advertising Business Agency Clear Ads Discusses Sponsored Ads Trends for 2022

Clear Ads | February 17, 2022

Clear Ads, a trusted Amazon PPC agency, has recently shared the top three sponsored advertising trends for 2022. The company is known for its efficient Amazon ads and DSP solutions and regularly publishes high-quality content related to Amazon advertising. Clear Ads' Head of Sales George Roberts shares insights on the year's most likely sponsored advertising trends to start the New Year.

As an experienced Amazon ads expert, Roberts has forecasted the following Sponsored Ads trends for the upcoming year.

  • Making an Amazon product stand out from the rest is now extremely difficult as the platform continues to get more saturated with each passing day. Roberts believes that this can be avoided by using custom product images. Just one creative image, he says, can have up to 12,000 different size variations on and off Amazon. This is why using customizable creatives on sponsored brands will likely be a strong industry trend in 2022.
  • According to the article, day parting will be another dominant sponsored advertising trend in 2022. This underrated Amazon advertising feature allows advertisers to run their ads only at specific times of the day, curtailing advertising costs by avoiding unproductive times.
  • Roberts strongly feels that the cost-per-viewable-impressions (VCPM) model will be extremely popular in 2022. Though Sponsored Display campaigns have not gained much attention in the past, Roberts expects that they will become a much more attractive advertising option with the introduction of the VCPM model, which allows advertisers to pay for 1,000 shopper impressions rather than per individual click.

Clear Ads is now also offering its customers its informative e-book, Ultimate Guide to PPC to help them better understand PPC and how to get the most out of it.

About Clear Ads
Clear Ads is a paid advertising agency focusing on Amazon and Google for small and medium-sized enterprises around the world.


The second wave of IAB Australia’s Audio Advertising State of the Nation research has been published today, providing further insight on how the media buying community is using audio advertising across all platforms.


The second wave of IAB Australia’s Audio Advertising State of the Nation research has been published today, providing further insight on how the media buying community is using audio advertising across all platforms.

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