Blockchain in Digital Marketing: More Customer Confidence – and Innovative Advertising Methods

T-Systems International | April 20, 2021

Concerns around online activities, such as cybersecurity, data privacy, and transparency, are affecting digital marketing. Blockchain technology will help in the stabilization of customer trust in the digital world. It will increase the credibility of online ads, brand honesty, cross-promotion with influencers, and reward customers for data sharing.

Due to the monopoly or duopoly, platform companies such as Facebook pose threats to multiple industry leaders in digital marketing. Furthermore, data scandals fueled skepticism in the digital advertising industry.

Both users and advertisers believe that control over their data is slipping away from them. Blockchain technology allows marketing organizations to work more autonomously in the advertisement industry while also increasing the credibility of their product and corporate communications.

How? The blockchain's key feature is that it maintains data on decentralized servers in several locations rather than in a single centralized repository. These distributed data records (blocks) are inextricably linked together to form a chain. Every computer (peer) in the network receives the same unalterable data copy. This has the advantage of no longer requiring all market players to trust a single repository – and therefore no central point of attack for cybercriminals or vulnerability to technical malfunctions. The concept is similar to an online document held in a decentralized location that can be modified continuously through several computers. This lays the groundwork for more transparent, secure, and reliable solutions in digital marketing.

Brand and product transparency

Any marketing agenda mainly focuses on sustainability. Many businesses claim to be sustainable. But how are they going to prove it? Blockchain technologies can enhance brand integrity within the supply chain management process, for example, by ensuring that products have been packaged or shipped sustainably – 2 important conditions when the products are organic.

As a result, an Industrial Control System (ICS, for example, T-Systems) writes all data into a blockchain that is synchronized for all players, including the manufacturer, delivery agent, and retailer. This procedure allows customers to obtain facts about the sources of their products as well as monitoring information.

In reality, the cloud2cloud combination of the Cloud of Things (T-Systems) and the SCP (SAP Cloud Platform) utilizes Internet of Things (IoT), blockchain, and machine learning to monitor the supply chain of the apples used in a smoothie (use case of T-Systems, pdf). Consumers can trace the direction and origin of organic apples using IoT data, supply data, and origin data – and do a fact check on the brand's value proposition. This enables businesses to sell their products as sustainable with much greater credibility.

Blockchain is on the rise

For the time being, high prices, the failure of real-time apps to attain commercial viability, and a lack of sector-wide initiatives are preventing widespread adoption. While some potential blockchain applications are still unclear, it is beginning to transform the digital world. In the digital advertising ecosystem, blockchain can increase transparency, confidence, and productivity. It will soon become a force in digital marketing rivalry that marketers cannot continue to neglect.

T-Systems has already pioneered individual solutions to help companies get started with blockchain. Several pilot projects have already been initiated, and sector-wide experience sharing will be a critical next step. Marketing organizations who wish to stay competitive can into the processes that blockchain can simplify or even monetize.


That means that even though our 2023 Digital Trends report is a phenomenal planning tool, planning and strategising only take you so far without action. The time has come to start taking insights from those trends and turning them into the experiences and interactions your customers expect at every turn. In this guide, the secon


That means that even though our 2023 Digital Trends report is a phenomenal planning tool, planning and strategising only take you so far without action. The time has come to start taking insights from those trends and turning them into the experiences and interactions your customers expect at every turn. In this guide, the secon

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GlobeNewswire | April 17, 2023

Magnite, the world’s largest independent sell-side advertising company, today announced the launch of ClearLine, a self-service solution that provides agencies direct access to buy premium video inventory on the company’s platforms. Built on Magnite’s proven technologies in deal-driven video, ClearLine significantly increases spend going towards working media, makes it easier for sellers and agencies to securely share data, and helps Magnite publishers generate more revenue and develop new sources of unique demand. Initial launch partners include Camelot, GroupM, and MiQ. “While DSPs will remain the primary method for agencies to access premium video inventory on our platforms, we’ve heard agencies’ requests for a more direct connection in certain scenarios,” said Sean Buckley, Chief Revenue Officer at Magnite. “ClearLine delivers agencies that additional path into our ecosystem while also benefiting media owners. In the end, both agencies and sellers want options that put more media dollars to work and offer greater flexibility around data enablement and sharing. We're excited to launch with Camelot, GroupM, and MiQ as initial partners, and to get such positive feedback from media owners, who see this as another valuable avenue for driving revenue.” ClearLine is based on technology Magnite publishers have used for years to manage their traditional direct sold demand through the ad server, extend the monetization of their first-party audiences, and manage inventory sharing through carriage deals with other media owners. Though ClearLine adapts this functionality for agencies, it benefits sellers by providing another way to generate revenue and capture unique demand. Serving sellers remains Magnite’s primary mission. Magnite is pleased to launch ClearLine with the support of agencies and sellers: “GroupM has long been a driver of supply path optimization, to maximize the working media and reduce supply chain costs,” said Andrew Meaden, Global Head of Investment at GroupM. “We partnered closely with Magnite to launch our GroupM Premium Marketplace (GPM) and now, with ClearLine we can activate GPM’s capabilities faster and further, allowing our clients to spend more on media and messaging and less on fees and technology costs. This is the next step to accessing guaranteed quality video supply at scale without the need for a DSP across certain kinds of inventory transactions or unnecessary hops between the buyer and publisher.” “Getting closer to the supply side is a major component of Camelot's Advanced TV strategy and the benefits from ClearLine have been immediate,” said Mike Treon, Programmatic Strategy Lead at Camelot Strategic Marketing & Media. “Buying directly from our publisher partners within their tech stack has been extremely effective in augmenting and scaling our content-focused strategy while also creating large tech tax efficiencies. We are impressed with ClearLine’s UI, speed to insights, scale, and the granularity of buying data available to our teams.” “Magnite is consistently at the forefront of innovation for the supply side. At LG Ad Solutions we welcome the debut of ClearLine to market as a way to bring publishers even closer to advertisers, particularly with the use of LG Ad Solutions' unique ACR data,” said Serge Matta, Head of Commercial at LG Ad Solutions. “ClearLine shines new light on the ways we can reduce complexity and improve advertising outcomes in the connected video world.” “We see incredible value in being closer to the demand within the Magnite ecosystem, and ClearLine allows us to provide unique opportunities and measurable outcomes for advertisers, but it also helps us drive better consumer experiences,” said Travis Hockersmith, Group Vice President, Platform+ at VIZIO. About Magnite We’re Magnite (NASDAQ: MGNI), the world’s largest independent sell-side advertising company. Publishers use our technology to monetize their content across all screens and formats including CTV, online video, display, and audio. The world's leading agencies and brands trust our platform to access brand-safe, high-quality ad inventory and execute billions of advertising transactions each month. Anchored in bustling New York City, sunny Los Angeles, mile high Denver, historic London, colorful Singapore, and down under in Sydney, Magnite has offices across North America, EMEA, LATAM, and APAC.

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Adludio Raises £2m to Build on Rapid US Growth and Launch New Platform

Businesswire | April 11, 2023

Adludio, the global AI-powered platform delivering attention-led and data-driven mobile advertising, has secured a further £2 million investment from Mercia, following an initial investment of £4 million in 2021. This new funding round will enable Adludio to capitalize on its rapid growth in the US and launch a new fully-automated version of its platform. Powered by AI and data science, this will offer marketers a one-stop-shop for the automated design and delivery of ad campaigns that guarantee engagement. Having produced advanced mobile creative for major brands including Ford, Land Rover Jaguar, Estée Lauder, Nike, Adidas and Microsoft, the announcement will see Adludio help even more marketers win the battle for brand attention. Currently sharing its expertise and technology with the IAB to develop this field, Adludio is redefining attention as a metric for success. Paul Coggins, Adludio’s CEO, said: “At a time when privacy regulation is increasingly limiting the use of personal data, our sophisticated and unique combination of creative, media and AI is leading brand performance on mobile. With this additional investment from Mercia, the next stage of our AI-led platform, offering fully-automated capabilities, will provide brands and agencies the chance to translate user attention into profit.” Founded in 2015, the company now has a presence across five US cities – New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Atlanta and Detroit - and also delivers services via resellers in Hong Kong and Singapore. In 2022, Adludio achieved 50% growth in the US and, across the globe, has continued to increase its revenues. It has also boosted its management team with a number of leading industry figures, including Ian Liddicoat as Chief Technology Officer and Dave Ramsay as Chief Product Officer. The new version of Adludio’s platform, due to be launched in 2024, will fully automate many of its processes and offer customers a software-as-a-service (SaaS) product to manage their own campaigns. This latest investment comes as the adtech industry contends with continued economic uncertainty, the introduction of stricter privacy rules in many countries as well as the declining use of cookies, and aims to help Adludio consolidate its position at the forefront of the market. Mercia was investing from its Northern Venture Capital Trust (VCT) Funds. Martijn Kleibergen of Mercia said: “With stricter privacy rules, relying on ‘cookies’ to deliver targeted advertising is no longer a viable option. Adludio combines strong creative campaigns with algorithms that optimize campaigns in real time to engage consumers without using personal data. This investment will enable it to continue its growth in the US and expand its client base with the launch of its new self-service platform.” About Adludio Adludio is an AI-driven technology company that delivers premium mobile advertising. As the primary means of consuming content, mobile needs to deliver interactive experiences to engage audiences, but the majority of mobile advertising remains static. Combining data-driven creativity, proprietary technology and automation with pioneering engagement metrics, Adludio delivers privacy-compliant mobile campaigns with engagement at its heart. With offices in London, Los Angeles, New York, Atlanta, Detroit and Chicago, Adludio is defining the next generation of mobile brand solutions in North America and EMEA.

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DeepIntent Ushers the Pharmaceutical Advertising Industry into the Future with TV Convergence-Themed Event

PR Newswire | April 28, 2023

DeepIntent, the leading healthcare advertising technology company built to influence better patient health and business outcomes, will host its second annual "Innovating with Intent" forum on May 10. This first-of-its-kind event focuses on accelerating the convergence of data-driven advertising with connected TV (CTV) in the pharmaceutical industry. DeepIntent, the leading healthcare advertising technology company built to influence better patient health and business outcomes, will host its second annual "Innovating with Intent" forum on May 10. This first-of-its-kind event focuses on accelerating the convergence of data-driven advertising with connected TV (CTV) in the pharmaceutical industry.Innovating with Intent's content will include: DeepIntent Founder and CEO Chris Paquette's keynote about the state of healthcare advertising in convergent TV and the opportunities brands have today to utilize technology, data, and platforms to drive business and patient outcomes; FreeWheel, TransUnion, Warner Bros. Discovery, and DeepIntent discussing the accelerating transition to a unified media marketplace; A panel about whether clean rooms are the remedy for data collaboration and audience fragmentation featuring CMI Media Group, the IAB Tech Lab, Klick Health, LG Ads Solutions, and Snowflake; Insights from DIRECTV, NBCUniversal, and Televisa Univision about unifying reach and performance across linear TV, CTV, and digital video; and DeepIntent and Roku sharing the results of their new custom research focused on "silver streamers" over 50, their viewing habits, and the impact of pharma ads on their health and wellness journeys. "Today's TV viewers are fragmented across screens, platforms, and devices, making TV convergence increasingly important. Convergence gives advertisers a more unified approach to their media buying and planning, campaign measurement, and more," said Marcella Milliet Sciorra, Chief Marketing Officer at DeepIntent. "This event represents pharma's data-driven future, and we're excited to lead the industry there." Innovating with Intent will take place on May 10 in New York City. Click here to request an invitation to the event. To learn more about DeepIntent, visit www.deepintent.com/. About DeepIntent With a core belief that advertising technology can measurably improve the lives of patients, DeepIntent is leading the healthcare advertising industry into the future. Built purposefully for the healthcare industry, the DeepIntent Healthcare Advertising Platform is proven to drive higher audience quality and script performance with patented technology and the industry's most comprehensive health data. DeepIntent is trusted by 600+ pharmaceutical brands and all the leading healthcare agencies to reach the most relevant healthcare provider and patient audiences across all channels and devices. For more information, visit DeepIntent.com or find us on LinkedIn.

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