Cloud Media Center Pumps up Its Advertising Inventory Partnering with Hollywood-Based Content Producer, Trigger Productions

CLOUD MEDIA CENTER | August 28, 2021

Cloud Media Center a uniquely positioned startup in the video-distribution space — has dramatically broadened and diversified its content offering to advertisers and publishers through a freshly minted partnership with Hollywood-based content producer, Trigger Media Group.
“We are thrilled to join forces with a talented, well-connected, multi-genre production house like Trigger,” said CMC Chairman Bob Portrie. “This dynamic new partnership takes us to the next level as we offer the freshest, hottest, all-original video content in the marketplace. We see enormous value in the expertise, creativity and work ethic Trigger brings to the table.”

According to Portrie, CMC’s campaign to recruit other elite content producers is active and ongoing.
CMC, headquartered in Ponte Vedra, FL, sells advertising inventory tied to both long-form and short-form sports video content through a cloud-based, analytically driven distribution platform that seamlessly connects content producers with advertisers and publishers. CMC offers a full suite of inventory to advertisers including display, pre-roll insertions, sponsorships and customized, brand-integrated content.

Trigger Media Group is a full-house production and media studio with a library of award-winning film and television IP, as well as reality television, sports and e-sports divisions. Trigger’s partners and staff include Emmy-winning industry veterans with more than 30 years of experience in entertainment, sports, marketing and production.

Cloud Media Center has built a unique business model that offers a unique service to both advertisers and publishers: custom star-studded content. Through CMC's partnerships with an elite group of content producers and group access to the "name, image and likeness" of superstar athletes, the company has the capacity to build custom content, featuring the most popular players in collegiate and professional sports.

In addition to hard-hitting, sports-centric content, Trigger will also produce entertainment-focused content for distribution across CMC’s multi-siloed publisher network. Trigger’s content will cover Hollywood and celebrity news and gossip. CMC has further strengthened its position in the hotly competitive digital advertising space by securing an ownership stake in original content Trigger produces.

“As a content creator, storyteller and entertainment producer, we feel there is nothing more valuable than having a highly evolved, sophisticated marketing technology backed by the best in the field,” said Justin Hannah, president of Trigger Media Group. “This ensures success with our digital, television and film content, all the while creating additional revenue streams in the paradigm shift to the present and future digital world. It’s a win-win.”

The first co-ownership production between the two companies is compelling, star-studded content called “Taylor’D,” featuring the hugely popular NFL Network Anchor Taylor Bisciotti, who interviews the biggest stars in the National Football League, like Steeler JuJu Smith-Schuster and Giant Saquon Barkley. Interview topics include: game schedule breakdowns; players to watch; division and Super Bowl picks/predictions; personal training regimens and more.

“Through our partnerships with a talented group of content partners, we have access to on-air talent, like Taylor Bisciotti, as well as A-list professional players, like Patrick Mahomes,” said Portrie. “We have the funding, the experience and vision, a best-in-class technology platform and a unique, rev-share business model that will allow us to compete with anybody in the space.”

CMC’s end-to-end platform enables collaboration, at an unprecedented level, among the big three traditionally siloed groups within the digital publishing marketplace — content producers, advertisers and publishers. It is that collaboration coupled with best-in-class customized dashboards and real-time analytics that allow these three constituencies to optimize their campaigns — and do so with speed and granular accuracy.

Cloud Media Center (CMC), based in Ponte Vedra, FL, sells digital advertising inventory through a cloud-based, analytically driven distribution platform that seamlessly connects advertisers with content providers and publishers


Google AdWords: Winning the War on Bad Ads


Google AdWords: Winning the War on Bad Ads

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Perion Renews Strategic Partnership with Microsoft to Drive Search Advertising Business Growth

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