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Ford Patents Technology for Displaying Ads Inside Car Infotainment Systems

Ford is now patenting a technology that can take these roadside advertisements and deliver them directly to your car's infotainment system.

The company intends to use the cameras that are now standard on many cars to train them to recognize advertisements on billboards. The device would also go so far as to provide links to the brands advertised on billboards as well as contact information to call to get the products.

Ford could argue that it solves the problem of billboard accessibility. True, most billboards display product advertisements that do not provide specifics about where to purchase these products or how much they cost. Ford's latest infotainment interface would solve this conundrum.

Ford might also collaborate with advertising agencies or billboard companies to ensure that the infotainment ads appear before the billboard. So, if you're driving and see a McDonald's ahead, your system may display an advertisement for a delicious McDonald's burger.



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