Ford Patents Technology for Displaying Ads Inside Car Infotainment Systems

Ford | May 17, 2021

Ford is now patenting a technology that can take these roadside advertisements and deliver them directly to your car's infotainment system.

The company intends to use the cameras that are now standard on many cars to train them to recognize advertisements on billboards. The device would also go so far as to provide links to the brands advertised on billboards as well as contact information to call to get the products.

Ford could argue that it solves the problem of billboard accessibility. True, most billboards display product advertisements that do not provide specifics about where to purchase these products or how much they cost. Ford's latest infotainment interface would solve this conundrum.

Ford might also collaborate with advertising agencies or billboard companies to ensure that the infotainment ads appear before the billboard. So, if you're driving and see a McDonald's ahead, your system may display an advertisement for a delicious McDonald's burger.


2022 has seen widespread change on both fronts. With this whitepaper, we hope to shed some light on this change, as well as giving you some tools to help you effectively tackle your paid digital advertising throughout 2023.


2022 has seen widespread change on both fronts. With this whitepaper, we hope to shed some light on this change, as well as giving you some tools to help you effectively tackle your paid digital advertising throughout 2023.

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Teads and IAS Partner to Help Improve Digital Advertising Quality

Teads | December 30, 2022

Teads, a global media platform, has announced a partnership with Integral Ad Science (IAS), a global leader in digital media quality. Through this collaboration, Teads and IAS will enhance the quality of digital advertising for both publishers and advertisers. The partnership will allow Teads to integrate IAS's Context Control solution, which uses natural language processing to determine the sentiment and emotion of content, in order to provide advertisers with a more precise classification of brand suitability and avoid content deemed unsuitable for their brand. With this integration, Teads will be able to give its clients more control over where their digital ads show up. This will make sure that their brand is shown in a way that fits the criteria set by the advertisers. "About 78.8% of European marketers say they are concerned or very concerned about brand safety when buying digital advertising." The collaboration will allow Teads to maximize the reach of advertising campaigns while also supporting quality journalism. The integration will also allow advertisers to have greater control over content adjacencies and avoid impressions on certain topics, including those deemed risky or harmful by a brand. By increasing the control advertisers have over their digital ad placement, Teads is able to reduce the amount of wasted budget spent on ads that don't meet their criteria and ensure that every ad dollar is well-spent. with this partnership, brands will know that their ads are being shown in safe and appropriate environments, both in display and video formats. This increased control over digital ad placement will not only help brands protect their reputation and ensure that their campaigns are viewed in the right context, but it will also reduce the overall cost of advertising by eliminating wasted budget on ads that don't meet brand criteria. About Teads Teads operates a leading cloud-based omnichannel platform that enables programmatic digital advertising globally. Teads' modular platform offers an end-to-end solution for buy-side, sell-side, creative, data, and AI optimization. Advertisers and their agencies can use Teads to buy inventory from the world's best publishers and content providers. Teads enables advertisers and agencies to reach billions of unique monthly users in brand-safe, responsible advertising environments while improving digital ad transactions. Teads' 1,200+ employees in 50 offices across 30 countries work with top marketers, agencies, and publishers. About IAS IAS is a leader in digital media quality. IAS ensures that ads are viewed by real people in safe and appropriate environments by using contextual targeting and supply-path optimization. Our mission is to be the global standard for digital media quality, trust, and transparency for the world's leading brands, publishers, and platforms. Data-driven technologies provide actionable, real-time signals and insights. IAS works with thousands of top advertisers and publishers worldwide.

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Broadsign Collaboration Strengthens StackAdapt’s Programmatic DOOH Offering

Broadsign, StackAdapt | January 31, 2023

As demand for out-of-home (OOH) advertising continues to rise, StackAdapt, announced a collaboration with Broadsign that enables agencies and brands to access new OOH advertising options. The advertising technology partnership expands the OOH inventory accessible on StackAdapt's multi-channel digital advertising platform, giving StackAdapt users access to premium international screens in high-traffic areas through the Broadsign supply-side platform (SSP). The combination of Broadsign's worldwide SSP with StackAdapt's multi-channel digital advertising platform allows media buyers to effortlessly include global digital out-of-home (DOOH) advertisements across roadside, retail, transport, and beyond into programmatic multi-channel campaigns. The merger of two industry-leading ad tech platforms makes it simpler for media buyers to broaden their audience reach and boost engagement across additional digital channels. It also provides StackAdapt users with opportunities to increase brand exposure and interact more effectively with global audiences. Senior Director of Inventory, StackAdapt, Lina Wangfang, said, “Demand for out-of-home advertising has risen sharply in recent years and continues to grow as more marketers double down on brand-building investments amidst the current economic climate.” She added, “Our collaboration with Broadsign significantly expands the available programmatic out-of-home inventory on our multi-channel platform for agencies who may not have previously considered the medium. Out-of-home plays well with mobile, social, and CTV, and we expect this integration will help drive new growth here at StackAdapt, and fuel the continued evolution of multi-channel.” (Source – ExchangeWire) VP of global media sales at Broadsign, John Dolan, said, “Programmatic is the future of out-of-home, and our latest integration with StackAdapt will drive new attention to the medium to help spur the growth of out-of-home and multi-channel.” He explained, “We’re thrilled to team with StackAdapt to bring more media buyers, including midsize agencies, access to a medium that’s proven to boost brand awareness and online activation. We look forward to building on our partnership with StackAdapt.” (Source – ExchangeWire) About Broadsign Broadsign enables publishers, agencies, and brands to interact with global audiences through the power of out-of-home advertising. Itpowers over 425,000 signs on motorways, airports, retail malls, health clinics, and transport systems and is at the center of people's lives. The Broadsign platform assists publishers in managing their business operations more effectively while also facilitating the booking of OOH campaigns by brands and agencies. In addition, the platform offers capabilities for content delivery, playback and proof of performance, availability of sales inventory and proposal development, automated programmatic DOOH transactions, and OOH business operations.

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MobileFuse Unveils New Ad Tools to Help Boost Revenue

MobileFuse | January 02, 2023

MobileFuse, a leading digital advertising platform, has released a new mobile software development kit (SDK), mediation adapters, and a proprietary video player. These tools are designed to reduce friction and allow mobile app publishers and mediation platforms to access MobileFuse's premium inventory and increase revenue. This will help mobile app publishers and mediation platforms because it will give them access to MobileFuse's premium inventory and cut down on the costs of making their own tools. The MobileFuse SDK has reportedly allowed publishing partners to double fill rates and increase eCPMs by 20% or more. The SDK has duoBid, which lets advertisers run video ads in larger static banner inventory. It also has a proprietary video player with full VAST capabilities, support for rich media, lightweight technology, and support for the latest mobile technologies. With the help of these tools, publishers and mediation platforms have been able to make a lot more money and make more money from what they make. MobileFuse's SDK, integrated through an AppLovin MAX Custom Adapter, has yielded immediate success for our app. The SDK is generating higher fill rates, eCPM, CTR, and five times more revenue on a similar amount of bid requests than our oRTB connection. The implementation process was easy, and their team was responsive and always willing to help along the way." Amy Nicole Hernandez, CFO and VP of Business Operations at TextMe The SDK is the only way to get the proprietary video player, and the mediation adapters make it easier to connect to leading mediation platforms. With the SDK, publishers can also take advantage of the duoBid video ad-serving platform. About MobileFuse MobileFuse is a leading in-app advertising and CTV platform. In a variety of verticals, the company serves leading brands, agencies, bidders, and app developers. MobileFuse empowers its clients by reaching highly curated and receptive audiences through innovative solutions that combine location-based in-app and CTV exchanges, moments-based targeting, patented location verification, custom creative, and data-driven insights. MobileFuse, which was founded in 2009, is headquartered in New York City and has offices throughout the United States. The company will be carbon-negative by 2022.

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