InMobi and HUMAN Partner to Keep Mobile In-App Advertising Secure and Human

InMobi, HUMAN Security, Inc. | August 25, 2021

HUMAN Security, Inc. (formerly White Ops), a cybersecurity company that protects enterprises from bot attacks to keep digital experiences human, today announced a partnership with InMobi, a leading provider of marketing and monetization technologies that fuel industries around the world. The partnership, which includes a direct integration with HUMAN’s MediaGuard solution, enforces both companies’ commitment to building a transparent and fraud-free in-app advertising ecosystem with real-time visibility and active protection against malicious bot activity. In addition, InMobi is joining the Human Collective as part of a continued, collaborative effort to disincentivize cybercrime by raising the consequences and practical cost of fraud through shared resources and cooperation across the industry.

By the end of 2021, mobile is projected to account for 75% of total digital ad spend. Combined with global smartphone adoption, mobile advertising is particularly attractive to bad actors. As one of the largest mobile in-app exchanges in the world, InMobi’s partnership with HUMAN and deployment of MediaGuard across all of its inventory reflects the continued commitment by InMobi to protect mobile advertisers from fraud while also strengthening HUMAN’s mobile fraud capabilities.

“InMobi is committed to transparency, trust-based relationships, and delivering optimal business results to our advertisers globally. We were the first in-app marketplace to have our entire inventory verified by an independent MRC accredited vendor. This partnership reaffirms and enhances that commitment,” said Kunal Nagpal, Senior Vice President and General Manager, Publisher Platform and Exchange at InMobi. “InMobi is also proud to be the first in-app Human Collective partner in the battle against mobile app fraud. We strongly believe that the industry can eliminate fraud only through such an open collaboration.”
HUMAN is the first solution in the space to be fully accredited by the Media Rating Council (MRC) for end-to-end coverage against sophisticated invalid traffic (SIVT) for desktop, mobile web, mobile in-app and connected TV (CTV). This includes accreditation for pre- and post-bid detection and mitigation of SIVT, which is notoriously challenging to detect as fraudsters attempt to mimic genuine user behavior. The partnership with InMobi ensures that customers and partners will be protected from emerging forms of SIVT – background ad activity, hidden ads, app misrepresentation/spoofing, measurement manipulation and more – while guaranteeing always-on fraud filtering and measurement across the platform, covering 100% of the inventory available on InMobi Exchange.

“To sustain its growth, digital advertising needs a trusted marketplace built through global collaboration and strong partnerships,” said HUMAN Co-Founder and CEO Tamer Hassan. “With its global command of the mobile in-app market, this partnership with InMobi strengthens HUMAN’s ability to fight sophisticated cybercrime and creates a more trusted environment for digital advertising. InMobi’s total, direct integration with MediaGuard uplevels its ability to enable brand-safe transactions within its exchange.”
As an extension of the partnership, InMobi is also joining the Human Collective, HUMAN’s newly launched initiative that brings together players throughout digital advertising to create a collectively protected ecosystem. InMobi is the leading mobile exchange to join the Collective, significantly boosting HUMAN’s mobile detection presence.
Earlier this year, HUMAN and members of the Human Collective disrupted PARETO, the most sophisticated CTV fraud operation ever uncovered. At its height, the botnet used dozens of mobile apps to impersonate or spoof more than 6,000 CTV apps, accounting for an average of 650 million ad requests every day. The Collective’s members worked in concert to act against the botnet and its operators, demonstrating the importance of a shared value set for the digital advertising ecosystem.

About InMobi
InMobi is a leading provider of marketing and monetization technologies that fuel industries around the world. With deep expertise and unique reach in mobile, it is a trusted and transparent technology partner for marketers, content creators and businesses of all kinds.

HUMAN is a cybersecurity company that protects enterprises from bot attacks to keep digital experiences human. We have the most advanced Human Verification Engine that protects applications, APIs and digital media from bot attacks, preventing losses and improving the digital experience for real humans


Most senior executives are familiar with the invaluable role that procurement plays in the supply categories that directly contribute to the manufacturing of their product or the provision of their services. Procurement has delivered measurable benefits in helping companies obtain the most appropriate materials at the best cost available, assisting with the engagement of logistics providers for the distribution of their products, and help with the sourcing of services for the business to run as efficiently as possible.


Most senior executives are familiar with the invaluable role that procurement plays in the supply categories that directly contribute to the manufacturing of their product or the provision of their services. Procurement has delivered measurable benefits in helping companies obtain the most appropriate materials at the best cost available, assisting with the engagement of logistics providers for the distribution of their products, and help with the sourcing of services for the business to run as efficiently as possible.

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MTarget chooses iBASIS to deliver CPaaS mobile marketing campaigns via APIs

MTarget | May 10, 2022

MTarget, a France-based direct B2B marketing firm specializing in mobile marketing, has selected iBASIS as their provider for programmable voice campaign management services in the banking, finance and retail sectors. iBASIS is a Massachusetts-based communications solutions provider. The unique Bring Your Own Carrier (BYOC) model from iBASIS provides out-of-the-box, ready-to-go solutions that can be white-labeled to generate instant revenue from existing infrastructure and resource expenditures. Nowadays, one of the fastest-growing communication industries is CPaaS (Communication Platforms as a Service). CPaaS allows for the simple integration of real-time, cloud-based, bespoke communication services such as video chat or two-factor authentication into an existing application. The predicted market size for CPaaS in 2021 was 4-8 billion USD, with a CAGR of 35-57 percent. Along with messaging, IDC estimated that programmable voice communications, which includes voice and telephony services, was one of the major segments in 2021, with a market value of 3.2 billion USD. With the CPaaS offering of iBASIS, the Businesses will get flexible and cost-efficient voice services for their marketing campaigns and security via multi-factor authentication, notifications and customer services. The quick and straightforward customization of defined voice messages using APIs will allow businesses to reach a targeted group of people in a short time. The cloud-based, ready-to-deploy voice CPaaS solution is a very cost-effective channel to market, requiring no upfront CapEx or obligations. The consumption-based pricing structure allows service providers to be more adaptable and develop their business models. “The iBASIS Network and their cloud-based portfolio is a perfect fit for us as they combine global coverage, scale, and technology innovation. Our direct marketing campaigns require high quality and capacity (up to 10,000 simultaneous calls) and iBASIS demonstrated and delivered both. By integrating their carrier channel reach, we are unlocking the potential for a new range of direct marketing campaigns in regions of the world where voice remains the most efficient communication tool,” Stéphane Faugeras, President, MTarget iBASIS has a carrier-grade network and connections with mobile operators worldwide. Hence with iBasis’s capabilities, the marketing campaigns can be quickly customized as per capacity and coverage. Enterprise customers may benefit from end-to-end insight while monitoring their mobile campaigns with full call tracking analytics. In addition, businesses may track the performance of their sales and marketing efforts, brand message, and advertising while maintaining control over their customer engagement process. “We are delighted to work with MTarget and their operations teams who are extremely focused on quality of services, customer engagement, and innovation. As a result, MTarget offers a very high performing CPaaS solution for businesses that want to launch cost-effective promotional or communication campaigns to their end users via programmable voice,” said Guillaume Klein, VP, Product Management at iBASIS.

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Walmart takes another page from Amazon, reports 95% increase in U.S. advertising sales

Walmart | August 19, 2021

Walmart reported a 95% increase in its U.S. advertising sales in the second quarter, and said its number of active advertisers rose more than 175%, as more companies and brands paid to advertise their products to its customers, online and in stores. The advertising boom was just one of the factors that gave Walmart’s earnings call a familiar ring to anyone who’s tuned into Amazon’s business. “The phrase ‘serving customers’ has traditionally meant one thing at Walmart,” said Walmart CEO Doug McMillon on the earnings call, referring to traditional retail sales. “But today It includes serving marketplace sellers, our advertising partners, and those that want to use our fulfillment services or proprietary software.” Walmart’s actual ad sales numbers weren’t large enough to require disclosure in its earnings report Tuesday, but Amazon has shown the value of this approach. Reporting its own second quarter earnings, Amazon said its “Other” category, which primarily consists of advertising, generated $7.9 billion in sales. That was up 87% from the prior year. It’s part of a larger trend of Amazon making more money doing things other than selling products. UBS analyst Michael Lasser pressed Walmart executives on the call to reveal more about the scale and potential of their ad business, without much success. Lasser estimated that advertising sales in e-commerce represent about 5% to 10% of GMV, the gross merchandise value of products sold. He surmised that Walmart’s ad business might be in a nascent phase, perhaps 1% to 2% of GMV, and asked if ad dollars are coming at the expense of other revenue from Walmart’s vendors. Brett Biggs, Walmart chief financial officer, didn’t confirm or deny Lasser’s speculation but spoke to the larger direction of Walmart’s advertising business. “We rebranded the business from Walmart Media Group to Walmart Connect last year, and that was just to make sure that it was very clear that this opportunity is going to help us connect buyers, sellers, suppliers and customers all together in a way that’s accretive to the customer experience,” Biggs said. “And as long as we do that, I will remain very, very bullish on the growth potential in this business.” Overall, Walmart reported total quarterly revenue of $141 billion, up 2%, with profits of $4.3 billion for the second quarter of its 2022 fiscal year, ended June 30, 2021. For the quarter, Walmart’s e-commerce sales growth in the U.S. dropped back into the single-digits as more customers returned to physical retail stores. Its U.S. e-commerce business grew 6% in the second quarter, to about $11 billion. That compared to year-over-year growth of more than 90% a year ago, at the height of the pandemic. But looking at the long-term trends, Walmart was able to maintain much of the e-commerce headway that it made during the past year. Its U.S. e-commerce sales are up 103% compared to two years ago. E-commerce now represents more than 11% of the company’s $98.2 billion in U.S. net sales, vs. 6% of its $85 billion in U.S. net sales for the same quarter two years ago. McMillon said Walmart wants to reach a point where it’s “completely indifferent” as to where and how customers shop, in terms of its revenue and profits. “I think some people view stores these days as boring,” McMillon said. “We don’t.”

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Billups Acquires Ad Tech Startup Outchart to Advance Programmatic Digital Out-of-Home (OOH) Aspirations

Billups | February 22, 2022

Billups, the largest privately held out-of-home (OOH) technology and managed services company in the U.S., has acquired the assets of Outchart, a full-stack software provider for the digital out-of-home marketplace. The acquisition follows Billups' recent purchases of Ads on Top in 2022 and MacDonald Media in 2020. The company's growing footprint now covers 19 U.S. and five European markets with over 120 employees. Together, Billups and Outchart will work to deliver on the vision of innovative, data-driven and single-stop technology solutions for out-of-home media advertisers, agencies and media owners. At the time of the acquisition, Outchart offered digital OOH media owners a cloud-based software solution built by a roster of OOH and technology experts. The software provider operated in the U.S. and UAE, helping owners to automate campaign and screen management workflow to leverage programmatic revenues. "All my life, I've been passionate about bringing businesses and developers together to create platforms that automate everyday workflows. I'm excited to join forces with Billups and their deep data and technology bench and OOH media experts," said Igor Kuznetsov, Chief Product Officer at Outchart. "I am so thrilled to become a part of the Billups team, where so many beautiful minds work under the same roof to deliver best-in-class digital OOH, programmatic products and services," said Dmitry Semenov, Chief Business Development Officer at Outchart. We are excited for our partnership with Outchart to bring us closer to transforming the out-of-home industry into a truly unified experience. Combining the strengths of our companies and relentless commitment to advanced technology and programmatic opportunities allow us to accelerate our business forward — not just domestically but globally." Benjamin Billups, Co-founder of Billups. Rob MacMillan and David Tolliver of Castlewood Advisors exclusively represented Outchart in the sale of the business. About Billups Billups is revolutionizing the out-of-home media experience. Blending art and science with advanced technology, we lead the industry with scientific targeting, accurate out-of-home measurement and an innovative AI-powered recommendation engine. Founded in 2003, Billups helps the world's leading brands navigate and optimize their out-of-home investment.

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