KERV Partners Audi and PHD Media for Dynamic Destination OTT Campaign

KERV Interactive | March 14, 2023 | Read time : 06:00 min

Dynamic Destination OTT Campaign

KERV Interactive (KERV), an AI-powered digital advertising platform, has recently released Dynamic Destination, an expansion to KERV TV. Audi of America (Audi) used its Dynamic Destination for OTT ad campaign in partnership with PHD Media and both attracted enormous viewers' attention.

KERV’s Dynamic Destination connects advertisers to direct users from different places based on the demographics like location or time of the day when the users scan the QR code of the CTV/OTT ads. Both the companies directed consumers to the relevant landing pages with KERV’s solution. It added value to each QR scan or snap to increase possibility of customer’s consideration and conversion. Leveraging KERV’s technology, they converted a single video into personalized user experiences based on their locations.

CRO of KERV Interactive, Jay Wolff said, “Brands like Audi understand the importance of removing friction for users, especially in video.” He added, “We are thrilled to partner with the teams at Audi and PHD Media to streamline, automate, and measure the way they connect with audiences through OTT to make an impact for both the brand and consumer.”

(Source – Business Wire)

Media Manager at Audi of America, Kayleen Oblack said, “We are always looking for innovative solutions that elevate the consumer experience.” She added, “Working with KERV and PHD Media allowed us to quickly and efficiently localize our interactive OTT experiences and guarantee consumers have a more personalized, relevant experience with the Audi brand.”

(Source – Business Wire)

About KERV Interactive

Headquartered in Austin, Texas, KERV Interactive, an advertising services provider, offers solutions for video advertising, interactive video, ad-tech, marketing, online media, video marketing, and interactive technology.

It has been utilizing artificial intelligence and machine learning techniques for its patented interactive video platform since 2017. These techniques convert any video content into interactive and trackable ad experience. It identifies individual objects in any video stream through their pixel edges. It recognizes the video's depth, dimension and things as natural eyes can perceive. As a result, it can convert every frame in the video scene to an immersive consumer experience.


It seems like just yesterday we published our annual Digital Trends report, diving into the opportunities of the new year. But now, as we continue moving into 2023, it’s time to stop reading about trends and start putting them to the test. This short guide is the first in our new series, designed to help you take a closer look a


It seems like just yesterday we published our annual Digital Trends report, diving into the opportunities of the new year. But now, as we continue moving into 2023, it’s time to stop reading about trends and start putting them to the test. This short guide is the first in our new series, designed to help you take a closer look a

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Nearly Two-Thirds of Gamers Spend At Least Two Hours a Week Watching Free Ad-Supported Streaming

Business Wire | April 24, 2023

LG Ad Solutions, a global leader in connected TV (CTV) and cross-screen advertising, today released the findings of a new study that found that gamers are more likely to watch free, ad-supported streaming (FAST) than all CTV owners, with nearly two-thirds of gamers spending at least two hours a week streaming via FASTs. Additionally, gamers subscribe to the most subscription streaming services, at a higher rate than CTV owners, over-indexing on Discovery+, Apple TV+, Peacock and Paramount+. In terms of how they consume the content, only about 23% stream through their gaming console while the majority (55%) stream through their smart TV apps. LG Ad Solutions surveyed more than 700 consumers who owned a connected TV and played console games in March 2023 to explore trends and behaviors related to CTV consumption among U.S. gamers. The study, titled “The Connected Gamer,” also found: The LG Gamer can be easily reached via the TV screen: 78% of LG TV users play video games once a week with 1 in 5 playing every day. 93% of LG Gamers use FAST apps, with 67% actually preferring them. 49% of LG gamers learn about new games via TV/streaming. Women in gaming: Of women who play video games on any connected TV or device, 1 in 5 play every day, with 67% spending 4+ hours gaming per week. In terms of streaming habits, 61% of female gamers prefer streaming free video content with ads, and 45% pay more attention to ads while streaming compared to ads on cable/satellite TV. When it comes to discovering new games, 39% of female gamers find them through TV/streaming. New game discovery: Almost half (42%) of gamers cite streaming ads as a way they discover new games. The majority of CTV owners play video games: 68% of connected TV owners play video games, with 71% playing on mobile devices and 64% using consoles. 25% play on a daily basis, with the average gaming session lasting between 30 minutes and two hours. On average, 30% of gamers play 4-7 hours per week. The second screen opportunity: Gamers are more likely to multitask while watching TV than the average CTV owner, with 53% playing games and 50% shopping while streaming. Gaming is a social activity: 40% of gamers with children play with their kids 1 to 3 times a week and 2 in 5 of all gamers frequently or always play via local co-op on the same console in the same room. Gamers require personalization and relevancy: 80% of gamers prefer seeing ads relevant to their interests, compared to 73% of all CTV users. Similarly, they are more likely to prefer seeing ads that are relevant to the streaming content they are watching (76%) than the average CTV user (63%). Gaming goes beyond young adulthood: The generations with the largest percentage of console gamers are 30-44 (79%), followed by 18-29 (74%) and 45-60 (63%). Older generations also enjoy gaming as 32% of those 60+ play console games. “Gaming is now a cultural mainstay of consumers, and our latest data shows that CTV is a must-have channel for advertisers looking to reach this large, diverse, and highly engaged audience,” said Tony Marlow, CMO of LG Ad Solutions. "Consumers of all ages spend a significant amount of time with video games on a daily basis, and over index on ad-supported streaming. Gamers have a high propensity to buy, and are keenly aware of relevant streaming ads, so brands have an opportunity to create meaningful connections with precise targeting and creative strategies when connecting with this audience.” For more information on LG Ad Solutions and to download the full study, visit: About LG Ad Solutions LG Ad Solutions is a global leader in connected TV and cross-screen advertising, helping brands find hard-to-get unduplicated reach at optimal frequency across the fragmented streaming TV landscape. We bring together LG’s years of experience in delivering world-class smart TVs to consumers worldwide with big TV audience data and Video AI designed to connect brands with audiences across all screens.

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DoubleVerify Continues Connected TV Momentum as Media Quality Measurement is Now Available to Netflix Advertisers

Business Wire | March 27, 2023

DoubleVerify (“DV”) (NYSE: DV), a leading software platform for digital media measurement, data and analytics, today announced that DV’s measurement solutions are now available for all Netflix advertisers. With this release, Netflix advertisers can ensure that their video ads are safe from fraud and invalid traffic (“IVT”) and are fully viewable by real people. “Netflix is one of the world's largest streaming services and we are excited that our industry-leading solutions are now widely available for their advertisers,” said Mark Zagorski, CEO of DoubleVerify. “Our partnership ensures that campaigns on Netflix fulfill essential quality standards that drive optimal outcomes. At DoubleVerify, we are committed to delivering innovative, accredited, and independent quality measurement products that maximize advertising performance. We continue to expand our unmatched coverage across CTV platforms like Netflix, and wherever advertisers engage consumers of premium video." DV is one of the few measurement providers selected to extend coverage to Netflix. With DV’s quality measurement technology, advertisers benefit from: Fraud Protection: DV identifies and protects advertisers against fraud and IVT from hijacked devices to bot manipulation. Viewability Measurement: DV provides comprehensive viewability authentication, offering clarity into whether an ad has the opportunity to be seen. DV sets itself apart in the CTV category, with cutting-edge solutions that cover all CTV inventory, from pre-bid avoidance to post-bid monitoring. DV allows advertisers to compare media quality and performance consistently, ensuring that their advertising budget is efficiently and effectively delivered across all screens and devices. This unlocks measurement parity and provides advertisers with a high level of confidence in CTV advertising. For more information about DoubleVerify, visit About DoubleVerify DoubleVerify (“DV”) (NYSE: DV) is a leading software platform for digital media measurement and analytics. Our mission is to make the digital advertising ecosystem stronger, safer and more secure, thereby preserving the fair value exchange between buyers and sellers of digital media. Hundreds of Fortune 500 advertisers employ our unbiased data and analytics to drive campaign quality and effectiveness, and to maximize return on their digital advertising investments – globally. Learn more at

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Former Twitter, Google Adtech Heavyweights Join Fetch in Key Leadership Positions to Grow Revenue, Strategic Partnerships

PR Newswire | May 31, 2023

Fetch, America's No. 1 rewards app and leading consumer-engagement platform, today announced the appointment of two accomplished executives to its leadership team who will head up sales initiatives and partner product-innovation efforts. Robin Wheeler joins Fetch as its new Chief Revenue Officer, while Jeff Lau assumes the role of Senior Vice President of Partnerships and Go-To-Market Operations. "Robin and Jeff are some of the best and brightest minds that the adtech world has to offer," said Meredith Guerriero, Chief Operating Officer of Fetch, who joined the company in March, bringing advertising expertise from her time at Pinterest, Google, and Facebook (now Meta). "Their intimate knowledge of the space and firsthand experience building the industry's most well-known advertising solutions will be indispensable as we continue on our journey to make Fetch a best-in-class consumer engagement platform." In her role as CRO, Wheeler will spearhead Fetch's sales organization, reporting to Guerriero. Wheeler brings deep experience from her 20+ year career leading revenue teams and driving results at major social and traditional media companies. Prior to joining Fetch, Wheeler held several leadership positions during her 11-year tenure at Twitter, where she oversaw the CPG, technology and telecom teams. Wheeler most recently served as Twitter's Vice President of U.S. Client Solutions, where she onboarded and worked with some of the country's biggest brands. Previously, at Twitter, she also headed up the social media platform's global mobile-app monetization business. "Wes and the team have built a truly impressive business over the last decade — Fetch is a powerful platform with a massive value proposition, and there's still a ton of upside and opportunities to grow even further," Wheeler said. "The scale of Fetch's omnichannel retail data provides a unique view of the consumer that's immensely valuable for our partners in the ever-evolving advertising landscape." Fetch is further bolstering its leadership team with the addition of Lau as SVP of Partnerships and Go-To-Market Operations. In his role, Lau will be responsible for leading key strategic partnerships and shaping Fetch's product-innovation pipeline serving brand partners. Most recently, Lau spent a decade at Google in several leadership roles across its ads business, most recently leading a global team responsible for strategy, operations, revenue acceleration, and automation in the multi-billion dollar network ads business with over 2 million partners. "I've seen and heard firsthand how frustrated brands are with the current state of play in the advertising landscape. They're hungry for new, agile platforms that are easy to work with and can help them steward relationships with consumers in real-time, with measurement they can trust," said Lau. "With 11 million receipts scanned each day and that number growing fast, Fetch's ability to support business and marketing objectives for brands in a post-privacy world is unmatched. I am tremendously excited to help Fetch scale its industry-leading consumer engagement platform." Fetch's signal into purchasing habits of U.S. consumers is stronger than ever, thanks to omnichannel data that spans online and in-store purchases. Using Fetch, leading CPG, restaurant and retail brands can tap into over $152 billion in annual gross merchandise value – equivalent to the nation's third largest retailer – across U.S. retail sales to influence consumer spending and shopping habits at scale. About Fetch Founded in Madison, Wis., Fetch, formerly Fetch Rewards, is on a mission to help people have fun and save money with every purchase. The No. 1 rewards app on the market, Fetch has 18 million monthly active users who have collectively submitted more than 5 billion receipts and earned more than $659 million in rewards points. Fetch is available to download free on the App Store and Google Play Store and has more than 4 million five-star reviews from happy Fetchers.

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