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Numerator Introduces Paid Social Media and Streaming ads in the form of Ad-Supported Video On-Demand Monitoring

Numerator, a data and tech organization serving the statistical surveying industry, has presented Paid Social Media and streaming ads as Ad-Supported Video On-Demand (AVOD) observing through Numerator Ad Intel. Numerator Ad Intel will presently write about 24 media channels with the two new augmentations - giving insight into innovative and ad spend.

"Marketers deserve data and products that allow them to quickly cut through the noise and understand a complete view of the market," said Amy Fitzgerald, SVP of Strategy, Numerator. "These two new channels complement our large proprietary data sets, allowing us to quickly add additional context for our customers."

Paid Social Media advertising data centers around versatile inclusion that incorporates advertising creatives, media spend data and impressions. The paid social portable data is being sourced through another organization with Pathmatics, a showcasing insight stage, and incorporates Facebook Mobile, Twitter and Instagram. Paid desktop data and spend displaying will be made accessible through exclusive Numerator technology.

"Paid social media advertising has become a core way for brands to reach on-the-go Americans, even during the pandemic as platform use skyrockets," said Gabe Gottlieb, CEO, Pathmatics. "Marketers deserve a holistic, transparent view into the digital ad world, and our new partnership with Numerator will help enable this so that marketing teams feel continuously supported and knowledgeable about the campaigns they run."



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