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TapClicks and Choozle Deliver Unified Advertising, Workflow, and Analytics and Reporting Platform

Deliver Unified Advertising

TapClicks, the leading provider of unified marketing operations, analytics and reporting solutions for media companies, digital marketing agencies, and brands, today announced a partnership with Choozle, an omnichannel digital advertising platform and consultative partner to agencies and brands.

This collaboration integrates Choozle’s proprietary platform, which connects modern marketers with the very best advertising technology in the ever-changing world of programmatic advertising, with TapClicks’ Smart Marketing Cloud, a unified marketing operations platform including automated data acquisition, data warehousing, order management, analytics and intelligence, reporting, and marketing workflow management.

With Choozle’s adoption of the full, end-to-end TapClicks marketing operations platform, mutual clients can now manage their digital advertising media more seamlessly and effectively, with ease and confidence. This allows Choozle to scale and expand their omnichannel advertising solutions, and is a key differentiator.Agencies and brand marketers benefit from making their advertising budgets go further, with better return on advertising spend (ROAS), and more comprehensive service offerings for campaign management.

“By adopting TapClicks’ unified, end-to-end marketing operations platform, we have enhanced our programmatic digital advertising strategy,” said Adam Woods, CEO of Choozle. “This accelerates scaling of our delivery and service offering. It better serves end-advertisers with more cost effective, higher quality services, drives better advertising outcomes, and further simplifies the buying process for our client agencies and marketers across multiple platforms.”

”One of TapClicks’ core strategies for a decade has been to invest in strategic partnerships with industry leaders,” said Babak Hedayati, CEO and Founder of TapClicks. "Our partnership with Choozle is a great example of how companies deliver value to their customers by delivering a seamless operations stack for increased revenue and dramatically improved efficiency."

Choozle has been a TapClicks client for several years, and this collaboration further extends the effective partnership, enhancing both parties’ offerings for immediate impact. This integration was driven by client request, and is available now. Mutual clients agree:Andy Miller, CEO of M2 The Agency, commented, “Both the TapClicks unified marketing operations platform, and the Choozle omnichannel digital advertising platform, have accelerated our success. We are delighted to benefit from this new collaboration.”

About Choozle

Choozle is an omnichannel digital advertising platform and consultative partner that helps advertisers and agencies navigate the complexities of the digital media landscape. Choozle leverages detailed consumer data to power programmatic advertising campaigns for an omnichannel world – all from a single, intuitive interface. The company combines multiple digital advertising tools, a demand-side platform, data management platform, and smart tag management into a single platform with human media optimization expertise to engage audiences no matter where they are. For more information visit

About TapClicks

TapClicks, Inc. is the leading provider of unified marketing operations, analytics and reporting solutions for digital marketing. For more information, visit



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