7 B2B Marketing Trends for Driving Growth

Digital Vidya

With digital, B2B marketing can be more targeted and savvy marketers are improving their ROI on their marketing plans. However, to be successful in this digital age, B2B marketers and business leaders need to constantly update themselves on the latest trends, technologies and most importantly, hunt for what will make their business grow.
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It’s no secret that Facebook Ads offers incredible opportunities for reaching your ideal audience to promote your products and services. Some even consider Facebook Ads to be the largest psycho-graphic and demographic database in the world - a marketer’s dream


Key Trends in Mobile Advertising


The webinar addresses these key points How quickly spending on different ad formats is tipping toward mobile Why marketers are getting more interested in advertising to people, rather than devices Four common misconceptions about mobile advertising How much advertisers will spend on mobile web vs. in-app ads.
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The Total Economic Impact™ of Adform - The Forrester Report


Learn about the financial benefits of using Adform’s integrated platform. In this webinar, we run through Forrester’s Total Economic Impact™ report on the quantifiable benefits that our clients have experienced since using Adform’s full stack platform. Through interviews with two of Adform’s largest customers, Forrester reviewed the accumulated benefits, costs, and risks associated with using Adform as a full stack partner over a three year period. The result? An increase in ROAS, reduced vendor governance and the ability to react quickly to short-term opportunities. Adform CRO Jay Stevens will be joined by Dean Davison from Forrester, who will be highlighting some of the key findings from the report. Find out how the Adform Full Stack platform can transform your business through making advertising simple, relevant and rewarding.
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Ad Localization Webinar


With recent advancements in location-based targeting, marketers now have the ability to accurately target potential customers via their mobile devices. Local retailers and restaurants, for example, can now push messages to people within a few yards of their location.
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Why Don’t My Leads Convert? Ideas from Sales and Marketing – Together!


Want to know why your leads aren’t turning into customers? Ask Sales, they’ll tell you that Marketing sent over unqualified leads. Ask Marketing, they’ll throw up their hands and say Sales never followed up. Join Carl Landers and the experts in relationships through video Dale Warner and Stephen Pacinelli from BombBomb, in a point to counterpoint discussion as they explain how Sales and Marketing work together seamlessly to deliver inbound leads and convert them into BombBomb customers. They’ve got some great stories to share on marketing-sales alignment, lead engagement and email marketing, so join us at the upcoming webcast to learn from their experiences.
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