Advertising ROI: How You Can Make Dramatic Improvements Right Now


In this FREE webcast, best-selling author and renowned thought-leader Kevin Clancy will present the latest statistics on the ROI of many different kinds of advertising - from traditional to search. He will compare and contrast current returns yielded vs. those in the past; look at the results of different industries and categories; and address the difference in returns between offline and online media. Based on the trends in the data, Kevin will offer up what he sees as the 3 biggest opportunities for B2C and B2B marketers to improve the future performance of their advertising programs and he will demonstrate what approaches you must rethink in order to fully tap into these opportunities, as well as what to do in order to ensure transformational ROI.
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When people interact with your brand, it is essential that you have a consistent look and message with a clear value proposition. Did you know? Most consumers find products on Google, hear about offers on social media, and make decisions based on short videos


72 Hours All It Takes To Get The Best ROI For Your Advertising Spend

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Join us for an exclusive to New Zealand webinar ‘72 hours – all it takes to get the best ROI for your advertising’. Hosted by our Creative Development Director, Harriet Dixon will showcase the effectiveness of Link Express and announce our special introductory offer – an opportunity not to be missed.
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Using Data To Unlock Value From Digital Advertising


According to new research from ANA and AppNexus there is almost universal agreement that data is indispensable for driving the effectiveness of today’s digital advertising. Yet only half feel that the ownership and management of their first-party data and its application in digital advertising is currently a strategic differentiator for their company. This webinar will provide insights into using data to unlock value from digital advertising and include perspective on data technology procurement, data security, contract terms for data ownership, talent, and more.
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Digital Expert Webinar Series: Introduction to Data Advertising for Display Ads


This 40-minute live webinar, with Dina Hilal, VP of Product at Blue Kai, and Alex Henault, Leading Display Data Advertising at Mediative, will take you through the process of getting started with audience targeting and data advertising. Join Dina and Alex as they show you how to ramp up your audience targeting capabilities and increase marketing intelligence that can be gained from your audience data to achieve your performance goals.
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Ad fraud guidance for media investors


WFA will present the headlines from our recently released ad fraud guidance. Explaining the challenges we are facing as an industry and as individual companies, as well as exploring potential solutions companies can put in place internally and externally.
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