Best Practices For Rewards And Placements Of Rewarded Video Ads


What you will learn from this webinar:What are the right placements for your Rewarded Video ads?How rewards can be an engagement lever to bring the users back to the game?Rewarded Video Ads is the phenomenon which propelled Crossy Roads to earn millions of dollars. Such an arduous feat certainly requires more than a simple creation of an ad slot.
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Hopsin voices his disapproval of the way some women post provocative content to social media, and how they fund their lives at the expense of others, typically desperate/lonely men, showing no morals or self-respect.


How to Reach New Prospects with Programmatic Advertising


Every marketer looks for ways to optimize their marketing tactics, and reaching new audiences is top of mind for those that are looking to grow their business. Prospecting methods have evolved over time but with the availability of data and technology today, marketers have more power than ever to find their ideal customers online. Retargeting is effective, but feeding the top of the funnel with new potential customers is just as critical for continued success.
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Building an imprint for success | Americas webinar


How do you stand out from the crowd? Brands able to draw on established cues imprinted in the minds of consumers, have a ready-made advantage when it comes to influencing decision making. Those in possession of meaningful slogans, logos, colours, designs, packaging or celebrity endorsements, may activate them at key moments to fire relevant associations and memories. But what is the true value of a clear Brand Imprint? Where should brands focus their efforts, and how can they best ingrain and own them?
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Content Marketing Strategy: How To Crush The Competition In (2018)


A lot has changed since then. Google has evolved quite a bit and people’s expectations are also more sophisticated. In this on-demand event, sought-after speaker and Internet marketing strategist, Antoine Dupont, provides an in-depth analysis of the landscape of content marketing and how to make it work for your organization. Discover what doesn’t work anymore and what’s working and producing results.
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Real Estate Snapchat Advertising Webinar

Inside Real Estate

Why use Snapchat for real estate? Documenting the daily behind-the-scenes of how you are helping your clients and showcasing your local expertise through video is powerful. Gary Vaynerchuk was the keynote speaker for ICSF16, and he urged every attendee to become a media company first and a real estate professional second. Real estate is a relationship business, and the most efficient and effective way to authentically communicate your personal brand message is through visual communication.
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