Boost Teams Up With Marin for Image Optimization Webinar

Boost Media, Inc.

Did you know that approximately 5.3 trillion display ads are served to U.S. internet users per year, yet the click-through rate of display ads is less than 0.1%?Join Boost Media Co-Founder and COO, Rob Lenderman, and Marin Product Marketing Manager, Brian Sim, for our webinar on April 21st at 9 AM PST to learn how you can leverage image optimization to boost performance and gain insights.
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Learn more about your target audience on Facebook and ways to reach them more effectively.


Google Initiatives to Support Better Advertising Standards


Google has announced several initiatives in support of the Better Ads Standard's efforts to improve online ads. In early 2018, Chrome will filter ads on a publisher's site if the publisher has "significant violations" in displaying ads that do not meet ad quality standards established by the Coalition for Better Ads. Google is helping sites evaluate compliance of their ads with an Ad Experience Report.
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WNIN 2014: Why should you care about Advertising? Jonathan Sharp, SapientNitro-Part-3


If TCP/IP is the central nervous system of the Internet, then advertising is the lifeblood – and technologists are in the enviable position of having ever-greater opportunities to influence both. This is a dramatic change from the last 100 years, as technology had little role in advertising’s history in print, radio and TV; but today technology drives a transformational moment of the industry. In this session, SapientNitro's Jonathan Sharp explores the ways in which technology is making advertising more compelling and engaging than ever before.
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How to cut through the noise: the value of multi-platform advertising

Research Now

Understand the value of cross-platform advertising with leading insight from Research Now New research reveals different roles each device plays in the consumers’ path to purchase, highlighting the importance of cross-device, advertising activity.
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TV advertising, accounting for a $3.1 billion industry in Australia, has proven to be the most effective marketing channel for creating brand awareness and driving both online and offline response. Watch this on-demand webinar to learn about the biggest TV ad trends impacting the Australian market, including: TV’s evolving role as a performance-marketing channel. How advertisers – across industries – are thinking differently about TV-driven direct response.
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