How to Advertise with Social Media

Blue Fountain Media

Outside of search engine advertising, social media advertising is one of the best ways of driving traffic and sales with a strong ROI. In this month's webinar, Blue Fountain Media Marketing Manager Joe Dinardo covers how you can advertise effectively with social media.Outside of search engine advertising, social media advertising is one of the most promising methods of driving traffic and sales with a strong ROI. This webinar will teach you the best practices for advertising on each of the primary social networks with unique approaches to each. Social media platforms covered will include.
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In a day and age where data analysis software, like Google Analytics, reigns supreme in the digital marketing industry, marketing departments have been forced to adjust their strategies accordingly.


Winning Social Media Ads for Political Campaigns


Don’t wait until it’s too late to build an effective political ads campaign on social media. Learn why candidates are ditching their direct mail campaigns, and going straight where the voters are. This webinar zooms in on what should be considered, and a taste of truly effective strategy and tactics that can be implemented for social media advertising.
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Rimon CLE Webinar - Hedge Fund Advertising Fundamentals and New Developments

Theodore Messinis

On July 10, the SEC adopted a new rule lifting the ban on general solicitations and advertising for broker-dealers and for hedge fund and private equity fund offerings. This is a significant change from existing law and allows a fund to make its website more accessible to the public, to use social media, and to speak freely at conferences and seminars as well as to the press.
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Getting Creative with Facebook and Instagram Video Advertising Webinar


For direct response advertisers driving real revenue growth through Facebook and Instagram, the power of video ads is clear. Digital video ad spend is expected to top 30.3 billion worldwide by 2018. And it’s just the beginning. Nanigans teamed up with Facebook for this webinar on strategies and creative best practices for running video ad campaigns on Facebook and Instagram.
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Advertise your KDP Select Books: Getting Started (US)

Amazon Marketing Services

Learn how to advertise your KDP Select Books with Amazon Marketing Services in this previously recorded webinar. This video covers campaign creation, performance reporting, creative guidelines, and answers common questions.Expand your readership by advertising your eBook on Amazon.
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