How to Protect Your Brand and Prevent a Social Media Crisis

Social media presents a great chance for you to connect and engage with prospects, customers, and fans. But with that opportunity comes some real risks that need to be effectively managed. We’ve hosted this webinar to show you the steps you can take to reduce social media risks—including dangers such as impersonator accounts and phishing attacks.
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The Future Trends Council is focusing on both the present and the future; grouping together to discuss the challenges and opportunities for the advertising industry presented by a device so personal as wearable tech in this whitepaper.


Advertising 360: Order to Invoice with NetSuite for Media/Publishing


Watch this On Demand webinar (aired live on June 18, 2015) to learn how NetSuite can streamline order to invoicing across your advertising business, whether digital, print or a combination thereof. Explore how to gain complete control of the order-to-invoice process via: - Real-time visibility into campaign performance, delivery and profitability. - Proactive dashboards and alerts for real-time decision-making, resourcing and optimization. - Increased revenue accuracy to simplify billing and invoicing. - Smarter proactive selling based on client profitability, predictive intelligence and performance.

What’s your ROO (return on objective) for real estate advertising?


Join real estate expert Jeff Lobb from Sparktank Media and Adwerx CEO Jed Carlson to discuss this framework and how you can put it into play in your real estate advertising strategy.Most real estate professionals approach digital advertising from an ROI perspective, focusing on their return on investment. But the ROO (Return On Objective) viewpoint is much more powerful.

Total-Funnel Facebook: Social Advertising for Every Stage of the Buying Journey

Digital Commerce 360

Most of today’s online retailers know to advertise on social media. But how many of your campaigns are leading to actual connections with consumers? Or worse yet, how many of those campaigns are targeted to the complete wrong audiences? Facebook users can have wildly varying levels of purchase intent. So why are you paying the same cost per click for shoppers at all stages of the purchase funnel? It all comes down to knowing your audience. Once you understand how to segment your advertising strategies to the right shoppers, you can devote more time and money to the social campaigns that work and gain an edge over competitors still spinning the wheels of outdated, one-size-fits-all tactics.

using online marketing and advertising to grow your eCommerce business


In the webinar titled: How to grow your eCommerce business from 6 to 7 figures in 2017, eCommerce marketing consultant Samuel Junghenn presented solutions to help eCommerce businesses grow and scale, through easy to implement strategies.