Migrating to Expanded Text Ads in Google Adwords

Expanded Text Ads (ETAs) are the next generation of text ads from Google AdWords. This new format is designed for a mobile-first world that keeps both users and advertisers in mind and will display the same messaging on both Mobile and Desktop Devices.In this webinar you’ll learn:What are Expanded Text Ads (ETA)?However, the deadline for moving to Expanded Text Ads is January 31, 2017. So you better get cracking!
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Create an advertising icon in Downtown Chicago with Clear Channel Outdoor Walls. With inventory in hip and trendy areas, Walls provide a unique large format sign to reach the masses.


Integrating Display Advertising into Your Webinar Strategy


Display advertising and webinars go together like peanut butter and chocolate - it's a combination that just works. Whether you are looking to promote your webinar programs pre-event or retarget your audience post event, there's an incredible opportunity for your brand to surround your audience with relevant messaging that improves the performance of your campaigns. Join us on March 21 to learn how BrightTALK is leveraging 1M display advertising impressions per month to engage audiences and deliver sales ready leads that convert to new customers.

Why every business needs a brand identity and how to create it?


What does your brand stand for? Being clear about your brand identity is important for businesses of all sizes. A brand’s identity is the cornerstone of its strategy. The brand is the face of a business expressed through its identity. This webinar will take you through the classical approach with practical examples that bring this logical, intuitive and creative process to life.

Facebook Advertising and Webinars: The 6-Figure Profit Plan


Join Nick Unsworth and Valerie Shoopman as they take you through a step by step process to attract high quality leads to a webinar that will convert them buyers. Facebook advertising isn't hard when you know that right playbook.

Measuring the success of video ad formats


The personal TV-like experience on mobile is notable for in-app videos. With interesting video ad formats such as Vertical videos, 360 degree videos, pre-roll videos and interstitial videos, there are endless possibilities to engage today's consumers through video. But one thing that remains constant is the need to measure performance and effectiveness of the video ads.