Mobile Marketing vs. In-Store Sales: Help! What’s the Correlation?

Digital Marketing Depot

Join our digital marketing experts as they explore online/offline connections across multiple digital channels. They’ll discuss best practices to drive foot traffic, plus key metrics to measure the impact of digital search marketing, organic search, social media, and ad campaigns on top-line growth.Attend this webinar and learn:KPIs that connect digital marketing & advertising to in-store sales.Strategies to maximize the entire mobile consumer experience.
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Most New Yorkers recognize Penn Station as a subterranean place of stress and misery. But once upon a time, it was an industrial marvel serving 100 million people annually; the prized diamond of young Gotham.


A Quick-Start Guide to Twitter Advertising

3Q Digital

Join Clix Marketing's John Lee, Hanapin Marketing's Carrie Albright, and 3Q Digital's Alicia Antoniolli for a 60min. webinar guiding you through a Twitter ads primer: mechanics and capabilities, plus strategic tips for eCommerce, B2B, and branding - and how to pitch the platform to clients. Bring questions.
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Getting Your Ads Seen Introducing In Image Advertising


In this webinar recording, Hanapin joins GumGum, the original creator of in-image advertising, to explain how it works, why its important in today’s marketing landscape, and tips and tricks on making it work for you and your PPC campaigns.
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Success with Personalized Ad Retargeting: How Sisense Increased Conversions by 13x


Today’s buyer journey is almost entirely self-directed, and customization is the key to conversion. As Tomorrow’s Marketer, how will you gather the insights you need into your web visitors to keep the conversation going throughout their lifecycle? View this presentation to hear Sisense, a leader in business analytics software and Marketo customer, walk us through their success with online ads through personalized retargeting.
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Win the Converging World of TV and Digital: Meeting the New Omnichannel Challenge


Customers’ evolving entertainment and media habits have completely changed what advertisers, publishers, and agencies must do to compete. Emerging platforms like Advanced TV are disrupting omnichannel marketing, but approach converging TV and digital campaigns successfully and you can reap significant rewards.
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