Online Display Advertising: A B2B Marketer's Primer


For more than a decade, search engine advertising has been a staple of the B2B marketer's demand generation arsenal, but it has been reported that marketing spend in display advertising is poised to overtake search by the end of 2015. The adoption of newer targeting and filtering technologies, as well as availability of better analytics tools have contributed to the growth of display. But why has it taken so long for display to take root in B2B?In this webinar, you will learn:B2B online advertising preferences and how they are changing.
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Nearly half the world accesses the Internet via mobile devices, and about 63% of the budget for global digital ads is expected to be spent on mobile this year, according to an infographic by data-driven full-service agency Connext Digital.


Paid Facebook Basics Webinar for Marketing Managers


John Sammon, CEO of Sixth City Marketing, provides insights to help you explore the paid realm of Facebook. The webinar includes a Q&A after the presentation. During the webinar posted above. Please enjoy the webinar! If you have any questions, feel free to ask them in the comments below.
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FREE WEBINAR: Facebook Advertising Secrets

Facebook Advertising Secrets

This course is geared towards beginner/intermediate marketers who really want to: a Build highly-engaged Facebook communities where people comment, rave about and share every day Attract a flood of new prospects to businesses Build engaged, high-quality lists of subscribers quickly (one of our members recently attracted 5,000 followers in just 5 months to a brand new page) Nurture that engagement and turn leads into profitable sales.
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Facebook Advertising A to Z with Nick Unsworth and Valerie Shoopman (Awesome)


Facebook Advertising A to Z with Nick Unsworth and Valerie Shoopman (Awesome). Facebook changes all of its advertising components on a regular basis. Facebook will continue to do so in the future. Learn all the Facebook advertising tips and Social marketing tricks you need to succeed on the world's most popular social Media Network. You can always set tartget audience for your Facebook advertising.
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How To Start Your "Branded E-Commerce" Business

Sebastian Gomez

Well-branded e-commerce stores attract a lot of loyal customers—and repeat purchases. Here are four strategies e-commerce businesses can use to build
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