Optimize Your Advertising Studio Audiences for ROAS and Growth with Datorama


CRM audience marketing measurement is undergoing a revolution. With Marketing Intelligence and data analytics platforms like Datorama, marketers gain full transparency into their 1st Party CRM audiences, creative messaging, web analytics, and offers. This allows them to quickly extract insights that drive ROAS and growth. In this webinar recording, hear directly from leaders at Datorama, who will share how to: Build advertising and campaign performance transparency across marketing channels, audiences, and creatives.
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Bing Ads is the second largest PPC network in the world. The power of Bing Ads Infographic presents the points why it may be a good place to run advertising campaigns. Sometimes having ads running only on Google is simply not enough.


How To Make Money With Adsense And Blogging | Simplilearn Webinar


This Webinar will cover the essentials of blogging and teach you how to make the most of AdSense. Discover how to get approved for AdSense and the best way to use the AdSense interface. Learn the trick to placing your ads on your blog so that they get the most traction, and the secret to making big bucks with AdSense.
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Advertising Effectiveness for Not for Profit organizations

ESOMAR Foundation

In this second webinar of our series on Advanced Research techniques, we look at Advertising Effectiveness for Not for Profit organizations. We all know that old adage that half of all advertising spend is wasted, it’s just that we don’t know which half - but over the last decade or so - with the new neuroscience bringing real understanding of how the brain works – we are getting much better at knowing which types of advertising are most effective – in both the long and short term - and new technology has helped us measure the effect in ways that just weren’t possible before.
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Integrating Your Online/Offline Marketing


Companies can no longer lean on one form or channel for their marketing. All channels must be be integrated and communicate consistently in order for a marketing campaign to be successful. In this webinar, Debbie Simpson discusses the the many facets of what makes a successfully integrated Online & Offline Marketing Strategy.
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Top 3 Tips to Nail Native Advertising


Standardized from the get-go, native represents a quadruple win for consumers, publishers, vendors and marketers alike. And the fact that native can now be traded programmatically is the cherry on top for an already-stellar ad format.Key takeaways from this webinar include: - The easiest way to start with native is by promoting content - Don’t treat native like just another banner advertisement - Work with a partner that can provide analytics on native.
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