Protect Your Brand: The best defense is a good offense

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Your brand is constantly under attack by competitors that bid on your branded keywords, interrupting the customer journey and diverting search traffic and ultimately revenue. These ‘hijack’ attempts muddy your reputation and adversely impact the experience your consumers have with your brand online. So how do you spot it and stop it? How do you protect your brand and help your customers find you instead of a competitor?
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Digital Ad spending is growing, and online advertising campaign budgets are increasing, even as marketers understand the importance of Digital Marketing. Check out the “Digital Ad Spending” infographic to know the digital marketing spending statistics and trends.


FTC Guides for Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising


Influencer marketing, native advertising and other forms of viral marketing via social media have emerged as some of the most popular and dynamic tools available to advertisers today to engage consumer audiences. The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has become increasingly active in seeking to regulate how advertisers and influencers can effectively and legally communicate with the consuming public.
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Wendy Tan White: The Future of Digital Advertising at #FODM 2014


Wendy is co-founder and CEO of Moonfruit, A UK-based DIY website and online shop builder for SMBs. At #FODM 2014 she spoke to Essence's Digital Manager Minal Saigal, about the future of online advertising and ecommerce.
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Google Ads Industry Benchmarks for 2019


Thanks to our premier partnership with Google, our experts have been able to once again provide marketers across the globe with one of the most insightful resources for online advertising - the Industry Benchmarks. An exclusive look into data straight from Google, our benchmarks provide you with the knowledge you need to ensure your advertising efforts have what it takes to produce results for your business.
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2017 Planning: Using Attention-Based Marketing to Boost Conversion


For modern marketers, attention is everything. Cat videos and Kim and Kanye are stealing it and, as a marketer, you need to earn it back and retain it. Watch this on-demand webinar to learn how RES, a Gartner “Cool Vendor” for 2015, is meeting their goal of growing Sales Accepted Leads by making a simple change to how they serve up their content—without spending more on creating or promoting it. RES fights hard for the attention of their prospects, but they wanted to empower buyers to consume as much content as possible to make them more sales-ready faster. Hear how RES upgraded their nurture, content syndication, and welcome programs to deliver all the content an engaged prospect might want in a single session.
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