Solving Bad Ad Experiences


Most brands interact with their customers through advertising more than any other touchpoint. A good ad experience has become integral to a good customer experience pre and post-purchase. Learn about common mistakes brands are making that risk alienating, losing, and offending customers so that you can bring home ideas on how to solve the core issue.
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in this video eric siu and ramsey elhadry from single grain marketing agency show you how to win with audience targeting in youtube advertising. Youtube video advertising formats explained - different types of youtube ads.


5 Proven Strategies for Facebook Advertising Success


Wondering how you could make Facebook advertising more profitable? You’re not alone. In this webinar, our straight-shooter co-host, Lee Goldberg of Vector Media Group, shares common mistakes and challenges that advertisers face. He'll walk through 5 proven strategies marketers need to turn Facebook into a contending revenue driver.
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Co-Op advertising, Brand compliance, managing approvals, assisting Partners — let's face it: Partner Marketing can be very complicated. You need a simple, easy-to-understand playbook that can help you simplify campaign execution, amplify the power of your marketing spend and accelerate local Partner sales. And you need the analytics to constantly evolve your Local Marketing strategy. Join SproutLoud for a five-part webinar series called The Partner Marketing Playbook. In this webinar series, SproutLoud, the leading Channel Marketing Automation platform, will be joined by several of their integrated Marketing Service Providers to talk about the blocking and tackling imperatives of your national-to-local Partner Marketing strategy.
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Results of the 2015 Inbound Marketing for Higher Education Survey

Converge Consulting

Wondering what inbound marketing strategies other colleges and universities are using? Interested in new and next topics like content amplification? Ann Oleson, Jay Kelly and Megan Cendrowski explored trends in #highered. Topics included: Results from the Inbound Marketing in Higher Education Survey conducted in collaboration with Omni Update 2015 trends in digital advertising, content strategy and analytics Case study examples and tools for implementation Our predictions for 2016.
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WNIN 2014: Why should you care about Advertising? Jonathan Sharp, SapientNitro-Part-3


If TCP/IP is the central nervous system of the Internet, then advertising is the lifeblood – and technologists are in the enviable position of having ever-greater opportunities to influence both. This is a dramatic change from the last 100 years, as technology had little role in advertising’s history in print, radio and TV; but today technology drives a transformational moment of the industry. In this session, SapientNitro's Jonathan Sharp explores the ways in which technology is making advertising more compelling and engaging than ever before.
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