The Art and Science of Bing Ads Intelligence Powerful Excel plug-in for keyword research and more

Join us for a monthly webcast series where we'll uncover the science behind running top digital marketing campaigns. We'll be sharing results from our own tests and experiences, along with research from the Bing Advertiser Science team. Let's face it, pay per click marketing is a daily practice and as digital marketers we know you need the latest insights and data from search engines. So, every month we'll do just that.
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Google Ads Adwords course in Milan in person + benefit The Google Ads AdWords Course teaches you the basics of advertising with Google. Plus it opens the path to get Google Ads certification. 🎁 Included: real Google Ads advertising campaign.


My Advertising Pays Webinar New


Check out this realistic earning potential and what YOU must do to get paid every 20minutes in my advertising pays. All you have to do is CLICK & VIEW 10 ADS DAILY then you qualify for profit share just as easy as 1,2,3. No referrers, no chasing of family and friends to join. When you see what we saw in my advertising pays, YOU WILL NOT SLEEP.

How To Get More From Your Digital ROI?

Digital Vidya

The perfect storm of digital, data and devices is empowering India’s online consumers and creating newer challenges and opportunities for marketers and brands. In 2019, a whopping 93% of Indian marketers are planning to increase their digital investments. Overall India digital is growing at 30% year over year.

Leveraging Facebook Ads To Increase Service and Re-Capture Declined RO’s

Digital Dealer

Make Facebook Advertising work for your service drive, especially when properly used in conjunction with your current marketing efforts. Plus, you’ll be able to prove the ROI you are getting with Facebooks Offline Conversions. Get people whom previously declined recommended services back into your service drive to increase your found money opportunities. We’ll look at actual data and examples along with a host of best practices. This educational session will help you effectively improve or implement your current service marketing strategy.

Every Click Can Be A Customer: Online Advertising Made Simple


Paid Search and email marketing are the power couple of efficient online advertising. When they align and are used together, businesses are able to attract AND convert the most value from their prospects and customers. Combining these tactics is a sure way to drive traffic to websites, keep leads engaged, and ultimately convert the interaction into customers. Listen to our webinar today.