Tract Ads Webinar


Introducing TractAds, a new Digital Ads service through Vendetta's White-label Marketing Services! TractAds allows for sophisticated targeting beyond a typical Display campaign, resulting in more impressions and clicks for your clients. When a consumer enters an identified and blueprinted location, we capture the device ID of the mobile phone and track the consumer through their online user experience.
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Learn how your business can effectively market to other businesses online using: -SEO -Google AdWords -LinkedIn Ads -Google Display Ads -Gmail Ads -YouTube Ads.


Facebook Marketing Strategies


Drive sales and reach customers interested in products and services you offer with the Facebook marketing strategies covered in this webinar. Marketing your business on Facebook is an incredibly efficient way to reach customers. With a few Facebook marketing strategies, you can reach local people interested in your business and increase sales.
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Maximize Your Digital Ad ROI

7 Pillars Digital

No matter the marketing channels you use to measure ROI, you can use the formula we described above. Subtract your total investment from the amount of revenue generated, divide the number by your total investment, and multiply the result by 100.
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Master B2B Lead Gen with Facebook Advertising

3Q Digital

We’re two months into 2018 and B2B brands are evaluating their early budget planning decisions - and turning more and more to Facebook advertising. It’s been shown that B2B business decision makers spend a median of 74% more time per day on Facebook than the average user. These potential leads are active on the platform, especially on mobile. By investing media spend in Facebook advertising, B2B brands can cover the entire sales funnel process - from initial brand awareness, to conversion, to retargeting for additional upselling. Join Facebook and 3Q Digital for a live webinar on Wednesday, February 21st at 11am PT / 2pm ET where we’ll discuss how to plan your B2B full-funnel strategy on the platform.
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All You Need To Know About Ad Network Mediation


The mobile advertising ecosystem has exploded. With hundreds of mobile ad networks out there - each with a unique set of advertisers, mobile app entrepreneurs find that to maximize yield, they must work with multiple ad networks concurrently. Ad Network Mediation is the technology that is used to accomplish this.
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