Using Social Ads to Increase Reach and Revenue

The results are in. When it comes to growing your reach, generating leads, and even driving revenue, paid social ads work. But, only if you know what you’re doing. In this webinar, we’re teaming up with Facebook and Mediative to introduce you to the world of paid social.
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In our very first Periscope broadcast, SCG Summer 2015 interns discuss the world of public relations with Executive Vice President Michael Cherenson, APR, Fellow PRSA.




Co-Op advertising, Brand compliance, managing approvals, assisting Partners — let's face it: Partner Marketing can be very complicated. You need a simple, easy-to-understand playbook that can help you simplify campaign execution, amplify the power of your marketing spend and accelerate local Partner sales. And you need the analytics to constantly evolve your Local Marketing strategy. Join SproutLoud for a five-part webinar series called The Partner Marketing Playbook. In this webinar series, SproutLoud, the leading Channel Marketing Automation platform, will be joined by several of their integrated Marketing Service Providers to talk about the blocking and tackling imperatives of your national-to-local Partner Marketing strategy.

2017 Planning: Using Attention-Based Marketing to Boost Conversion


For modern marketers, attention is everything. Cat videos and Kim and Kanye are stealing it and, as a marketer, you need to earn it back and retain it. Watch this on-demand webinar to learn how RES, a Gartner “Cool Vendor” for 2015, is meeting their goal of growing Sales Accepted Leads by making a simple change to how they serve up their content—without spending more on creating or promoting it. RES fights hard for the attention of their prospects, but they wanted to empower buyers to consume as much content as possible to make them more sales-ready faster. Hear how RES upgraded their nurture, content syndication, and welcome programs to deliver all the content an engaged prospect might want in a single session.

Digital Marketing Trends Webinar


This webinar provides the results of MDR’s Digital Marketing Trends in the Education Market report, which reveals the reality of educator interaction with digital marketing in email, web ads, and social media. We analyzed nearly 400 million prospecting emails and 100 million web ad impressions across three years and dozens of industries to reveal the kinds of digital marketing that educators respond to.

Yes, advertising works but does it work for you?


Marketing attribution remains one of the toughest challenges for B2B marketers. For the latest advice and for cracking this challenge, join Shane Murphy, VP of Marketing at Adroll, on his latest webinar, and discover. Shane’s recommendations for improving your marketing attribution success. How the days of the last click vs the first click are over (and what the new horizon looks like).Which areas you should focus your attribution reporting on.How you can adopt new technology and tactics.