As a local media expert, you are always striving to increase the efficiency of your advertising campaigns. Maximizing ROI requires creating a media strategy that will not only reach the largest audiences but also reach viewers who are ready to buy products and services.
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In the last video we discussed about VAST. In this video, we'll discuss about VPAID and why is it important for video advertising.


How to Build a 6-Figure Facebook Ads Agency


Are you looking to grow your agency but struggling to scale due to the time taken up dealing with clients? Or perhaps you’re looking to start offering Facebook Ads services and need to know the right way to onboard and service clients? Either way, this free training is for you!
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How Display Advertising Has Evolved and What Smart Marketers Need to Know (IAB)

IAB - Interactive Advertising Bureau

When display advertising first began, some may say the ads weren't the most beautiful or sophisticated works of art. However, as the online industry has grown, display has come to include the many newer, more interesting and engaging digital ad formats found on the sites we visit today. Benefits of display are endless, from brand awareness to tracking capabilities and everything in between. These benefits may sound simple to comprehend, but with innovation and the emergence of today's new technologies, everyone could use a refresher on the changing landscape of display.
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facebook advertising webinar

Video SEO Australian Internet Advertising

Some of the most powerful tools to grow your business can be found on Facebook, Instagram and Audience Network. Join our webinars to stay up to date on how to get more out of these platforms. We'll cover topics like crafting video for mobile, using Instagram in your marketing strategy, improving your performance marketing, and more.
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Adapt, Adopt, Automate: Why Agencies Need Marketing Automation to Succeed


“Traditional media companies that fail to actively restructure and innovate around sales and sales automation today will see a further erosion of market share tomorrow, ceding revenue to the growing list of digital competitors and alternatives in the local digital market.” Greg Sterling VP of strategy and insights, Local Search Association It’s clear in today’s market traditional media companies need to adapt to the digital environment to grow their market share. A major challenge for agencies is to be able to quickly and accurately identify which customers are ready to adopt a digital strategy while insuring their sales team a most cost effective and efficient conversion.
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