Digiday’s Media Buying Summit

October 12-14, 2022 | USA

Digiday’s Media Buying Summit
As we enter the final quarter of 2022, agencies are adapting to a tougher business environment than where they started the year: client cutbacks in spending, as well as their own increased costs for talent and resources, data and measurement challenges as identifiers change, and privacy rules that foment uncertainty. Even the momentum of diversity, equity and inclusion progress appears to have stalled somewhat. Challenges abound. But it’s also a time of tremendous opportunity, particularly in the realm of programmatic buying, which continues to wend its way into more of the investment process with each year. Meanwhile, e-commerce and next-generation innovations from the world of Web3 open up new horizons, while traditional channels like B2B marketing reestablish their importance in the marketing ecosystem.


Programmatic advertising is a leading technique for buying and selling digital ads online.

In this video, we will explore what programmatic advertising is, how it works, its benefits, and best practices.


d3con - The Future of Digital Advertising

March 21-22, 2023 | Germany

The d3con is the largest conference on the future of digital advertising. Today, programmatic advertising is the operating system that enables modern digital marketing strategies and unifies the control and measurement of all marketing channels. Marketing automation and marketing AI are the trends that will make the complexity of the new marketing world manageable in the future and will open up new opportunities for successful advertisers. At d3con you will meet the leading experts on the subject of programmatic advertising from all relevant areas: advertisers, agencies, publishers and providers of innovative technologies and platforms.

Nextech 2022

December 6-7, 2022 | USA

As the year draws to a close, against a backdrop of busy retail days and marketers trying to spend those budgets, join Adweek to discuss the latest media and marketing tech trends shaping the months ahead. What alternative identifiers yield the most reliable results? What commerce tech drives sales? Should you even be investing in the metaverse?  Learn where smart marketers and savvy publishers are placing their bets to maintain growth, even as the economic forecasts look unsettling.

ANA Masters of Data & Technoogy

April 12-14, 2023 | USA

When it comes to managing marketing data and technology, today's marketers face challenges from every side: building a data-centric organization, acquiring the right talent, navigating privacy regulations, and ensuring data sets are effective and secure. It's not an easy task. The 2023 ANA Masters of Data & Technology Conference is designed to help today's marketers tackle these and other critical issues. At this three-day event, you'll hear case studies and firsthand experiences from senior level marketers and industry experts at today's top brands on how they took on data and technology challenges and drove growth for their brands, and get practical solutions to the top 10 topics that keep marketers up at night.

Affiliate Summit West 2023

January 23-25, 2023 | USA

If you’re an affiliate then ASW is your home... we put YOU first. Unlike our competitors, we won’t charge you a cent to attend because we know you’re the heart and soul of the industry. You’ll have access to every single session, meet-up and networking party. This year we have even more on offer for you including a Publisher Demo Stage!