OTT Virtual Conference 2023

March 15-16, 2023 | USA

OTT Virtual Conference
As OTT continues to dominate the TV/Video landscape and media spend accelerates, it’s critical for all members of this marketplace, advertisers, content companies, distributors, cable companies, and Virtual MPDs , to be conversant within where the market stands now, and where it’s headed next. That’s why we are presenting a showcase with leaders in OTT and CTV  to outline where the risks and opportunities lie in this complicated and fast-changing sector.


Introducing our latest video showcasing the seamless synergy of ChatGPT and ARLOOPA Studio, your ticket to unlocking a world of limitless imagination and innovation.


ANA Masters of Data & Technoogy

April 12-14, 2023 | USA

When it comes to managing marketing data and technology, today's marketers face challenges from every side: building a data-centric organization, acquiring the right talent, navigating privacy regulations, and ensuring data sets are effective and secure. It's not an easy task. The 2023 ANA Masters of Data & Technology Conference is designed to help today's marketers tackle these and other critical issues. At this three-day event, you'll hear case studies and firsthand experiences from senior level marketers and industry experts at today's top brands on how they took on data and technology challenges and drove growth for their brands, and get practical solutions to the top 10 topics that keep marketers up at night.

Digiday Publishing Summit 23

September 18-20, 2023 | USA

As the industry settles into a new rhythm, media companies are still facing challenges that have major implications in their day-to-day business practices as well as overarching strategies. Continuously working on their business models allows for a plethora of new opportunities: ways to rethink which editorial products will resonate with audiences in a time of misinformation, growth areas within new and relied upon revenue streams, from newsletters to e-commerce, and how they’re staffing around — and selling — data insights. Walk away from this event with a better understanding of how other media organizations are building a more sustainable future.

Outfront Forum - MediaPost

April 27, 2023 | USA

TV's upfront advertising market period tries another tune this season -- one where a chorus of new currencies, increased flexibilities, and innovative cross-platform business outcome guarantees have become pressing mantras. What really will make it to the bottomline as media agencies and TV networks search for common ground? Legacy TV-media measures could hold back the size and scope of these transitions. We look for answers.

NAI 2023 Summit

May 17-18, 2023 | USA

Please join us at our 2023 Annual Summit, “What’s on the Horizon for Digital Advertising: Technology, Policy & Privacy.” The NAI Summit is the premier conference for industry leaders at the intersection of digital advertising and privacy. This year’s Summit comes at a time when our industry is at a crossroads - where market developments and the emerging regulatory landscape are reshaping our industry, putting a premium on privacy, accountability, and trust. The NAI 2023 Summit will feature in-depth interactive discussion around policy challenges and opportunities facing our industry, as well as the latest developments regarding new technologies and compliance solutions. We will also discuss how new regulatory requirements and self-regulation practices can combine to provide greater levels of trust and accountability to the future of data-driven advertising. Join us to learn what is on the horizon and consider how we can make the most of our opportunities.