ALM's ThinkAdvisor Introduces New Reader Experience With Design And Advertising Innovations

ALM | February 23, 2021

ALM's ThinkAdvisor, the leading online media brand serving the financial advisory community, has introduced a new website design, an enhanced editorial strategy and advertising innovations that will improve reader experience and drive audience and partner engagement.

ThinkAdvisor's ( innovations include:

• A fresh and clean design, new color palette and vibrant graphics that deliver maximum impact and viewability along with a new content framework that provides better navigation of information.
• A refreshed editorial beat structure that provides analysis about the most important issues of the day, with distilled takeaways at the top of each story.
• A new advertising approach in which ads are better integrated around content, improving the reader experience and allowing better viewability of partner messages.

"Together, these design, editorial and advertising innovations greatly improve reader experience and provide better results for our partners," said Adam Dunn, VP Financial Markets for ALM. Dunn said that many of the editorial innovations had started to be implemented over the past quarter and have already resulted in significant growth in reader engagement and site traffic.

"This is where advanced web design and advertising product development is going and we're very excited to lead the financial advisory industry with these initiatives," Dunn said.

About ALM

ALM, an information and intelligence company, provides customers with critical news, data, analysis, marketing solutions and events to successfully manage the business of business. ALM serves a community of more than 6 million business professionals in the legal, finance, insurance and commercial real estate industries. Please visit for more information.

About ThinkAdvisor

ThinkAdvisor (, with 1.2 million average monthly pageviews and 587,000 newsletter subscribers, and Investment Advisor Magazine with 50,000 qualified subscribers,  produces the premier news, analysis and resources that the community of professional financial advice-givers needs to serve clients, stay compliant and maximize growth.


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Instacart Announces New Shoppable Video and Display Advertising Products, Driving Inspiration, Discovery and Purchase

Instacart | May 30, 2022

Instacart today announced two new advertising solutions that bring together the best of inspirational storytelling and action: shoppable video ads and enhanced shoppable display ads. These new formats expand Instacart's ad product suite with inspiring experiences to give brands a more immersive way to storytell, engage and drive sales. Shoppable video and shoppable display enable CPG brands to shorten the user journey from awareness and product discovery directly to purchase – all within one rich media unit. Advertisers can now promote engaging, targeted, creative content to consumers as they shop from their favorite retailers on Instacart. Dove, Mondelēz International, PepsiCo and S.Pellegrino are among the first CPG brands to pilot Instacart's shoppable video and shoppable display products. "Advertisers choose Instacart because we've built a platform with high-intent consumers, unparalleled scale of retailers, and closed-looped measurement, all of which drives meaningful results for our brand partners," said Ali Miller, Vice President of Ads Product at Instacart. "We designed our new shoppable ad products to create more brand storytelling opportunities for CPGs, help them inspire and reach new and existing consumers, and ultimately drive sales in a singular unit. We see that these kinds of shoppable rich media experiences resonate with consumers as well, as we're bringing more discovery and inspiration to the online shopping experience. We're grateful to work with brand partners who have been excited to innovate with us and incubate these formats along the way to drive maximum impact." Instacart's new shoppable video ads will equip brands to combine the powerful storytelling capabilities of video creative with an in-line set of shoppable products to shorten the path from discovery to purchase. Advertisers will be able to fuel brand affinity with rich stories, motion and audio, and inspire bigger baskets with seamless add to cart functionality. Throughout the pilot, Instacart will test and learn alongside its CPG brand partners to determine best practices and inform what the shoppable video product looks like when it is available to all brands in Instacart's self-service portal, Ads Manager, later this year. Building on the early success of its inaugural display ads product, Instacart has created a new, iterative, shoppable display product to inspire basket building through discovery and purchase. This new shoppable display format is a CPG brand's contextual 'pop up shop' on Instacart and enables them to reach the right consumer at the right time to drive consideration and bigger baskets – without disrupting the shopping experience. The engaging new format features brand imagery coupled with direct add to cart functionality; brands are able to pin a bundle of items that inspires complementary purchases, innovation, and drives routine purchases. More than 40 CPG brands have piloted the shoppable display product, which will be generally available to all brand partners in Ads Manager later this summer. Dove first partnered with Instacart Ads in 2017 with sponsored product campaigns, and expanded as an early pioneer with shoppable display for their "Nourish Your Beauty" campaign. "Across all our Dove campaigns, we tell real, thoughtful stories of beauty as a source of confidence, not anxiety, that our audience can authentically connect with and that inspire the next generation," said Leslie Miller, Marketing Director on Dove. "At the same time, we are constantly looking for innovative platforms to engage with our audience. Working with Instacart Ads has enabled us to try new tools that do just that. Testing Instacart's new shoppable display and shoppable video ads have equipped us to inspire even more people with our brand storytelling and seamlessly drive purchases as they shop on Instacart." "Partnering with Instacart helps us stay ahead of the curve when it comes to inspiring and engaging consumers along their shopping journey," said Emily Frankel, SVP, eCommerce Marketing Head at PepsiCo. "Partnering with Instacart helps us stay ahead of the curve when it comes to inspiring and engaging consumers along their shopping journey," said Emily Frankel, SVP, eCommerce Marketing Head at PepsiCo. "Multiple PepsiCo brands have joined the Instacart video and display pilots to test and learn. Shoppable display has proven to be an effective way to drive first-time purchase of our products via the Instacart platform, and while we're just getting started with shoppable video, we look forward to continuing our work to give consumers a compelling omnichannel experience." "We're thrilled to partner with Instacart. Online grocery shopping is critical to our long-term growth strategy and we are excited to create a richer experience for our consumers as they shop for our beloved brands." - Wesley Saraceni, Senior Director of Marketing Digital Commerce at Mondelēz International. Instacart's new shoppable video and shoppable display products expand the company's robust advertising tool kit and help CPG brands of all sizes deeply engage with consumers directly at the point of purchase. Now, advertisers have even more choices and touchpoints to inspire consumers throughout the entire shopping journey. The new shoppable video and display products, alongside the company's flagship sponsored product offering, brand pages and suite of display ad solutions, equip brands on Instacart with comprehensive full-funnel marketing capabilities to reach valuable consumers at the point of purchase and drive effective, measurable outcomes. Instacart today offers self-service and managed ad services for more than 5,000 CPG brands. Instacart also partners with industry-leading API partners that have built campaign management and optimization applications leveraging the Instacart Ads API. About Instacart Instacart is a leading retail enablement platform that works with grocers and retailers to transform how people shop. Today, Instacart partners with more than 800 national, regional and local retail brands to facilitate online shopping, delivery and pickup services from more than 70,000 stores across more than 5,500 cities in North America. Millions of busy people and families turn to Instacart to get the groceries they need from the retailers they love, and more than 600,000 Instacart shoppers pick, pack and deliver orders for customers on their own flexible schedule. The Instacart Platform offers a suite of enterprise-grade technology products and services to power e-commerce, fulfillment, in-store, ads and insights for retailers across the U.S. and Canada. Hundreds of retailers partner with Instacart to power their e-commerce experiences across the Instacart App and their own white-label sites and solutions. With Instacart Ads, thousands of CPG brands partner with the company to connect directly with consumers online. For more information, visit, and to start shopping, visit For anyone interested in becoming an Instacart shopper, visit

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MetaGod Announces the Launch of Its Gamefi and Metaverse Platform

MetaGod | February 10, 2022

MetaGod, the London-based start-up, has announced the launch of its Gamefi and metaverse platform whereby it develops a complete ecosystem with a digitally rendered 3D virtual reality-based metaverse. It offers users the sole authority to create, build, and control their own metaverse focused on gamification, social interaction, entertainment, and play-to-earn. Since the last few years, the world has been witnessing an internet evolution greater than the innovations from the DotCom era or Social Media era, or perhaps even more significant than the internet itself. The internet is evolving to a stage that is more immersive, intuitive, and one-step closer to completely immersive virtual reality experiences. Online video games, console games, and mobile games have billions of downloads and continue to emerge as one of the most prevalent media forms in our society. This is leading towards a dedicated economy for play-to-earn blockchain games, which is growing at an exponential rate. In this new world of professional gaming and Esports, play-to-earn NFT games have been leading the charge in the fast-rising industry and new investments. MetaGod is poised to tap on this opportunity by creating a complete ecosystem around Metaverse and Gamefi. Deployed on Binance Smart Chain Network, this ecosystem will have a metaverse, with its first game based on the card game Monopoly that promises unlimited hours of gameplay fun while subsequently allowing players to earn in many ways. Emma Quinn, the CEO of MetaGod says, "MetaGod offers a metaverse and blockchain-based ecosystem, not just a single product or a game offering. The ecosystem consists of NFT based God Avatar Characters, Gamefi based play to earn offerings, a metaverse whereby users can play and immerse themselves like real world, game development and publication modules, Socializing Platform, Voting protocol for democratized governance and a dedicated marketplace for trading of NFT assets." METAGOD Gameplay As mentioned earlier, the MetaGod metaverse features a complete ecosystem, not just a game. In this regard, the ecosystem will feature an SDK whereby publishers can deploy all sorts of games whereby a player can participate, play and create lucrative income while enjoying the fun play.

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DMS Announces the Acquisition of Traverse Data, Inc. & Enhancements to Its Data Program & Technology Stack

Digital Media Solutions | May 16, 2022

Digital Media Solutions, Inc. a leading provider of data-driven, technology-enabled digital performance advertising solutions connecting consumers and advertisers, announced the acquisition of Traverse Data, Inc. Traverse Data leverages the power of data and technology to generate new customers for advertisers and incremental revenue for publishers, via a commercialized audience activation, re-engagement and retargeting platform. Traverse Data helps advertisers identify new audiences that look like their best customers and match emails to website shoppers for re-engagement. “Efficient and effective advertising requires an understanding of your audience and an awareness of when they’re actively in-market and ready to engage. DMS leverages real-time consumer intent signals to provide the intelligence that defines the path and the power of our advertising efforts. We’re creating real-time personalization at scale to achieve really big results,” commented Jason Rudolph, Chief Technology Officer at DMS. DMS has long benefited from its data flywheel, which accelerates as advertisers scale their spend with DMS. Increased advertising budgets enable DMS to broaden reach and increase its data asset to better engage and re-engage consumers and deliver stronger advertising ROI to its advertiser clients. In addition to improving advertising performance, the DMS data asset and technology capabilities work together to enhance consumer experiences by allowing advertisers to better deliver relevant messaging to consumers when they’re ready to buy and seeking options and offers. The addition of Traverse Data is expected to scale the DMS data asset and accelerate the DMS technology roadmap, implemented to enable DMS to better leverage the Company’s existing data asset. The DMS volume of consumer intent signals increased dramatically with the acquisition of Aimtell in February 2021 and with connections made across the end-to-end DMS technology stack. The DMS data asset, at the end of April 2022, included 240 million opted-in U.S. adults, with as many as 1,100 data points collected per individual. DMS receives in excess of one billion consumer intent signals per month. “Traverse Data was created to power the advertising industry of tomorrow, I’m excited that we’ve found a home for Traverse that we believe will leverage what we’ve built, and a team that will continue to innovate on our platform to create something that can be even bigger and more powerful than what Traverse is today.” Craig Swerdloff, Traverse Co-Founder and CEO About Digital Media Solutions Digital Media Solutions, Inc. is a leading provider of technology-enabled digital performance advertising solutions connecting consumers and advertisers within auto, home, health and life insurance plus a long list of top consumer verticals. The DMS first-party data asset, proprietary advertising technology, significant proprietary media distribution and data-driven processes help digital advertising clients de-risk their advertising spend while scaling their customer bases.

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Comcast Advertising Rolls Out Nationwide, Multi-Screen Media Solution for Premium TV Advertising with the Relaunch of its AudienceXpress Brand

Comcast Advertising, AudienceXpress | March 15, 2022

Today, Comcast Advertising announced that its market-leading media solutions allowing U.S. advertisers to buy premium TV advertising on an audience basis nationwide across all screens, including broadcast, cable, digital and connected TV (CTV), will be relaunched under the AudienceXpress brand. FreeWheel Media, the media solutions team within FreeWheel, will now be in market under the AudienceXpress brand. AudienceXpress automates the way advertisers reach audiences across screens and offers several differentiating features, including: The ability to measure and report on campaigns in near real-time Integration with major MVPDs, providing advertisers with superior forecasting visibility and direct coverage of over 300M consumers across all 210 DMAs Use of aggregated Comcast viewership data, as well as first- and third-party data, to reach the right audiences with linear and CTV advertising Advanced incremental reach and attribution solutions to unlock proprietary insights into campaign performance. “AudienceXpress offers advertisers scaled premium TV advertising across screens,” said Brian Wallach, Head of Revenue, AudienceXpress. “In addition, decisions are guided by high-quality data that helps us plan better, measure more accurately and most importantly, help our clients act on those results. At AudienceXpress, as the name implies, we are continuously and quickly providing updated results on audience delivery and performance, then adjusting as needed to maximize success.” “AudienceXpress offers advertisers scaled premium TV advertising across screens,” said Brian Wallach, Head of Revenue, AudienceXpress. As background, in 2015 Comcast acquired AudienceXpress, along with its parent company VisibleWorld. The tech company, whose capabilities were housed within FreeWheel, was one of the first to bring data and automation to the buying of linear television advertising. “Our advertising technology has advanced significantly over the past few years, and the AudienceXpress name perfectly reflects the fit between our solution and the growing need for advertisers to easily reach specific audiences – not just demographics – across all screens,” said Pooja Midha, Chief Growth Officer, Comcast Advertising. “That is exactly what this solution does. With AudienceXpress, advertisers can reach their audiences on premium inventory at scale with white-glove service and an industry-leading delivery rate. In a complicated and fragmented marketplace, AudienceXpress provides direct, easy and scaled access to the premium TV audiences that matter.” About Comcast Advertising Comcast Advertising is the advertising division of Comcast Cable. As a global leader in media, technology and advertising, Comcast Advertising fosters powerful connections between brands and their audiences as well as between publishers, distributors, MVPDs, agencies and other industry players. Effectv, its advertising sales division, helps local, regional and national advertisers connect with their audiences on every screen by using advanced data to drive targeting and measurement of their campaigns. FreeWheel, its media and technology arm, provides the technology, data enablement and convergent marketplaces required to ensure buyers and sellers can transact across all screens, across all data types and all sales channels, in order to ensure the ultimate goal – results for marketers. Comcast Cable, along with NBCUniversal and Sky, is part of the Comcast Corporation (NASDAQ: CMCSA). Visit to learn more.

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