Circle K Debuts First National Fuel Advertising Campaign in U.S.

Circle K, Alimentation Couche-Tard | December 06, 2022 | Read time : 05:00 min

National Fuel Advertising Campaign
Circle K, a global leader in convenience and mobility, today announces its first-ever U.S. nationwide advertising campaign, “Fueled by Circle K.” Taking place over the next year, the campaign focuses on Circle K fuel, which is now available in over half of its 7,000 U.S. locations. The campaign underscores Circle K’s mission to make customers’ lives a little easier every day, highlighting fuel they can trust as yet another way the brand serves the communities where it operates.

The campaign will run primarily on digital streaming and social media channels, taking a customer-centric creative approach in the four-part ad series that showcases different customers, their fueling experiences and how Circle K has everything they need for their journey.

Launched on Dec. 2, the first ad of the year-long campaign is holiday-themed, featuring actual Circle K employees alongside a variety of Circle K customer personalities, from delivery drivers to Santa’s helpers. The ad also features user-generated content from actual Circle K customers, and an original festive jingle to get customers in the holiday spirit.

“With the continued growth of Circle K in the U.S. and the expansion of Circle K Fuel reaching close to 4,000 stores by mid next year, now is the right time to introduce our first national fuel campaign,” explains Melissa Lessard, Head of North American Marketing.

“With the continued growth of Circle K in the U.S. and the expansion of Circle K Fuel reaching close to 4,000 stores by mid next year, now is the right time to introduce our first national fuel campaign,” explains Melissa Lessard, Head of North American Marketing. “As a major milestone for our brand, we want the ‘Fueled by Circle K’ campaign to celebrate our valued customers and show how they can trust the quality of Circle K fuel to support them on their journeys as well as enjoy so many customer favorites in store.”

To continue showcasing real customers throughout the campaign, Circle K fans are invited to share how Circle K is part of their life for a chance to be featured in future ads or social media posts, plus the opportunity to win fun prizes. To enter, customers can post to social media using #MyCircleK or upload their photos and videos directly to the My Circle K website.

View the first ad, “Holiday,” on YouTube. For more information on Circle K, Circle K Fuel, and to find a nearby location, visit

About Circle K and Alimentation Couche-Tard Inc.
Couche-Tard is a global leader in convenience and fuel retail, operating in 24 countries and territories, with close to 14,300 stores, of which approximately 10,900 offer road transportation fuel. With its well-known Couche-Tard and Circle K banners, it is one of the largest independent convenience store operators in the United States and it is a leader in the convenience store industry and road transportation fuel retail in Canada, Scandinavia, the Baltics, as well as in Ireland. It also has an important presence in Poland and Hong Kong SAR. Approximately 122,000 people are employed throughout its network.


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DV study underscores that Attention-grabbing ads are key to performance, but context is key

DoubleVerify | November 17, 2022

DoubleVerify (“DV”) (NYSE: DV), a leading software platform for digital media measurement, data and analytics, today releases its 2022 ‘Four Fundamental Shifts in Advertising and Media’ report. Two years on from DV’s original report, this expanded edition analyzes insights from over 16,600 global consumers in 18 countries. At a time of significant macroeconomic change, these findings reveal the dynamic relationships between consumers, digital content, and advertising—arming stakeholders with the insights they need to make well-informed strategic decisions. Key takeaways include: Cost of living concerns drive “stay at home” content consumption—particularly on CTV and social media—with most (55%) consumers now spending more time consuming content daily than they did pre-pandemic. Attention fuels media efficacy—two thirds (66%) of respondents claimed an ad that captures their interest in the first five seconds will make them more likely to pay attention. Online shopping surges and is bolstered by a contextual approach—54% of respondents report buying more items online now than pre-pandemic, while 67% are more likely to pay attention to an ad if it’s relevant to the content they’re viewing—such as reviews or gift ideas. Trust and shared values foster loyalty, but consumers are quick to judge—consumers are concerned about the spread of mis- and disinformation, and it shows—61% are even less likely to purchase/use a brand again if they see it advertised beside mis- or disinformation. “This study highlights that consumer consumption habits are evolving in response to macro social and economic trends—from intensifying concerns about inflammatory or polarizing content, to a continued shift in the platforms and channels consumers are turning to for content consumption,” said Mark Zagorski, CEO of DoubleVerify. “Brands must react to these changing habits to ensure they reach the right audiences as efficiently as possible and maximize their digital investments. As our research shows, with digital content consumption rising, there’s a clear opportunity to garner consumer attention and power campaign performance. To unlock this opportunity, brands must evolve their ad strategies—meeting their audiences where they consume content and focusing on contextually relevant, attention-grabbing ad placements that also safeguard their brand reputations.” “This study highlights that consumer consumption habits are evolving in response to macro social and economic trends—from intensifying concerns about inflammatory or polarizing content, to a continued shift in the platforms and channels consumers are turning to for content consumption,” said Mark Zagorski, CEO of DoubleVerify. Consumer appetite for content continues to soar—led by CTV, streaming, and social Globally, most (55%) consumers are spending more time each day consuming content now than they did pre-pandemic. Inflation is a key driver here with almost half (45%) of respondents noting the reason they’re spending more time consuming digital content is because they are staying at home due the rising cost of living. CTV (Connected TV) and streaming services have clear momentum, with 55% of respondents having subscribed to additional services in the past 12 months*. Meanwhile, globally, 27% expect to spend more time on social media in the year ahead—peaking at 41% among 18-24 year olds. With costs under consumer scrutiny and digital content consumption rising, ad-supported content represents a growing opportunity for advertisers, with 59% open to ad-supported video streaming apps if it cuts prices. Brands must address attention fragmentation—or risk losing consumers Survey respondents reported that they believe they see between 1 and 50 ads per day—estimates suggest the true average figure is at least 4,000.** Where an ad appears determines its impact, according to consumers. YouTube dominates as the number one proprietary platform for securing the attention of respondents in 15 out of 18 countries surveyed—followed by Facebook (39%) and Instagram (28%).*** Newer platforms continue to attract consumer time and engagement. TikTok is rapidly growing, and 43% of 18-24 year olds report they plan on spending more time in the app over the next 12 months. Timing is essential with two thirds (66%) stating that they are more likely to pay attention if an ad captures their interest in the first five seconds. Shopping’s digital maturity presents a new opportunity for brands to make an impact Online shopping continues to grow as most consumers, 54%, report buying more items online now than they did pre-pandemic. Pre-purchase habits are also evolving, with over half (53%) highlighting they use digital content to inform planned purchases more often than they did before the pandemic. With two thirds (67%) of consumers saying they are more likely to pay attention to an ad if it’s relevant to the content they’re looking at—like reviews or gift ideas. This reinforces the importance of contextually relevant ad placements. Brand values are key as consumers reward action against inflammatory content, mis- and disinformation Likely exacerbated by polarized news and opinions, the majority of survey respondents (68%) are concerned that levels of mis- or disinformation**** are increasing—and brands must be conscious of ad adjacency. In fact, 61% would be less likely to purchase/use the brand again if they saw it advertised next to content that they determined to be mis- or disinformation. The majority of survey respondents (82%) state they have been exposed at some point to mis- or disinformation on social media. Brand action on mis- and disinformation will be rewarded with trust from consumers. The majority (69%) value brands that actively fight against mis- and disinformation and the same number (69%) state that companies that are genuine and authentic appeal to them. For the full 2022 ‘Four Fundamental Shifts in Advertising and Media’ report, visit: About DoubleVerify DoubleVerify (“DV”) (NYSE: DV) is a leading software platform for digital media measurement and analytics. Our mission is to make the digital advertising ecosystem stronger, safer and more secure, thereby preserving the fair value exchange between buyers and sellers of digital media. Hundreds of Fortune 500 advertisers employ our unbiased data and analytics to drive campaign quality and effectiveness, and to maximize return on their digital advertising investments – globally. Learn more at

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Moloco Appoints Ben Jeger as Vice President of EMEA to Accelerate Growth in the Region

Moloco | December 01, 2022

Moloco, a leader in machine learning and growth solutions for performance marketers, has announced the appointment of Ben Jeger as Vice President of EMEA. With over a decade of mobile app marketing experience, he will focus on delivering the next stage of Moloco’s growth in the EMEA region. Immediate priorities include increasing Moloco’s EMEA team of world-class talent to help businesses scale their performance ad campaigns, through Moloco Cloud DSP, which uses machine learning with Deep Neural Networks to optimise campaigns for the best return on ad spend. In addition, Ben’s team will support Moloco Retail Media Platform, which focuses on the unique needs of e-commerce marketplaces by enabling merchants to create ad campaigns that increase discoverability and sales through relevant ad placements to the right shoppers at the right time. With a wealth of experience driving business growth in the region, Jeger most recently served as Managing Director of Central Europe at AppsFlyer, having previously managed operations for the marketing analytics and attribution platform in DACH and the Nordics since 2016. Prior to this, he was the Senior Director, Client Services for EMEA at Fyber (now owned by Digital Turbine), an app growth and monetisation platform. While at Fyber, he led the business exchange for the region and helped drive the company’s development of the mobile business. “Ben joins the Moloco team at a significant time for the business. His regional leadership experience and exceptional business acumen will be of great value as we continue to grow our operations in EMEA,” said Sunil Rayan, Chief Business Officer at Moloco. “Ben joins the Moloco team at a significant time for the business. His regional leadership experience and exceptional business acumen will be of great value as we continue to grow our operations in EMEA,” said Sunil Rayan, Chief Business Officer at Moloco. “Ben’s expertise in mobile app marketing and attribution gives him a unique insight into our offering as we look to deliver machine-learning solutions for app publishers and e-commerce marketplaces. We are delighted to have Ben onboard and look forward to his leadership in elevating our presence in EMEA.” The Moloco EMEA business has been extremely successful in the mobile games space, where 70 out of the top 100 gaming apps are working with Moloco to drive their growth. With the appointment of Ben Jeger, Moloco can expand its reach to e-commerce, fintech, and delivery apps to deliver on its mission to enable businesses of all sizes to benefit from the power of machine learning. “Moloco is not only considered to be the fastest growing DSP, it has proven that its advanced machine learning engine thrives in a privacy-first world by utilising Deep Neural Networks and first-party data to provide customers the best return on their ad spend”, said Ben Jeger, VP of EMEA at Moloco. “Moloco’s unique tech offering, paired with a highly experienced leadership team and strong values makes this the most desirable career opportunity for me. I’m thrilled to join such a talented team and to lead the growth of the EMEA business.” About Moloco Moloco’s goal is to make the digital economy more equitable and profitable by delivering advanced machine learning to companies of all sizes. With Moloco’s machine learning platform for growth and performance, every app publisher and online retailer can now unlock the value of their unique, first-party data. Moloco Cloud DSP enables performance marketers to scale user acquisition quickly and achieve greater lifetime value through battle-tested prediction models. Moloco Retail Media Platform enables online retailers and marketplaces to establish their own performance ad business. Moloco was founded in 2013 by a team of former Google machine learning engineers. Headquartered in Redwood City, Calif., Moloco has nine offices across the US, UK, Korea, China, Japan, and Singapore. For more information, visit

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Neeva Launches in Canada to Reinvent Web Search With Tracking Free, Ad Free Engine

Neeva | December 14, 2022

Search engine Neeva has today launched in Canada to provide a safe, secure and ad-free web search platform alternative to Google; free of tracking, advertisements or affiliate links found in traditional search. Placing the control back into the hands of consumers, Neeva allows users to customize their web search experiences without the sway of corporate bias. Many consumers have had no choice but to settle for search engines like Google, which sells customer data to advertisers and allows for third party tracking – Neeva never sacrifices privacy for quality, with a focus on transparent and personalized ad-free web browsing. Founded by Sridhar Ramaswamy (ex-SVP of Ads at Google) and Vivek Raghunathan (ex-VP of Monetization at YouTube), Neeva is reinventing web search for good, challenging Google’s long-standing web-search reign. The company has raised over $80m from investors like Sequoia Capital, Greylock Ventures, Inovia Capital, and Neythri Futures Fund. Additionally, Neeva had a successful 2021 $40m Series B funding round. Neeva’s Canadian expansion follows a successful launch in Europe in October 2022. Within 24 hours of launch, Neeva had over 30k sign-ups and was the third most searched term on Google. In light of the growing demand for digital identity protections in Canada, Neeva delivers honest results without ever comprising user data. Free from the standard influence of Big Tech and advertisers, Neeva users are empowered to select their information sources, such as news outlets, shopping, travel and others based on personal preference and relevance. “The internet has evolved away from users and caters towards advertisers above all else. Canada has always been at the forefront when it comes to privacy, and we at Neeva are excited to officially bring our localized and private-first search engine to Canadians.” Neeva CEO Sridhar Ramaswamy To date, search alternatives have mostly offered stronger privacy but at the expense of diminished search quality. Since Neeva operates its own independent search stack (crawling, indexing and serving at scale), it never sacrifices accuracy for speed. Returning lightning-fast results with high levels of accuracy, drawing from an index of billions of web pages, all without ads. This unique independent search stack frees Neeva to rewrite the rules of the web search, developing user-first features with the sole principle of providing top tier results in the most efficient way possible, plus all with the strong privacy users should expect and demand from today’s internet experience. It’s easy for users to search across their most important personal documents while maintaining strict privacy controls, since Neeva enables connections to email, Dropbox, Slack, Figma, and others. Moreover, Neeva is leading a new frontier search by leveraging in-house LLMs and refined training models with its full system search stack to bring authentic real time AI search to the masses. NeevaAI solves two significant shortcomings of the current AI tools such as ChatGPT which are 1) the lack of references or citations associated with answers and 2) the failure to provide real time information. “Neeva is ready to challenge the corporate bias of Big Tech, giving consumers a long overdue improved searching and browsing experience,” said Mr. Ramaswamy. “The modern-day internet has become heavily ad-dependent for no reason other than Big Tech’s self-serving exploitation of consumers' data and privacy. With recent legislation and proposals in Canada that prioritize user privacy and limit Big Tech’s power over consumers, we’re excited to give Canadians an alternative option with Neeva.” About Neeva Neeva is the world’s first user-first private search engine. Neeva takes search back to its roots by focusing entirely on the user, delivering high quality results without any ads, giving users control over their sources, and protecting user privacy by blocking trackers. Neeva’s independent search stack offers rich visual experiences, integrates community forum content, and search over personal applications. Neeva also leverages in-house LLMs and refined training models with its independent full system search stack to deliver authentic real time AI search.

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Nexon and Hivestack activate a cross-border programmatic DOOH campaign from South Korea into Singapore

Nexon, Hivestack | November 29, 2022

Hivestack, the world’s leading, independent programmatic digital out of home (DOOH) ad tech company today announced the success of its first “inside-out” programmatic (DOOH) campaign for Nexon, a global pioneer in the world of interactive entertainment software offering more than 45 live games operated across more than 190 countries. Nexon leveraged the Hivestack DSP’s suite of data and audience targeting solutions to promote its popular ‘massively multiplayer online role-playing game’ (MMORPG) “MapleStory M'' to audiences across Singapore. The “inside-out” campaign that was planned from Seoul, South Korea and activated in Singapore targeted gaming enthusiasts on multiple DOOH screen environments including shopping malls, subway transit stations and on roadside. Leveraging its own first party data in addition to Hivestack’s predefined audience set of ‘video and computer gamers’, Nexon was able to determine its key target audience and promote the “MapleStory M” game to them within a selected radius or proximity geofence. Hoon Lee, VP Demand & Supply, Hivestack Korea commented, “We are incredibly excited to have launched the campaign with Nexon, a leading global gaming company." Hoon Lee, VP Demand & Supply, Hivestack Korea commented, “We are incredibly excited to have launched the campaign with Nexon, a leading global gaming company. Our world-class technology platform shows audience movement patterns confirming that consumers have resumed their activities outside of the home so the campaign has come at a crucial time to attract audiences at scale. Consumer trust in OOH advertising coupled with programmatic DOOH technology allowed Nexon to reinforce MapleStory M’s position in Singapore as one of the top rated games as well as solidify their position as global leaders in the future.” Woochang Lee, Deputy Department Manager of Marketing Engineering added, "Through Hivestack's DSP, Nexon could capture a massive target audience in Singapore in the right place and at the right time. We are delighted with the partnership and upon the success of this campaign, we have decided to do an additional campaign with Hivestack in November in Singapore to continue our global expansion together." In 2022, global mobile gaming revenues were estimated at $152.5bn USD, making it the biggest segment of the digital gaming market. Online games were ranked second with approximately $23.56bn in revenues. The total digital gaming market is projected to reach $285bn by 2027 giving rise to a huge opportunity for marketers of gaming companies to attract audiences in highly interactive out of home (OOH) environments. Programmatic (DOOH) offers a sophisticated, more targetable, measurable and impactful way to reach precise audiences outside the home. In addition to offering unparalleled targeting and measurement capabilities on a global scale, it also opens new revenue streams for media owners to drive additional programmatic revenue.

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