Google Tests ‘Curbside Pickup’ Badge for Local Shopping Ads to Help During COVID-19

Google | May 12, 2020

  • Google Shopping has launched a beta test noting "curbside pickup" to help brick-and-mortar retailers call out options for customers during COVID-19.

  • Google Ads has released an update to help local businesses trying to move inventory during COVID-19: a curbside pickup indicator.

  • The feature is available for sellers who use local inventory ads on Google Shopping, and it appears in black letters above the product photo.


What the Curbside Pickup Indicator Looks Like

The feature is available for sellers who use local inventory ads on Google Shopping, and it appears in black letters above the product photo.

Eligibility to Run

The feature is currently in beta, and only available to advertisers who have completed onboarding for store pickup and are running local inventory ads. This includes merchants who run on a Google Hosted Local Storefront, or Merchant Hosted Local Storefront.
The description of these features and experiences are explained further here.

Curbside Pickup Alerts Without Local Inventory Ads

If a business isn’t running local inventory ads, they can use their Google Business Profile to call out their pickup and delivery options.
Editing the attributes that appear on Search and Maps can make the options available to your customers clear.

What Are Local Inventory Ads?

Local Inventory Ads are a feature for brick and mortar retailers on Google Shopping. They allow retailers to specifically note if the item in the ad is available at the store.
Businesses can enable the Local Inventory Ad option by reviewing the qualifications for the program in their Merchant Center account, and enabling the feature.

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Then, they create a supplemental product feed, much as they would for a “regular” Google Shopping feed. There are some differences in the feed specifications for local inventory, including items like the store code and the quantity in stock for each item.
Once the feeds are uploaded, merchants can designate a contact for Google to work with that will coordinate the inventory verification. This process allows Google to verify you have the in-store inventory you’re claiming in your submitted feeds.
Ads are then eligible to run once inventory verification is complete.
Advertisers can then enable the “local products” feature in their campaign settings for each Shopping campaign that will use the local feature.



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Other News

Roku’s Clean Room Debuts for Advertisers Ahead of TV Upfronts

Roku, Inc. | April 23, 2022

Roku, Inc. (Nasdaq: ROKU) today announced Roku’s clean room, a privacy-first data collaboration environment that allows advertisers and agencies to use their encrypted first-party data to make planning and measuring advertising campaigns with Roku easier, all without relying on cookies or consortiums. Roku’s clean room is purpose-built for TV streaming. The planning and measurement capabilities make it the only clean room to use audience data and linear TV data from direct consumer relationships on Roku, America’s No. 1 TV streaming platform*. To get started, an advertiser loads their data into a secure environment. Roku’s clean room creates a secure connection between Roku data and the advertiser’s data. This allows brands to match their own data to Roku’s without sharing or exposing any identifiable data, all while protecting Roku consumers from direct identification. Within Roku’s clean room, advertisers then have the freedom to query matched data and run their own analyses to understand potential campaign reach, current audience delivery, and advertising impact on product sales and sign-ups. Roku’s clean room is built on top of Snowflake and its industry-leading Media Data Cloud technologies. “The future of TV advertising won’t rely on fragile cookies or consortiums, but on direct connection with actual consumers,” said Louqman Parampath, VP of Product Management, Roku. “We are thrilled to help marketers accelerate their shift to TV streaming by putting privacy and transparency first.” Omnicom Media Group, dentsu, Horizon Media, Icon Media Direct, and Camelot are all using Roku’s clean room today on live campaigns. Roku’s clean room is also directly integrated with OneView, Roku’s ad platform built for TV streaming, to make it easy for marketers to go from planning to buying without additional steps, third-party fees, or missed audiences. “Roku’s clean room allows us to provide Omnicom clients holistic, cross-screen measurement, planning and activation leveraging the Omni ID, which further expands our multi-party clean room capabilities,” says Adam Gitlin, president of Annalect. “Roku’s clean room allows us to provide Omnicom clients holistic, cross-screen measurement, planning and activation leveraging the Omni ID, which further expands our multi-party clean room capabilities,” says Adam Gitlin, president of Annalect, the data and analytics division that develops and manages Omnicom’s Omni orchestration platform. “We are very excited to integrate dentsu’s M1 identity platform with Roku’s clean room in Snowflake. This will allow us to seamlessly activate campaigns against our strategic audiences at the highest level of fidelity to maximize effectiveness,” Brad Stockton, SVP US Video Innovation, dentsu. Roku’s clean room will also be available to measurement providers in the Roku Measurement Partner Program, which includes more than 20 certified partners that help marketers understand the impact of ads on the Roku platform. Foursquare, a leading location technology platform, is using Roku’s clean room so that brands can better personalize and attribute their ad campaigns in OneView across devices and platforms. To learn more, visit About Roku, Inc. Roku pioneered streaming to the TV. We connect users to the streaming content they love, enable content publishers to build and monetize large audiences, and provide advertisers with unique capabilities to engage consumers. Roku streaming players and TV-related audio devices are available in the U.S. and in select countries through direct retail sales and licensing arrangements with service operators. Roku TV™ models are available in the U.S. and in select countries through licensing arrangements with TV OEM brands. Roku is headquartered in San Jose, Calif. U.S.A.

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MiQ Makes End-to-End, Carbon Neutral Digital Advertising Campaigns a Reality

MiQ, Scope3 | April 25, 2022

As companies target ways to minimize their carbon footprints and achieve climate goals and commitments, global programmatic media partner MiQ has announced that the company is working with agencies and brands to execute carbon neutral digital advertising campaigns. This new offering, powered by Scope3 – the source of truth for supply chain emissions data – delivers the ability to measure, report, reduce, and offset carbon emissions across the supply chain, helping customers make carbon-aware decisions regarding their digital advertising spend. To date, MiQ has measured the carbon emissions of more than 300 million ad impressions using Scope3's data platform. "Digital advertising is a $455 billion industry that has been overlooked as a source of significant supply chain emissions,” said Brian O’Kelley, CEO of Scope3. "Digital advertising is a $455 billion industry that has been overlooked as a source of significant supply chain emissions,” said Brian O’Kelley, CEO of Scope3. “The reality, however, is that the ecosystem relies on millions of servers to power ad serving, real-time bidding, machine learning, and a myriad of related functions. As more and more companies look to fold digital into their climate goals, sustainable advertising has and will increasingly become part of that equation. Scope3’s data platform powers the carbon-aware planning, reporting, data integration, and decision-making capabilities partners need to drive innovation and climate accountability into every engagement.” MiQ and Scope3 combine the strengths of deep programmatic advertising data with Scope 3 emission modeling to ensure clients have complete visibility into their digital ad ecosystems, programmatic supply chains, and overall contributions to Scope 3 emissions. MiQ’s granular data from customer campaigns identifies exactly where and when ads run online and is paired with Scope3’s accurate, comprehensive, and independent emissions modeling data for clients to effectively assess, reduce, and offset their carbon emissions. “The advertising industry has discussed sustainability for years, but in 2022 and beyond, innovating and advancing the way we actually achieve this will be paramount to long-term change for all,” said John Goulding, global chief strategy officer for MiQ. “MiQ is committed to fulfilling this mission and creating more eco-conscious and carbon-efficient strategies for brands and their advertisers. As such, we believe that the future of campaign measurement must include the ability to understand and minimize the environmental impact of digital advertising, and we’re excited by what we’ve started to accomplish thus far.” Continued Goulding, “That said, we’re only just getting started, and we’re working toward a future where advertisers can actually reduce the impact of their creatives, steer money towards publishers who are responsible and who optimize their sites, and the cultivation of an ecosystem rooted in sustainable business practices from the onset. We look forward to leading these efforts industry-wide and making this a reality for all.” About MiQ We’re MiQ, a programmatic media partner for marketers and agencies. We connect data from multiple sources to do interesting, exciting, business-problem-solving things for our clients. We’re experts in data science, analytics and programmatic trading, and our team of people are always ready to react and solve challenges quickly, to make sure you’re always spending your media investments on the right things in the right places. Headquartered in London, MiQ has offices across North America, Europe and Asia Pacific. We work with the world’s leading brands and media agencies such as Marriott, Dell, Mercedes, Microsoft, GroupM, Dentsu and IPG. We were named to AdExchanger's Programmatic Power Players list in 2021 and 2020, were awarded Most Effective Use of Data at The Drum’s Digital Industries Awards 2021 and named 4th in The Sunday Times International Track 200 for 2019. MiQ operates globally from 18 offices located in North America, Europe and APAC. You can find out more here: About Scope3 Scope3 is the source of truth for supply chain emissions data. For organizations seeking to make carbon-aware business decisions, Scope3 is the standard that delivers an accurate, comprehensive, and independent emissions model for every company in the digital ecosystem. Today, companies rely on Scope3 to measure, report and offset their carbon emissions from digital initiatives and move closer to achieving net-zero carbon emissions goals.

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ICE Launches Multi-Faceted Global Brand and Advertising Campaign

Intercontinental Exchange | March 24, 2022

Intercontinental Exchange, Inc. (NYSE: ICE), a leading global provider of data, technology and market infrastructure, today unveiled its global brand campaign, called “Make the Connection,” which further unifies ICE’s businesses under one broad theme. Elements of the campaign include contributions from a cast of influencers from varied walks of life, united around the powerful idea of making connections, something ICE has done in global markets since its founding in 2000. Buttressing the spot is behind-the-scenes storytelling and social media content bringing to life each part of ICE’s businesses, helping new audiences learn about the company and its global impact. As part of this effort, ICE has updated its branding across the organization, including the New York Stock Exchange, to highlight the cohesion and interconnectedness of the company’s network of technology driven solutions. “We founded our company two decades ago around the simple idea of making opaque processes transparent and analog workflows digital,” said Jeff Sprecher, Founder, Chair and CEO of ICE. “We founded our company two decades ago around the simple idea of making opaque processes transparent and analog workflows digital,” said Jeff Sprecher, Founder, Chair and CEO of ICE. “Those goals manifested themselves in many ways, with the end result of using data, technology and our expertise to connect people to opportunity. Our new campaign celebrates those connections.” The new campaign, part of ICE’s two-year “One Company, One Brand” initiative, is led by Stephanie Dobbs Brown, ICE’s Chief Marketing Officer, and created by Prosek Partners’ new strategic branding group, Prophecy by Prosek. “Over time, ICE’s imprint on global markets has become much broader than its formal name, Intercontinental Exchange, and the brand campaign positions ICE as continually evolving to support the complex needs of the customers we serve,” said Dobbs Brown. “We’re thrilled to tell the ICE story as one cohesive organization while reflecting the company’s longstanding commitment to evolving and uniting its businesses around technology and connectivity.” The cast of “Make the Connection” includes: Zak Brown, CEO of McLaren Racing, who aligns with ICE as a strategic consumer and user of data to create a competitive advantage for his teams -- something ICE’s customers do every day. Peter Tuchman and Rose Han, who harness data and technology to help customers create value in the equity markets, make connections that raise capital to change the world and help followers grow nest eggs at the same time. Thomas Healy, CEO of a NYSE-listed company, who deploys capital from his SPAC to usher in the global energy transition to tractor trailers. Egypt Sherrod, a change maker in the real estate space, who exemplifies the dream of homeownership, which ICE makes more efficient through automation and technology. Erin Ashley Simon, a pioneer in gaming, who succeeds by redefining the rules of the game, which ICE has done since its inception. Eduardo Cassol and Roberta Montibeller, the creators and crew of YouTube’s “Odd Life Crafting,” who achieve their ambition of living and working transparently, like ICE’s customers, by setting audacious -- some say “unattainable” -- goals and charting a course to get there. Nur Robertson, an up-and-coming musician and student of Long Island University’s Roc Nation School of Music, Sports and Entertainment. With special guest cameo appearances by YouTubers Mark Wiens and the Expedition Evans team (Brett and Jade Evans). The multi-faceted campaign, which includes a commercial shot on location around the world by cutting-edge director Ahn Vu, begins airing today on linear and digital platforms. Beyond the 60-second spot, ICE’s campaign allows people to learn more about its featured influencers through behind-the-scenes content, audio, out-of-home advertising and social media. About Intercontinental Exchange Intercontinental Exchange, Inc. (NYSE: ICE) is a Fortune 500 company that designs, builds and operates digital networks to connect people to opportunity. We provide financial technology and data services across major asset classes that offer our customers access to mission-critical workflow tools that increase transparency and operational efficiencies. We operate exchanges, including the New York Stock Exchange, and clearing houses that help people invest, raise capital and manage risk across multiple asset classes. Our comprehensive fixed income data services and execution capabilities provide information, analytics and platforms that help our customers capitalize on opportunities and operate more efficiently. At ICE Mortgage Technology, we are transforming and digitizing the U.S. residential mortgage process, from consumer engagement through loan registration. Together, we transform, streamline and automate industries to connect our customers to opportunity.

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Zype to Preview New Capabilities for OTT Apps Publishing, Analytics and Monetization at NAB Show

Zype | April 19, 2022

Zype, the leading video API and infrastructure platform, today announced that the company will be revealing new product innovations and integrations for OTT video publishers during this year’s NAB Show. Zype representatives will be in Las Vegas to showcase the new capabilities of the Zype Platform at the NAB Show from April 23rd to April 27th. With Zype, video publishers can distribute content worldwide to a network that is poised to grow exponentially with every new smart TV sold. Zype powers more than 1400 video apps and playout channels from a platform that reaches 30M monthly users and serves over 20B video API requests per month. Those interested in meeting with the Zype team at the show may submit a meeting request here. Over the past year, Zype has made significant investments to cater to audiences looking for top-tier, end-to-end video distribution solutions for the OTT market. Leading with cloud-based solutions for video content management and distribution, monetization, playout and app publishing, Zype enables content publishers to succeed in OTT video distribution whether they’re interested in launching FAST channels on digital linear distributors, or building automated streaming apps across web, mobile, tablet, and connected TV destinations. At the NAB Show, Zype will be premiering new capabilities of the Zype Platform including: Zype Apps Creator - Build and launch beautiful no-code apps for OTT streaming with the latest generation of Zype Apps Creator and expand video reach to new device ecosystems quickly and reliably New Features in Playout 2.0 - From live video insert capabilities, to advanced advertising tools, to its intuitive horizontal programming timeline, Zype’s 2021 NAB Product of the Year-winning Playout 2.0 incorporates must-have functionality into an intuitive interface to make playout distribution a breeze Advanced Advertising Capabilities - Zype’s latest integrations with partners like IRIS.TV and TripleLift enable customers to better monetize their videos and generate more revenue through better ad experiences for end-users including native in-program advertising opportunities and advertising that is contextually relevant to adjacent content Advanced Analytics Tools - Decipher first-party streaming data with Zype’s suite of analytics tools and that present a consolidated view across all publishing platforms with the ability to leverage add-ons for geo-analytics, quality of experience analytics, and data alerting capabilities Last week, Zype announced its acquisition by Backlight, a global media technology company composed of five innovative and fast-growing media software businesses whose cloud-based solutions dramatically improve every step of the media content lifecycle. At the NAB Show, Zype will be joined by three other Backlight businesses — ftrack, the creator of award-winning production tracking, interactive media review, and team collaboration platforms; iconik (booth #N1743), a cloud-native, SaaS media management solution that allows users to share files from any storage, collaborate on video, and enrich media with AI for high searchability; and Wildmoka, a leading platform for the creation of digital content from Sports, News and Entertainment. About Zype Zype provides infrastructure for digital video, with a cloud-based platform to manage and distribute enterprise-grade video across web, mobile, TV, and social media. Offering both developer-friendly tools such as customizable APIs as well as turnkey solutions for automated app publishing and playout, Zype's SaaS enables video creators, publishers or distributors to quickly build, launch and manage superior video products at scale. With a wide ecosystem of video connectors and technology partners and an award-winning support team, Zype's customers confidently increase reach, engagement and monetization by delivering premium entertainment experiences. Founded in 2014 and acquired by Backlight in 2021, Zype is a privately held company with more than 300 customers worldwide.

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