National CineMedia Partners with RAD AI to Enhance Audience Engagement

National CineMedia | February 15, 2022

National CineMedia today announced a strategic partnership with Rad Intelligence (RAD AI), leveraging the power of recommendation and referral with machine learning to drive distribution of advertisers' messages through targeted social influencer networks.

RAD AI's marketing platform uses machine learning (ML) and natural language technologies to deliver authentic content specifically tailored for today's savvy audience. The partnership recently completed a year-long test of the RAD AI influencer solution across 10 regional NCM campaigns for select advertisers in categories such as education, government, recruitment and healthcare, with positive results. The offering will be expanded to national advertisers in 2022.

Discussing the partnership, NCM's Executive Vice President & Chief Revenue Officer Mike Rosen said: "Often regional advertisers are hesitant to work with influencers due to confusion about how to create targeted, affordable, and effective campaigns. What we love most about the partnership is how it deepens our ability to demonstrate campaign performance and return-on-investment to NCM advertisers at all levels. With RAD AI, we're able to provide a fully customizable, turnkey, affordable offering that guarantees the right eyeballs on the content each influencer creates and clearly shows how these campaigns impact the brand's entire digital footprint," Rosen said.

RAD AI CEO Jeremy Barnett commented: "RAD AI is proud to work closely with NCM to develop and execute authentic, effective marketing campaigns. By combining our storytelling craft with our AI platform, we work with clients to ensure that marketing campaigns resonate with customers on both a rational and emotional level. We strive to create campaigns that customers will appreciate, respond to, and never forget."

About National CineMedia, Inc.
National CineMedia (NCM) is America's Movie Network. As the largest cinema advertising network in the U.S., NCM unites brands with the power of movies and engages movie fans anytime and anywhere. NCM's Noovie® pre-show is presented exclusively in 50 leading national and regional theater circuits including AMC Entertainment Inc. (NYSE: AMC), Cinemark Holdings, Inc. (NYSE: CNK) and Regal Entertainment Group (a subsidiary of Cineworld Group PLC. LON: CINE). NCM's cinema advertising network offers broad reach and unparalleled audience engagement with over 20,700 screens in over 1,600 theaters in 195 Designated Market Areas® (all of the top 50). NCM Digital goes beyond the big screen, extending in-theater campaigns into online and mobile marketing programs to reach entertainment audiences. National CineMedia, Inc. (NASDAQ: NCMI) owns a 48.3% interest in, and is the managing member of, National CineMedia, LLC. 

About Rad Intelligence
Rad Intelligence (RAD AI) is the world's first marketing platform with an EQ. Enterprise brands use RAD AI to create authentic, diverse and inclusive storytelling and guide their entire marketing mix including influencers, blogs, emails, landing pages and paid social. We strive to create digital programming our clients' customers will never forget. Today, our client base includes fortune 500 brands in travel/hospitality, entertainment, finance and healthcare.


Michel Wedel, the PepsiCo Professor of Consumer Science, gives his Distinguished Scholar-Teacher Lecture on his eye-tracker research.

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Appsumer Report: Apple Privacy Measures Provides a Boost for Apple Search Ads and Favors Large Advertisers

Appsumer | September 07, 2022

Appsumer, a leading performance insights platform for mobile app advertisers by InMobi, unveiled its benchmark report on how major advertisers are leveraging the top sources for app downloads, analyzed through advertiser channel adoption and share-of-wallet. The report provides a snapshot of advertiser behavior from second quarter 2021 to the second quarter 2022 and reveals that Apple has gotten a significant boost to Apple Search Ads (ASA) as a result of their AppTrackingTransparency (ATT) initiatives, while Facebook and Snap saw declines in both share-of-wallet and market share. The report also revealed that smaller advertisers continue to struggle with the increasing complexity of cross-channel advertising; while the number of channels used didn’t move significantly, the underlying data shows more detail on how larger and smaller marketers adjusted channel mix. Large advertisers increased the channels used year-over-year by an average of 1.4 channels to a total of 10.7. In contrast, smaller advertisers decreased the channels used on average by 1.1 year-over-year to 2.5. “There is a clear divide between the success of larger advertisers and the struggle of smaller advertisers,” explains Shumel Lais, General Manager of Appsumer by InMobi. “There is a clear divide between the success of larger advertisers and the struggle of smaller advertisers,” explains Shumel Lais, General Manager of Appsumer by InMobi. “The largest advertisers likely increased channels to maintain volume when performance dipped on some channels. Smaller advertisers frequently lack the creative, data and optimization resources to diversify quickly across channels.” Lais recommends that smaller app players consider building lean experimentation processes to help diversify channels, and a cost-effective data infrastructure can help provide valuable insights into the complexities of cross-channel measurement in a post-ATT world. The report's findings also highlight the shifts among market leaders, including: ASA joins the duopoly of Meta and Google at the top table of advertiser adoption, with adoption growing nearly four percentage points to 94.8%, while Meta adoption declined three percentage points to 82.8%. ASA’s share-of-wallet rose five percentage points, reaching a 15% share. Apple’s first-party data advantage on iOS for both measurement and targeting has helped, but they will need more inventory, which is why rumors of an Apple DSP are swirling. Meta’s share-of-wallet declined four percentage points year-over-year, still finishing significantly ahead of ASA with a 28% share. However, the data reveals that Meta saw an increase of share-of-wallet in early 2022, suggesting that they’re starting to recover from initial ATT headwinds. Snap lost 50% of their share-of-wallet and was impacted by both the current economic climate and ATT headwinds. However, while adoption declined three percentage points to 32.7%, it bounced back from 25.4% in the first quarter of 2022. Snap may recover its share-of-wallet in coming quarters as adoption growth can be seen as a leading indicator. TikTok pulled ahead of Snap for both advertiser adoption and share-of-wallet. However, TikTok’s advertiser adoption declined nearly seven percentage points to 43.2%. Their share-of-wallet remained steady at 3% suggesting that some advertisers are succeeding, while others are struggling to come to grips with the platform. iOS versions that enabled ATT reached mass adoption in June 2021, allowing the report to offer full comparative year-over-year analysis of its impact on mobile app advertisers. The Appsumer Benchmark Report data comes from a longitudinal study that looked at more than 100 North America and European consumer mobile apps with a median spend of $350,000 per month between the second quarter of 2021 and the second quarter of 2022. Assessments ensured that no single advertiser represented more than 20% of the dataset to avoid a single advertiser from dominating or skewing the results. For a copy of the Benchmark Report, visit here. For more information on Appsumer and its offerings, visit About Appsumer Appsumer, is a leading performance insights platform built for performance marketing teams at consumer mobile apps who want to accelerate user acquisition more effectively. Appsumer aggregates and normalizes cross-channel cost, attribution, revenue, and predictive data and visualizes it in an easy-to-use business intelligence (BI) tool for user acquisition (UA) teams. This gives marketers a single tool where they can make more effective optimization decisions and improve performance. Appsumer, part of InMobi, supports user acquisition teams at top-grossing consumer mobile apps worldwide including Lovoo, Miniclip, Trainline, and Picsart. For more information on Appsumer, visit

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Proxima Releases Survey That Shows Where Advertisers Are Placing Their Bets For 2023

Proxima | November 16, 2022

Despite disappointing Q3 earnings for major ad platforms, a recent survey from data science company, Proxima, shows that marketers remain committed to ad platforms, even after a year of chaos and low satisfaction rates. While investors are scrutinizing the valuations of these platforms, the majority of consumer brands remain committed to digital advertising, both old and new channels, while seeking new ways to improve customer targeting. Approximately 80% of respondents report plans to maintain or increase their digital marketing budgets, including their spend on social media platforms, over the next quarter. With 40% of respondents reporting a negative impact on marketing effectiveness from Apple’s privacy changes, nearly 100% invested in at least one way to enhance performance including the use of attribution software, third-party data solutions, partnering with like-minded brands or investing more in creative development. Proxima surveyed more than 150 consumer retail brands to gauge how the changes in digital advertising over the past year have impacted their advertising budgets, overall effectiveness and future plans. Roughly half the respondents noted their top two challenges to marketing effectiveness have been “limited budgets” and “difficulty reaching their target customer,” with a disproportionate impact felt by smaller brands. “The combination of Apple’s new privacy policy, the economic environment and continuing supply chain issues have made 2022 one of the most chaotic years for consumer retail advertisers,” said Alex Song, CEO and founder of Proxima. “The combination of Apple’s new privacy policy, the economic environment and continuing supply chain issues have made 2022 one of the most chaotic years for consumer retail advertisers,” said Alex Song, CEO and founder of Proxima. “However, marketers are not walking away from these platforms and our data suggests that many brands are in fact finding innovation in the chaos and are prepared to embrace the upheaval moving forward.” Additional survey findings include: 75% of companies remain committed to industry leader, Facebook, despite roughly 60% reporting being neutral or dissatisfied with the ad platform. The marketing leaders surveyed show the greatest optimism for Google, with 85% of respondents planning to either increase or maintain their Google spend, suggesting brands are seeing dependable results in paid search. Advertisers may still be willing to experiment with platforms like TikTok that are growing in popularity but still maturing in their ability to deliver for advertisers. Roughly 43% of companies surveyed plan on increasing their TikTok spend, despite TikTok showing some of the lowest satisfaction scores, with 46% reporting dissatisfaction with the platform. Brands addressing targeting challenges head on are making progress. Just over 30% of participants report using third-party data solutions to increase marketing effectiveness, with 60% finding improved targeting and increased return on advertising spend (ROAS). As marketers look to 2023, they are identifying new ways to increase advertising effectiveness through partnership marketing, investing in creative and implementing third-party solutions. “Proxima is the key to customer acquisition after Apple’s privacy shake-up,” said Randall Stainton, Director of Growth, Finn. “They’ve been instrumental in improving advertising efficiency and helping us find new customers to grow our business.” About Proxima Proxima uniquely leverages a proprietary database of anonymized consumer data to help brands better reach the right consumers across all major platforms. Proxima is platform agnostic and delivers a return on advertising spend that’s on average 40% more efficient than standard campaigns. Some of Proxima’s customers include KISS, Apt2B, Kindra, Act + Acre Haircare, Gobble and more.

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Hubvisor Enters a New Expansion Phase with a Game-Changing Ad Tech Product Line Used by Half of the Top 30 Publishers in France.

Hubvisor | September 19, 2022

Hubvisor announces today the reconfiguration of its solutions around three flagship products: MAESTRO, LENSE and DIRECT PATH. These products have been carefully crafted and are used by half of the top 30 publishers in France, including Le Figaro, Dailymotion, Adevinta/Leboncoin, TF1, and many more. These three products form a suite of never-seen-before ad tech products and are therefore only available in an all-in-one format. MAESTRO is the ultimate orchestration system for publishers. It features dozens of homemade technologies, including a wrapper and countless optimisation modules). Like an orchestra conductor, it is : Neutral: Maestro harmonises the competition between all the vendors that a publisher already has. Simple: Maestro can be activated in a few days, on all types of environments and formats. - Efficient. Maestro brings an average revenue increment of +60% by combining all available optimisation bricks. This is achieved without any additional demand from the publisher's existing partners. LENSE is a game changing dashboard. It allows the publisher to consult in real time everything that MAESTRO does and the metrics related to the publisher's digital advertising: The revenues generated and the dimensions of their source (be it bidders, DSPs, buyers, advertisers, sites, locations or environment) communicated by the publisher's partners are aggregated and rendered via an intuitive interface. Web performance of the publisher's advertising, including the time response of each partner and SSP. Analysis of future optimisation opportunities for the publisher. A complete deployment history to observe and store, in real time, the full granularity of what MAESTRO executes. A complete historical view of the deployments Hubvisor’s team made. Controls on the MAESTRO wrapper : managing floor prices and stopping bidders on certain inventories has never been easier. DIRECT PATH is Hubvisor's revolutionary SPO system. It allows a technical disintermediation of the value chain. It guarantees direct communication between the DSP’s purchasing systems and the publisher without the intervention of third party servers. DIRECT PATH allows to : Significantly reduce the costs incurred in the value chain. Significantly reduce latency due to servers. Significantly reduce the energy consumption of the programmatic value chain. - Guarantee total transparency of information between the buyer and the publisher - Guarantee an optimal identification rate close to 100% (cookie match) in the absence of intermediate servers in the value chain. Sylvain Travers, founder and CEO of Hubvisor, commented, "This reconfiguration aims to clarify our activities and make them more accessible to international publishers. We have taken great care to develop these breakthrough innovations over the past three years, and we now want to make them accessible to as many people as possible”. Sylvain Travers, founder and CEO of Hubvisor, commented, "This reconfiguration aims to clarify our activities and make them more accessible to international publishers. We have taken great care to develop these breakthrough innovations over the past three years, and we now want to make them accessible to as many people as possible”. About Hubvisor Founded in 2017, Hubvisor is a Publisher focused ad tech provider driving yield through fair auction dynamics and increased insight within the monetisation stack. This is done through a state-of-the-art header bidding wrapper and dozens of technical modules meant to simplify publishers’ daily operations all the while scaling up their ad business. Our mission at Hubvisor is to help publishers regain control of how their inventory is valued. We believe in transparency for all, optimal and fair yields and maximum performance for our Publishers.

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Looka Inc. Designs Winning Ad Strategy with Microsoft Advertising

Looka Inc. | October 07, 2022

Looka Inc., a leading AI-powered design platform further establishes its online advertising strategy through multi-media ads with Microsoft Advertising. Looka users currently face a significant challenge of building awareness among targeted audiences – and with the value of search advertising continuing to grow, multimedia ads can help a brand communicate its value, amplify product discovery, inspire action, and build brand loyalty through rich ad format. Microsoft introduced multimedia ads in 2021 – a responsive ad format to effectively combine headlines, descriptions, and images, by delivering attention-grabbing large visual ads. “For a logo design and branding company like Looka — where visuals are a key selling point — Multimedia Ads from Microsoft Advertising have proven to be an effective addition to our acquisition portfolio,” said Matthew Sison, Growth Manager, Looka. “Not only do they take up more real estate in the search results page, which allows us to showcase our customers' beautiful logos, but they drive fantastic business results.” The impact of this strategic partnership has been significant – after adopting the visually attention-grabbing Multimedia Ads, Looka has seen a 200% increase in return on ad spend and the ads now account for 25% of revenue generated by Looka’s customer acquisition campaigns. "It's been exciting to partner with Looka," Says Vi Nguyen, Sr. Product Marketing Manager of Microsoft Multimedia Ads (MMA) "It's been exciting to partner with Looka," Says Vi Nguyen, Sr. Product Marketing Manager of Microsoft Multimedia Ads (MMA), “Through our partnership, Multimedia ads have helped Looka stand out and get noticed allowing them to enrich their brand storytelling.” Since its inception in 2016, Looka has generated over 200 million logos for its users and has since built a business name generator, print shop, website builder, domain registrar, and a complete marketing stack: Brand Kit. Looka’s Brand Kit subscribers can now get $250 in multimedia ad credits when brands spend $50. Learn more on how you can design a custom logo and market your business: Looka: How it Works. About Looka Inc. Looka is an AI-powered logo maker that provides business owners with a quick and affordable way to create a beautiful brand. Since launching as Logojoy in 2016, the company has served over nine and a half million people in 188 countries. Looka provides businesses with logos, social media assets, business card designs, and websites. Learn more at

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