Proxima Releases Survey That Shows Where Advertisers Are Placing Their Bets For 2023

Proxima | November 16, 2022 | Read time : 05:00 min

Proxima Releases Survey
Despite disappointing Q3 earnings for major ad platforms, a recent survey from data science company, Proxima, shows that marketers remain committed to ad platforms, even after a year of chaos and low satisfaction rates. While investors are scrutinizing the valuations of these platforms, the majority of consumer brands remain committed to digital advertising, both old and new channels, while seeking new ways to improve customer targeting. Approximately 80% of respondents report plans to maintain or increase their digital marketing budgets, including their spend on social media platforms, over the next quarter.

With 40% of respondents reporting a negative impact on marketing effectiveness from Apple’s privacy changes, nearly 100% invested in at least one way to enhance performance including the use of attribution software, third-party data solutions, partnering with like-minded brands or investing more in creative development.

Proxima surveyed more than 150 consumer retail brands to gauge how the changes in digital advertising over the past year have impacted their advertising budgets, overall effectiveness and future plans. Roughly half the respondents noted their top two challenges to marketing effectiveness have been “limited budgets” and “difficulty reaching their target customer,” with a disproportionate impact felt by smaller brands.

“The combination of Apple’s new privacy policy, the economic environment and continuing supply chain issues have made 2022 one of the most chaotic years for consumer retail advertisers,” said Alex Song, CEO and founder of Proxima.

“The combination of Apple’s new privacy policy, the economic environment and continuing supply chain issues have made 2022 one of the most chaotic years for consumer retail advertisers,” said Alex Song, CEO and founder of Proxima. “However, marketers are not walking away from these platforms and our data suggests that many brands are in fact finding innovation in the chaos and are prepared to embrace the upheaval moving forward.”

Additional survey findings include:
  • 75% of companies remain committed to industry leader, Facebook, despite roughly 60% reporting being neutral or dissatisfied with the ad platform.
  • The marketing leaders surveyed show the greatest optimism for Google, with 85% of respondents planning to either increase or maintain their Google spend, suggesting brands are seeing dependable results in paid search.
  • Advertisers may still be willing to experiment with platforms like TikTok that are growing in popularity but still maturing in their ability to deliver for advertisers. Roughly 43% of companies surveyed plan on increasing their TikTok spend, despite TikTok showing some of the lowest satisfaction scores, with 46% reporting dissatisfaction with the platform.
  • Brands addressing targeting challenges head on are making progress. Just over 30% of participants report using third-party data solutions to increase marketing effectiveness, with 60% finding improved targeting and increased return on advertising spend (ROAS).

As marketers look to 2023, they are identifying new ways to increase advertising effectiveness through partnership marketing, investing in creative and implementing third-party solutions.

“Proxima is the key to customer acquisition after Apple’s privacy shake-up,” said Randall Stainton, Director of Growth, Finn. “They’ve been instrumental in improving advertising efficiency and helping us find new customers to grow our business.”

About Proxima
Proxima uniquely leverages a proprietary database of anonymized consumer data to help brands better reach the right consumers across all major platforms. Proxima is platform agnostic and delivers a return on advertising spend that’s on average 40% more efficient than standard campaigns. Some of Proxima’s customers include KISS, Apt2B, Kindra, Act + Acre Haircare, Gobble and more.


You will often see that your items are having a good number of clicks and orders. But, if there are repeated purchases?
Isn’t it that great! There are millions of items out there and it's pretty normal for a customer to lose track to purchase a product again later. To solve this issue, amazon offers an option in their Display ads to retarget those customers.

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Nexon and Hivestack activate a cross-border programmatic DOOH campaign from South Korea into Singapore

Nexon, Hivestack | November 29, 2022

Hivestack, the world’s leading, independent programmatic digital out of home (DOOH) ad tech company today announced the success of its first “inside-out” programmatic (DOOH) campaign for Nexon, a global pioneer in the world of interactive entertainment software offering more than 45 live games operated across more than 190 countries. Nexon leveraged the Hivestack DSP’s suite of data and audience targeting solutions to promote its popular ‘massively multiplayer online role-playing game’ (MMORPG) “MapleStory M'' to audiences across Singapore. The “inside-out” campaign that was planned from Seoul, South Korea and activated in Singapore targeted gaming enthusiasts on multiple DOOH screen environments including shopping malls, subway transit stations and on roadside. Leveraging its own first party data in addition to Hivestack’s predefined audience set of ‘video and computer gamers’, Nexon was able to determine its key target audience and promote the “MapleStory M” game to them within a selected radius or proximity geofence. Hoon Lee, VP Demand & Supply, Hivestack Korea commented, “We are incredibly excited to have launched the campaign with Nexon, a leading global gaming company." Hoon Lee, VP Demand & Supply, Hivestack Korea commented, “We are incredibly excited to have launched the campaign with Nexon, a leading global gaming company. Our world-class technology platform shows audience movement patterns confirming that consumers have resumed their activities outside of the home so the campaign has come at a crucial time to attract audiences at scale. Consumer trust in OOH advertising coupled with programmatic DOOH technology allowed Nexon to reinforce MapleStory M’s position in Singapore as one of the top rated games as well as solidify their position as global leaders in the future.” Woochang Lee, Deputy Department Manager of Marketing Engineering added, "Through Hivestack's DSP, Nexon could capture a massive target audience in Singapore in the right place and at the right time. We are delighted with the partnership and upon the success of this campaign, we have decided to do an additional campaign with Hivestack in November in Singapore to continue our global expansion together." In 2022, global mobile gaming revenues were estimated at $152.5bn USD, making it the biggest segment of the digital gaming market. Online games were ranked second with approximately $23.56bn in revenues. The total digital gaming market is projected to reach $285bn by 2027 giving rise to a huge opportunity for marketers of gaming companies to attract audiences in highly interactive out of home (OOH) environments. Programmatic (DOOH) offers a sophisticated, more targetable, measurable and impactful way to reach precise audiences outside the home. In addition to offering unparalleled targeting and measurement capabilities on a global scale, it also opens new revenue streams for media owners to drive additional programmatic revenue.

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Estrella Media Taps FreeWheel to Accelerate Growth of Connected TV Advertising for Its Spanish Language Digital Channels

Estrella Media, Inc. | December 15, 2022

Estrella Media, the transformative Spanish-language media company serving a diverse multiplatform Hispanic audience in the US, today announced that it has partnered with FreeWheel, a global technology platform for the TV advertising industry, to expand its connected TV (CTV) advertising business. The partnership will enable both companies to elevate and support the enormous growth of Hispanic CTV across the valuable Estrella Media platforms thru EstrellaTV, Estrella News, Cine EstrellaTV, Estrella Games and the EstrellaTV App. Estrella drove over 1.33 billion streaming minutes of its original content in November with a third of it on CTV, including the hit reality series Rica Famosa Latina, the venerated Premios de la Radio Regional Mexican music awards, the scripted Latin comedy Norteados con Don Cheto and five daily news shows on Estrella News including 24 Horas. While more and more households across the US consume CTV, there has also been a critical consumption shift within Hispanic households. According to Nielsen research, Hispanic households over-index on CTV consumption compared to the average US household. Per Horowitz Research, seven in 10 Hispanic TV content viewers watch Spanish-language programming, up 11% from last year. Furthermore, the share of Hispanic TV content viewers who rely only on streaming has continued its upward trajectory: 38% of Hispanic only subscribe to streaming services and not to an MVPD. Today, Estrella is one of the largest US producers of Spanish-language video and audio content for multiplatform distribution worldwide, with a library of over 20,000 hours of original video content. By leveraging FreeWheel’s advanced technology, the media company is on track to accelerate its growth into the valuable CTV space across FAST and AVOD. "Our passionate audience is watching more CTV than ever before,” said René Santaella, Chief Digital & Streaming Officer. "We need to make sure they get an excellent free ad-supported experience surrounding the content they love. FreeWheel is helping our ad sales operation achieve better ROI on CTV so everyone wins.” FreeWheel will power Estrella’s comprehensive revenue strategy for direct and programmatic monetization to reach Hispanic audiences, including all CTV and OTT inventory. "As audiences fragment across screens, programmers and advertisers need solutions that can help them find and scale this viewership across CTV. Estrella is seeing significant growth with the important US Hispanic market across its CTV audiences. We're thrilled to be a key partner to help the company drive and monetize this business.” Katy Loria, Chief Revenue Officer at FreeWheel. About Estrella Media, Inc. Estrella Media is a leading Spanish-language media company and one of the largest US producers of Spanish-language video and audio content for multiplatform distribution worldwide, with over 20,000 hours of original video content. Estrella Media's content studio feeds all its digital and linear media platforms, including EstrellaTV, its national broadcast television network that is seen in over 60 million US households on 16 owned or operated stations and 33 affiliated stations, as well as through cable and satellite providers and digital streaming platforms; Estrella News, the first 24/7 Spanish-language multiplatform digital news network in the US; and Estrella Games, the first 24/7 curated Spanish-language game show channel in the US In 2021, Estrella Media's digital content surpassed one billion viewership minutes.

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Go Addressable and Advertiser Perceptions Poll Finds 81% of Advertisers are Satisfied with Addressable TV Advertising

Go Addressable, Advertiser Perceptions | November 18, 2022

Go Addressable, an industry initiative created by television distributors to advance addressable advertising, today released new research findings – in conjunction with Advertiser Perceptions – that tracks the latest growth, adoption and usage of this medium. The report, the final of a three-part series, found that 81% of advertisers said they are overall “satisfied” with the addressable TV advertising options today, up from 72% who expressed this sentiment last year. Additionally, 41% of marketers not currently using addressable TV advertising plan to do so in 2023. The number is a marked increase compared to just 25% surveyed at this time last year. To compile the report, the two entities polled 300 brand and agency respondents, allowing them to capture real-time, industry practitioner feedback. This latest installment yielded several noteworthy key insights, with the overarching takeaway being that 2023 looks to be a promising year – as far as interest, usage and momentum – for addressable TV advertising. Other notable findings from the report include: 77% of marketers who have used the medium said they are satisfied with the measurement solutions available for addressable TV. 37% of those currently using addressable advertising said they plan to increase their ad spend in it in 2023. Another key indicator of addressable advertising’s growth and adoption: Respondents noted that addressable advertising is now simpler to buy and both the number of options and cost to implement have improved. And, 96% of those using the medium today said they are buying from either AVOD, programmers, OEMs or MVPDs. This points to the fact that marketers are working with multiple addressable providers to reach their audiences across different screens and services. “We’re thrilled to see that momentum is continuing to build behind addressable advertising headed into 2023,” said Kevin Arrix, SVP, DISH Media. “We’re thrilled to see that momentum is continuing to build behind addressable advertising headed into 2023,” said Kevin Arrix, SVP, DISH Media. “These latest findings capture the industry’s enthusiasm and adoption of addressable, which has become an increasingly important tool for advertisers to reach their audiences effectively and with tangible ROI.” Concurrently, the Go Addressable group surveyed its participating companies and found that the industry initiative has helped to enable a monthly average of 53 billion linear advertising minutes since the inception of GoAddressable in June 2021. (For context, there are more than 1.2 trillion minutes per month in linear advertising per minute, according to Nielsen.) All participants also indicated that inventory can grow with additional demand. “This is a big moment in the history and future of addressable advertising,” said Samantha Rose, EVP, Strategic Investment Lead, Horizon Media. “The medium is one of the most promising and topical ones in today’s TV ad ecosystem. From ease of use to technical enablement to the number of options available, we’ve come a long way in unlocking the scale and potential behind addressable advertising, while doing so in a privacy focused way, and I look forward to what we, as an industry, can do to further its growth and evolution in 2023.” These latest research findings come as Go Addressable today hosts its second annual industry addressable advertising conference. This year’s event takes place on Wednesday, November 16, in New York, with speakers spanning thought leaders from Publicis Media, GroupM, OpenAP, VideoAmp, Warner Bros. Discovery, LiveRamp and more. More information here. About Go Addressable Go Addressable is an industry inclusive initiative led by TV distribution companies (Altice USA’s a4 Advertising, Charter Communications’ Spectrum Reach®, Comcast, Cox, DIRECTV Advertising, DISH Media and VIZIO) to help maximize the scale, impact and value of TV as a marketing platform. The group’s mission is to further accelerate the advancement of addressable TV advertising in a way that is trusted, scalable and effective for both advertisers and programmers looking to make their inventory addressable. Go Addressable will achieve this through advocacy and education within the industry; problem-solving and action around industry challenges; and by working to facilitate the use of addressable advertising campaigns for buyers and sellers of TV inventory. For more information on how to participate, please visit About Advertiser Perceptions Advertiser Perceptions provides research-based strategic market intelligence and expert analysis to the media, advertising and ad tech industries. We survey brand marketers, agency executives, media specialists and IT leaders through our curated and proprietary Ad PROS™ community to provide clients with an unbiased view of the market, competing brands, and customer experiences. These actionable insights give clients the confidence to inform both strategic and operational decision-making to improve their products and services, strengthen their brands, and drive higher ad-related revenue.

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Neeva Launches in Canada to Reinvent Web Search With Tracking Free, Ad Free Engine

Neeva | December 14, 2022

Search engine Neeva has today launched in Canada to provide a safe, secure and ad-free web search platform alternative to Google; free of tracking, advertisements or affiliate links found in traditional search. Placing the control back into the hands of consumers, Neeva allows users to customize their web search experiences without the sway of corporate bias. Many consumers have had no choice but to settle for search engines like Google, which sells customer data to advertisers and allows for third party tracking – Neeva never sacrifices privacy for quality, with a focus on transparent and personalized ad-free web browsing. Founded by Sridhar Ramaswamy (ex-SVP of Ads at Google) and Vivek Raghunathan (ex-VP of Monetization at YouTube), Neeva is reinventing web search for good, challenging Google’s long-standing web-search reign. The company has raised over $80m from investors like Sequoia Capital, Greylock Ventures, Inovia Capital, and Neythri Futures Fund. Additionally, Neeva had a successful 2021 $40m Series B funding round. Neeva’s Canadian expansion follows a successful launch in Europe in October 2022. Within 24 hours of launch, Neeva had over 30k sign-ups and was the third most searched term on Google. In light of the growing demand for digital identity protections in Canada, Neeva delivers honest results without ever comprising user data. Free from the standard influence of Big Tech and advertisers, Neeva users are empowered to select their information sources, such as news outlets, shopping, travel and others based on personal preference and relevance. “The internet has evolved away from users and caters towards advertisers above all else. Canada has always been at the forefront when it comes to privacy, and we at Neeva are excited to officially bring our localized and private-first search engine to Canadians.” Neeva CEO Sridhar Ramaswamy To date, search alternatives have mostly offered stronger privacy but at the expense of diminished search quality. Since Neeva operates its own independent search stack (crawling, indexing and serving at scale), it never sacrifices accuracy for speed. Returning lightning-fast results with high levels of accuracy, drawing from an index of billions of web pages, all without ads. This unique independent search stack frees Neeva to rewrite the rules of the web search, developing user-first features with the sole principle of providing top tier results in the most efficient way possible, plus all with the strong privacy users should expect and demand from today’s internet experience. It’s easy for users to search across their most important personal documents while maintaining strict privacy controls, since Neeva enables connections to email, Dropbox, Slack, Figma, and others. Moreover, Neeva is leading a new frontier search by leveraging in-house LLMs and refined training models with its full system search stack to bring authentic real time AI search to the masses. NeevaAI solves two significant shortcomings of the current AI tools such as ChatGPT which are 1) the lack of references or citations associated with answers and 2) the failure to provide real time information. “Neeva is ready to challenge the corporate bias of Big Tech, giving consumers a long overdue improved searching and browsing experience,” said Mr. Ramaswamy. “The modern-day internet has become heavily ad-dependent for no reason other than Big Tech’s self-serving exploitation of consumers' data and privacy. With recent legislation and proposals in Canada that prioritize user privacy and limit Big Tech’s power over consumers, we’re excited to give Canadians an alternative option with Neeva.” About Neeva Neeva is the world’s first user-first private search engine. Neeva takes search back to its roots by focusing entirely on the user, delivering high quality results without any ads, giving users control over their sources, and protecting user privacy by blocking trackers. Neeva’s independent search stack offers rich visual experiences, integrates community forum content, and search over personal applications. Neeva also leverages in-house LLMs and refined training models with its independent full system search stack to deliver authentic real time AI search.

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You will often see that your items are having a good number of clicks and orders. But, if there are repeated purchases?
Isn’t it that great! There are millions of items out there and it's pretty normal for a customer to lose track to purchase a product again later. To solve this issue, amazon offers an option in their Display ads to retarget those customers.